ATM Cardless Withdrawal and How to Transfer Money from UBA


 ATM Cardless Withdrawal and How to Transfer Money from UBA –How to transfer money from your UBA account without a debit card and how to withdraw money from an ATM without a debit card are the topics of this post.

Performing a cardless transaction on a UBA bank account is often known as transferring money without an ATM card. An ATM cardholder can transfer funds just as easily and conveniently. This could be done at a cash machine or on your mobile device, depending on your preference. Your decision will be based on what is most convenient for you at the moment.

You will still be able to transfer money to other bank accounts, pay your subscription payments, and pay your utility bills with this option!! In this article, we answer the issue, “How can I transfer money from UBA without an ATM card?” Be careful to follow the steps below:

How to create a UBA transfer pin without an ATM card

A UBA account without an ATM card must first be linked to a transfer pin. This pin will allow you to make transfers from UBA to another bank account. For those who don’t have a UBA debit card, these are the procedures you can take to make these efficient and clean transfers.

  1. Dial *919*0#.
  2. To sign up, tap the “Number 1” icon.
  3. The ‘Account with Pin’ feature can be accessed by logging in.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen to complete the process. Ensure that you complete all of these steps using the same phone number that you used to register your bank account with.
  5. The pin you intend to use for money transfers must be entered here.
  6. You can now begin a transfer transaction of any kind!

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UBA transfer code without ATM card

With no ATM card, you can transfer money between UBA accounts by dialing *913*3/account number#. Call *913*4*account number# to make a transfer to another bank. Your UBA transfer pin will be shown.

So, that’s how you may transfer money from your UBA account to your phone without having to use an ATM card. You can withdraw money from an ATM without using a card, right? It’s called the UBA cardless withdrawal, and it’s quite possible. See how you can do that in the next paragraphs.

UBA cardless withdrawal code

Only once you have obtained your transfer pin by following the prior procedures is this step simple. Using your transfer pin, you can withdraw money from UBA without an ATM, as shown in the following instructions:

  • UBA cardless withdrawal codes are obtained first.
  • You can also use your cell phone to enter *919*30*amount# as a shortcut. These procedures must be performed using the same SIM card that was used to register with your bank.
  • You will need to enter your transfer pin.
  • Decide which account the money should be taken from. If you have more than one UBA account, you may have to do this.
  • For your transaction to be verified, you’ll need to retrieve a pin that unlocks your account once. The pin is rendered worthless after this transaction.
  • The code will be fourteen digits long.
  • When prompted, enter that number to complete the UBA transfer without an ATM card.

Follow the steps below to generate this UBA withdrawal code without an ATM card using the UBA mobile banking app on your phone:

  • You must first produce a code for this process.
  • Use your phone number and password to log in to the application on your mobile device. You could also log in with a Face ID or a fingerprint if you have them available. This can be done on Android, iPhone, or Microsoft devices.
  • “Cardless Withdrawal” should be selected.
  • If you wish to withdraw a certain sum of money, enter it here.
  • The bank will verify the transaction using a one-time PIN.
  • You’ll need to enter your mobile app’s PIN here. To use this PIN, you must enter it into your mobile banking app by dialing *919#.
  • There is a fourteen-digit withdrawal code you will receive.
  • Enter the given code here.

How can I activate my UBA transfer code without an ATM card?

The UBA transfer pin code can be obtained by dialing *919*0#, selecting the ‘Number 1’ symbol, signing up for the ‘Account with Pin’ function, and then following the on-screen prompts.

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You don’t have to worry about forgetting your ATM card or bringing it around with you. It’s always possible to withdraw money without a debit card with UBA’s cardless withdrawal service! The sharing buttons on this site can be used to send this content to your family and friends if you found it helpful.

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