Best Passport Photo Apps In 2021 To DIY And Save Money


Best Passport Photo Apps – Can you imagine taking your own picture for a passport or identity card? When you don’t really need to download a passport photo app, it may seem odd, but making your own passport photo without waiting for professional photographers can be cost-effective and fun.

People aged 4.0 choose to use a smartphone and a reliable internet connection on their own. So, how will you do it? This article gives you extensive information about 9 strong Android and iOS passport photo applications. Just take a look! Just take a look!

Best passport photo Apps for iOS

Biometric Passport Photo

Are you looking for a photo of a passport that can be produced in seconds? By taking regular biometric photographs for documentation you can easily confirm your identity.


– Offers the most popular templates

Over ten common document templates for over a hundred countries include the biometric passport photo framework.

– Self-adjusted color and brightness

Don’t worry that you won’t fulfill your photo due to bugs even if you’ve tried to take it a thousand times; you just need to upload it to the template and let it retouch for brightness or color.

– Printing easy –

For printing, you have three options: to print directly from the app, to print with AirPrint support immediately, or to submit the image file to a place where photos will be printed at a later date.


– Pop-up ads

Since the Biometric Passport Photo app is free, we understand that when taking photos, users can be upset by pop-up ads.

ID Photo


– Country specific resize

The first benefit of this application is its ability to scale images by region. ID Photo can be used on a wide range of documents, including visas, passports, ID cards, curriculums, and more in 14 different sizes.

– Invaluable tutorials

This app also gives you advice and guidance on how to meet the government’s passport photo specifications with a camera interface right on the app. The software for ID photo editing of pictures allows you to change your contrasts, brightness, sharpening, and others.

ID Photo makes it easy to save and print it with any AirPrint compatible printer after taking a picture.


– Bugs out sometimes

In some cases, ID Picture may disappoint you by saving images that don’t fit the previews or printing photos.

Photid – AI Passport Photo Booth

AI and the 4.0 movement are now being heard a great deal. Have you ever thought that AI could be used for the treatment of personal and legal documents? This is done throughout the world, particularly in the developed countries. But this isn’t a problem with Photid – AI Passport Photo Booth.


– Advanced technology

It is very efficient in identifying a person utilizing a photo and helps the user take a picture that meets all official requirements thanks to the technology for biological recognition and artificial intelligence that can recognize the facial features of a person.

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– Helpful hints

You can use a special grid to make a variety of images, from black and white to color and size varying. Fortunately, with only a few clicks and the necessary picture settings, you can turn your lower photo into a professional one in the Photid.

This software makes it easier than ever for users to edit images. The most complicated background can be removed from the image and its light adjusted later with Photid, so no particular background needs to be selected or properly lit.

This passport photo app also enables users to retrieve the picture as often as they prefer.


As a consequence of its useful features and its modernity, which is very important in this day and age, AI Passport – the photo booth has become more and more popular. No one has yet to complain, but Photid urges the user to read the instructions before using this software to make the most of the features.

Passport Photo Booth Creator

Passport Photo Booth Maker is, as you suspect, a fully-fledged application to photograph a passport that allows you to save money by turning your picture into a passport photo with simple editing software.


– Versatile

Passport Photo Booth Designer has a large catalog of models so that users meet the size and context criteria of government IDs, passports, visas, and job/study applications.

– Helpful hints

Not only does this app offer a variety of photo editing features, but it also offers users useful tips to take images, such as lens removal, increased Grayscale, a pure white background replacement, etc. And the entire procedure takes you. These tips are useful and relevant to most official documents.

– Print delivery

Finally, one of Passport Photo Booth Creator’s standing features is the ability to send your printable order for $ 5.96 directly to your site. The process of taking and editing pictures is free, but it will cost you only $5.96, which is easier and cheaper than going to photoshop. Compared with a photo studio that costs $10 or more, this represents savings of almost $5.


– Slow print delivery time

According to recent statistics, Passport Photo Booth Maker received overwhelmingly positive feedback and nearly no complaints. The only downside is that it takes up to two days for printed images to arrive. But it’s certainly not a great thing? Though you get the image from Photoshop, you have to wait a few days.

Passport Photo Booth can be downloaded without any need to use Android 5.0 and iOS, and the comfort and convenience of your conditions are guaranteed.

ID Photo Print

ID Photo Print is another great application to capture and edit your passport image by yourself.


– Have tips on how to take good pictures

ID photo printed offers helpful advice on taking a good photo and making sure you fulfill all the requirements for your passport or visa photo.

After taking the picture, this app has several editing features to make your eyes and jaws at the right level for a great passport image that you cannot get at the store.

For better images, you should use the back camera of your smartphone rather than the front camera.

– Works well with American documents

Since photo prints for U.S. residents are specifically made, you won’t have to worry whether you are satisfying U.S. demands and accepting your photos. You can take a proper photo of your document according to the requirements of the government by taking this passport photo service.

– Get reviewed by experts

A unique advantage of a passport photo service is the opportunity to exchange images with actual experts to correctly resize your passport, VISA, or application pictures.

– Can print directly from the app

Unlike the ID PhotoPrint Passport – ID Photo, users can directly print their photos. All you have to do is save the file and have it printed when you have finished your photo.

You can also e-mail and upload your picture, print it yourself, or have a friend or family member print the image for yourself. It’s worth mentioning.


– Subpar user interface

Gui of ID Photo Print seems a little dated, but it still does the job well based on user feedback with simple instructions, which guide you every step of the process.

It- Not a free app

This photo editor must be paid by the user to download and use. ID Picture Print is only available when you pay with PayPal and only supply a $6.95 delivery service, including printing.

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