The 12 Best Vacation Home Rental Sites for Hosts and Travelers


Best Vacation Home Rental Sites – The role of holiday rentals and markets is growing. They draw millions of people every day who are looking for accommodation for their holidays. For guests, holiday rentals are the best venue to reach the correct place and time for their target audiences. So you should start by advertising your properties where your potential guests are if you are to find a fresh approach to maximizing your reservations.

  1. Airbnb

The most trusted holiday resort is Airbnb. It allows guests to make money by listing their short-term rentals and experiences.

It has the largest holiday rental community. Airbnb is one of the largest rental firms to give visitors in more than 220 countries and regions of the world more than seven million. It implies a lot to pick from for guests.

It is one of the most rapidly expanding holiday house rentals. Airbnb offers guests in the short-term rent industry the best brand recognition.

No cost is applied to list a property for hosts. The hosts should, however, pay a service cost per reservation. You will either be charged a charge of up to 15 percent depending on the base of your property, or the guest will be charged up to 15 percent while paying up to 3 percent.

Top Features:

  • Offers a $1 million Host Guarantee insurance policy;
  • No fee to create a rental listing;
  • The host service fee is 3-15% per booking (depending on your location).
  1. VRBO

It recently merged with its sister website, HomeAway, to relaunch as Vrbo, once known as VRBO, a holiday rental for its owner. Vrbo is a member of Expedia Group and is specialized in US holiday rentals. For guests who own or operate holiday properties in the US, it’s a wonderful alternative. It is also one of the world’s most popular holiday rentals.

To rent a Vrbo home, the host pays $499 per year either by reservation or by annual membership. If a host opts for a pay-per-reservation option, a 5% fee with a 3% credit card fee will be paid for every booking.

Top Features:

  • The host may only select between an annual subscription or a pay-per-booking option. The host can list only private houses or apartments.
  • Attract families and vacationers to destinations in the United States.
  • Up to 12 percent or greater is a service charge per reservation. Additional charges such as pet fees, purification, or other fees may apply.

Although Vrbo shares much with Airbnb, many key variations ought must be taken into account. Vrbor only permits hosts to offer private spaces while you are on Airbnb for several types of homes (including shared areas, cabins, beach cottages, and treehouses). Be aware that you cannot publish it on Vrbo if you have a spare room to rent.

The type of audience Vrbo addresses is another difference. Since Vrbo only allows private house rentals, it tends to target older audiences who travel with their families to seek friendly environments for their children.


With over 1.5 million nights booked every day, has more than 27 million properties listed on the platform. The site is renowned largely for listing hotel rooms and not for renting holidays. The number of holiday rentals on has, nevertheless, increased considerably in recent years. has no payment method of its own. It lets hosts instead select their preferred payment options. charges, therefore, accommodate a 15% commission for each reservation. The cost will be deducted by direct debit from your account.

If you cancel the booking, will not charge any cost. if you cancel the booking. A guest may, however, get a bill from a hotel or other property they reserve.

If you need to cancel your booking on, please contact the hotel or property to discuss your problem directly.

Top Features:

  • You can list your property for free;
  • Hosts are to pay a 15% service fee per booking;
  • Instant booking only;
  • Guests don’t have to pay any extra commissions when making a reservation.
  1. TripAdvisor

Founded in 2000, TripAdvisor is one of the oldest and greatest holiday rental services. This makes it a perfect place to list your rentals. It’s wonderful brand recognition.

TripAdvisor is also a renowned website for comparison. It has over 859 million reviews on hotels, restaurants, holiday homes, and tourist sights. There are also a number of the greatest holiday rentals for homeowners including FlipKey, vacation home rentals, and HouseTrip.

A 3 percent commission is charged by TripAdvisor. The property will automatically appear on FlipKey when you list it on TripAdvisor. This gives your holiday rental more visibility and exposure.

Top Features:

  • Hosts can list their properties for free;
  • Low commission rate (3% per booking);
  • Plenty of reviews on local attractions, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and short-term rentals collected over the years;
  • The guest fee ranges from 8% to 16%, but sometimes it can be lower. The fee is automatically added to the guest’s invoice.
  1. Expedia

Expedia offers a secure reservation tool for lodging, flight tickets, and car rental, cruise ships, or packages for holidays.

In addition to holiday rentals like hotels, villas, motels, guest halls, etc, it offers a variety of types of lodging. Users seeking holiday rentals can restrict their search results depending on the “sort by” feature.

Top Features:

  • Listing on Expedia is free. However, the commission ranges between 10 and 30%. You, as a host, will find the exact amount of the commissions to be paid to Expedia in your final contract.
  • Expedia is a trusted, world-renowned OTA that attracts millions of visitors a year;
  • Guests use Expedia to plan their getaways from start to finish. They are likely to book a rental property while purchasing air tickets and car rentals. Your listing has an even greater chance of being seen by the right guests on Expedia.
  1. HomeToGo

HomeToGo is one of the most popular search engines for holiday houses on many platforms, including Airbnb, Vrbo, and

When you type in your destination and your budget HomeToGo will list hundreds that you may browse and click on. You will be taken to the original listing page of the source website after clicking a listing.

HomeToGo has the advantage for visitors that you can easily compare listings across many short-term rental platforms to find the one that best suits you. Increase your visibility and booking potential for hosts by making your listings on the HomeToGo platform available.

Top Features:

  • Offers a variety of listing options across short-term rental platforms;
  • Is a quick and convenient way to find the ideal vacation rental property;
  • Offers integration support to hosts who wish to list their properties on the site.
  • Charges a commission fee to hosts for bookings made on the platform. The fee amount depends on the original site the booking is made on and your subscription plan to the site.
  1. Tripping

Tripping, just like HomeToGo, is a search engine that adds listings from many booking sites that allow consumers to simultaneously view offers from several OTAs.

Tripping offers a map which is listed on the results page next to it. In addition to holiday rentals, it shows hotels and hostels so users can narrow their search possibilities using the filter “Types of accommodation.”

Like HomeToGo, the broad selection of properties shown for users is one of the most important advantages of Tripping. It enhances your visibility for guests who provide a wider selection of options.

Top Features:

  • Partners with the top OTAs;
  • Offers quick and convenient means to compare properties across listings;
  • There are no fees that hosts or guests need to pay to Trip—the platform is free to use.

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In more than 160 countries, offers holiday rentals and private room rentals. has serviced over 200,000 visitors since 2013, with over 55,000 rooms available.

Compared to other websites for the rental holidays, the key distinction is that a guest can remain without any cash remuneration. For instance, a guest and a host can trade their residences or a host can remain later.

Stays can also be made on a cash basis (e.g. in exchange for housekeeping or working in a host home).

Hosts should pay a service fee of 3% for each reservation. If a host provides additional services, for example, washing or cleaning, the guest must discuss the fee before making a booking decision.

Top Features:

  • Specializes in private rooms/solo traveler accommodations;
  • Hosts can negotiate the pricing directly with guests.
  • Guests can check-in and stay for free or in exchange for housekeeping or work at a host’s property.
  1. Atraveo

atraveo has several accommodation possibilities, mostly across all of Europe, and is one of the largest vacation rentals. Currently, this site offers over 300,000 listings for holiday houses.

The hosts levy a 15% service charge on the reservations confirmed (plus VAT if applicable). The listing of a property has no fee.

Top Features:

  • Hosts can list their properties for free;
  • Once listed on atraveo, your property will be advertised on more than 1,000 affiliate websites throughout the whole of Europe;
  • atraveo operates as a mediator of vacation rental accommodation and tourist services. The platform charges a service fee for business transactions. It’s already included in the price of the property.
  1. OneFineStay

OneFineStay is a holiday apartment supported by the Accor chain of hotels. The site offers over 5,000-holiday rentals in popular locations such as London, New York City, Rome, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so on.

A host should send an application to list a property on OneFineStay. The OneFineStay staff will examine it and assess whether the property matches well. If so, OneFineStay provides a complete solution to manage properties.

OneFineStay works on a model for income sharing. The income of accommodation varies depending on the size, design, and location of the facility. OneFineStay advertises your home through its network of holiday rental and marketing outlets as well as managing it. This allows you to broaden your reach to a broader demographic of premium travelers.

Top Features:

  • Luxury properties only;
  • Full-service management for property owners.
  • Fees depend on the property size, design, location, and the number of days a host is willing to rent out his/her accommodation.
  • Guests don’t pay any additional fees when making a reservation.
  1. Interhome

Since 1965 Interhome has been renting holidays and is one of the earliest websites for renting vacations. At the moment there are 95,000 residences and apartment rentals in 31 nations offered on the holiday platform.

Tariffs are subject to country, area, and type of Interhome team services. Professional property managers can be hired by hosting companies. However, your own property may also be managed by you.

Top Features:

  • Personal in-resort service for guests from local Interhome offices;
  • Full-service property management for hosts;
  • No booking fees for guests.
  1. 9flats

9flats is a popular vacation rental facility for hosting and guests in 104 countries, launched in 2011 in Hamburg, Germany. Many of the 9-story properties are in Europe.

To accept an immediate booking and 15% for listings that do not accept an instant booking, the company charges a 12% service fee.

Top Features:

  • You can list a property for free;
  • Unusual accommodations, such as treehouses, castles, and boats, can be also listed;
  • Hosts should pay a 12% fee for instant booking listings and a 15% fee for non-instant booking listings;
  • No booking fees for guests.

Conclusion: What is the Best Vacation Rental Site?

It could be difficult to find the ideal holiday rental location to sell or hire a property. Guests can pick amongst a wide range of options. If you want a holiday rental for your next vacation, first assess your budget and requirements.

If you are a host looking for a platform for a property, start by identifying your target audience. In this manner, you may shape your offer and select the right place to list your accommodation.

If you’d like to optimize your profit, it’s a good idea to list your accommodation at many leading resorts. Explore each alternative more closely and decide which of them will be most promising in terms of reservations and sales.

Regardless of which platform you use, you can consume many listings at different locations all your time. Consider employing holiday rental software to preserve full control of your business. An integrated solution such as IGMS with Airbnb,, and Vrbo allows you to deal with all the key components of a company without problems. You can use iGMS:

  • Sync and manage your bookings on many OTAs through a single dashboard;
  • Automate guest communication and get in a unified mailbox all your messages;
  • Automate review using features to generate review templates and post reviews directly from the app;
  • Create key corporate reports with the reporting function;
  • Cleaning, setting chores, and efficiently managing your workforce.
  • Secure payments using Stripe integration;
  • Manage direct reservations with the IGMS direct reservation toolbox.

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