GOTV charging on your mobile phone

GOTV charging on your mobile phone

GOTV charging on your mobile phone – Were you wondering how your mobile phone can reload GOTV? Can GOTV on your mobile phone be refilled? Yes, here is a way step by step to subscribe to GOTV via cell telephone.

GOTV is, as everyone knows, a new product from Multichoice Nigeria, the owner of DSTV.

For GOTV, people who cannot afford the costly DSTV cables decoder and subscription are offered a cheaper subscription version of DSTV and there are some fascinating channels and subscriber viewing capabilities available.

You may make your money even more value, and you can visit the official GOTV website to learn much more about it.

How Many Subscription Packages do GOTV Offers?

Gotv has 4 separate subscriptions for Gotv, they have their unique subscription code, and they have a number of channels that you can view, so you can be entertained. In case you are new to Gotv, it is better to know your Gotv packages in order to make the best decision.

Below are GOTV packages for subscription/bouquet and the amount of available channels for each of the packages.

  1. GOTV Lite – 25 Channels, N400 per month.
  2. GOTV Value – 40 Channels, N1250 per month.
  3. GOTV Plus – 68 Channels, N1900 per month.
  4. GOTV Max – 77 Channels, N3200 per month.

We have different means, in fact, of recharging your GOTV, many GOTV vendors, even those who are friends of us subscribe and add charges, but what if you know how to recharge your GOTV? What if you do? You’re sure to save some dollars for yourself.

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible for you to accomplish all online, simply reload your GOTV from your office or at home. Let us teach you fast how to recharge your GOTV from wherever you are.

You should know that it can be reloaded through your USSD/USSD code, PAGA, ETranzact and banks such as First Bank, Zenith Bank, GTB, Access Bank and even via Airtime using your mobile phone.

Let us now proceed straight ahead, notice the details below;

How To Recharge GOTV With Your Phone

We have several techniques to recharge GOTV on your mobile phone, it depends now on your preferred method, however, we will describe some of them here.

  1. Pay For GOTV – The QuickTeller Method

This popular application/platform, known as Quickteller, is also known as Barter, Paga to name only a few you can use to pay for GOTV. Bearing in mind, this is one of the most efficient, easy and simple methods to refill your online GOTV.

Follow the following steps to recharge your GOTV with your mobile phone.

  • Take your IUC number on a red label sticker and check it below for a ten-digit IUC number.
  • Run your browser now and view the webpage of Quickteller on your phone.
  • Choose if you like GOTV Max, GOTV Lite, GOTV Plus, GOTV Value or GOTV Mobile Access, and also the price, to see if you desire GOTV subscription plan.
  • Input your IUC number.
  • Enter your e-mail address.
  • Type in your phone number.
  • Then click on the ”Continue” button.
  • You will then receive a confirmation message and just click “Pay”.

GOTV charging on your mobile phone – How To Pay For My GOTV With Airtime

You can follow this approach by utilizing Stanbic Mobile if you want to pay for your GOTV subscription with airtime.

  • Dial *909# on your phone.
  • Then select “4” and then click on “Register”
  • Properly enter in the fields all the needed information.
  • Press transmission and your payment for GOTV will be done successfully.

Recharge GOTV With Using Heritage Bank USSD Code

  • Dial *322*030*1088*AMOUNT# on your phone.
  • Confirm your details and press the SEND button.

Recharge GOTV With GTBank

  • Wire *737*37*AMOUNT*GOTV IUC NUMBER#. Wireless. For example *737*37*1900*1234567890#.
  • Check for the details and press the SEND button. Check to confirm.
  • Your payment should succeed and a success message should be delivered.
  • The GTB smartphone app allows you to recharge your GOTV.

GOTV Payment With Fidelity Bank

  • Write to your phone *770*1088* IUC number*Amount#.
  • Then, press the SEND button to confirm your details.

Recharge GOTV With First Bank

  • Dial *894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#.
  • Then confirm the details you just typed and then press the SEND button.

If you wish to operate airtime on the same mobile number, you may also use this code *332*888*amount#.

Recharge GOTV With Zenith Bank USSD Codes

For GOTV to pay by using your USSD code from Zenith Bank:

  • Call your mobile device for an IUC number *966*7*Amount*IUC number#.
  • Press the SEND button and confirm your details.
  • You can also utilize your mobile app from Zenith Bank.

Recharge GOTV With WEMA Bank USSD Code

  • Dial *945*17*IUC Number# on your phone.
  • Confirm your details and press the SEND button.

GOTV Customer Care Lines

How do I get in touch with GOTV? If you have any problems with your payment or are having problems with GOTV client service agents for reasons of suscription problems, please do not hesitate to contact GOTV via this telephone number 08039044688.

This is the fastest and most dependable calling technique and other devices are available to support GOTV Customer Care Agencies, see below.

  1. By transmitting SMS to 4688.
  2. Access them on your Facebook page.
  3. Please access them on your Twitter page.
  4. Please contact for further details.
  5. Please pay a visit to your workplace in Nigeria, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, VI, Lagos State, Nigeria if you live or are close to the address in Lagos.

Further reading: How To Recharge GOtv Using FirstBank Nigeria USSD Code

Where Can I Get My GOTV IUC Number?

You will see your GOTV ICU number displayed on a red sticker underneath your GOTV decoder.

If you don’t have your decoder sticker or it is gone, you can use another approach to retrieve your GOTV IUC number. To go to the “Central Information” menu, hit the OK button on your GOTV remote control and your IUC number is displayed, copying it to a certain location on your TV screen.

GOTV membership is available for refilling on your mobile device and please let us know which options we have described work the best for you.

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