How do you use your phone number to reset your Facebook password?


How do you use your phone number to reset your Facebook password – Forgetting your Facebook password is as common as forgetting your milk. There’s no need to be concerned. For security purposes, it is now expected to use complicated passwords. Naturally, remembering these passwords is extremely difficult. Many people will be utterly confused without password managers. Even if your password is easy, believe me when I say that you will forget it at some point. This also occurs when you begin saving your passwords in your browser or using a password manager.

Is it possible to recover your password using a phone number?

Yes, but only if one condition is met. You must have added your phone number as an authentication option in your Facebook account for this to work (before you got logged out). If you haven’t given Facebook your phone number, you can always try another password recovery tool, such as using an email address or sending the reset code to a friend you trust.

Follow the measures listed below if you have your phone number saved in your Facebook account. If not, you can use your cell phone to look at other reset options. Alternatively, if you’ve set up ‘Trusted Friends’ on your account, you may want to read about how to reset your password using trusted contacts.

  1. Go to Facebook’s official login page and choose “Forgotten Account.” A new page appears with options for password recovery. Alternatively, try logging into your account multiple times before you see the screen below.
  2. A password reset code will be sent to your phone via SMS. Enter your phone number in the textbox and click “Search” to find your account.
  3. Choose the location where the reset code should be sent. In this case, an SMS sent to your account. Select “Continue” from the drop-down menu.
  4. To access the sent code, open your message app. Click “Continue” after entering the code in the window.
  5. In the box that appears, type your new password.
  6. It’s over! Your new password has been set, and you are ready to go!

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Be prepared

If you deactivate or uninstall your Facebook account, it remains with you for the rest of your life. However, the phone number associated with your account may change, and you may lose access to your old phone number in some situations. If this occurs and you have never connected your email address to your account, resetting your password becomes extremely difficult. Don’t wait until you’re in this situation to act.

You can also use password manager software such as the built-in password manager in your browser, Dashlane, LastPass, or KeePassX. Either of these will organize and secure all of your passwords. They are simple to use, and retrieving passwords is simple compared to what has been addressed so far.

The Bottomline

To reset your Facebook account password via text message, follow the steps outlined above (SMS). This isn’t your only choice if you can’t reset it via email. There are a few others that are also fairly easy. You can reset your password using the email address associated with your account. Phase one is the same as before, except in step two, you choose “Send code via Email.” You’ll get a code in your mailbox that you can retrieve and use to change your password.

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