How to buy and Inspect Used Phones on Facebook

how to buy a phone on facebook

How to buy and Inspect Used Phones on Facebook  – There’s never a nice cell phone to buy at the Apple store or a cellular service provider. In truth, high-quality, lightly used mobile phones may often be found online, notably via the Facebook marketplace,, and other markets.

While an online marketplace consumer is a nice place to find uses, it may also be a terrific place to get scammed – if you don’t take the appropriate measures. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how a used phone you buy from someone online can be checked thoroughly.

  1. Negotiate Before You Meet

This is a trick that doesn’t matter what you buy online: negotiate the price before you meet. Online dealers are known to offer a lot – and jack up the price once you are together. You assume you’ve tried to meet, so almost every bargain you accept. Don’t let this be you. Do not let this be you.

Negotiate and make sure that your offer is final before you meet the seller’s understands. If the terms are ironed in advance, it’s much easier.

  1. Meet in an Open Space

First of all, take care of your own security. Although it is unlikely that somebody will hurt you, it is usually advisable to meet at an open space in a public place.

In a library or a coffee shop, for example, you can meet. Avoid meeting at a car park or in a car park. You want to be with many people, so nothing can go wrong.

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  1. Make a Test Call

Okay, it’s time to test your telephone now that your personal safety is taken into account. Begin with a test call. Start It is essential to use a SIM card opener to check sure your SIM is functioning properly.

Bear in a note that a SIM card needs a specific SPIN for iPhones and many other new devices. Take the right tools and you can make a test call by selecting your telephone number previously saved.

  1. Examine the Screen Carefully

When you buy a cellular gadget, you have nothing more aggravating than a bad touchscreen. Search for cracks, of course, but also to confirm that the touchscreen of your phone functions properly.

How can a phone screen be tested best? Open the dialer and make sure it works for every number. Then open a text message or note, and ensure sure all keyboard keys operate correctly.

  1. Make Sure it Charges

Before you acquire an old cell phone, always certain the charge port works. Ask the vendor to bring or take one of your own loaders. Connect the charger to a power outlet and then connect the phone to the charger. Ensure that it is charged and then move your phone in different directions — occasionally faulty charging ports only operate if a telephone is located in a certain position.

And that’s another reason why you have to come together in an internal public area – when you are sitting in a garage or lot, it’s hard to test a charger.

  1. Try the Speaker and Microphone

If your speaker and mic are not working properly, it will be difficult to make calls. Fortunately, the best way to do both is quick and easy. Just open the phone recording app and then record a voice. Play it again to ensure your voice has been taken up by the microphone and that the speaker is working correctly.

  1. Run a Background Check on the Phone

Many folks don’t know how to make sure that a telephone was not reported stolen or missing. Visit and input an ESN serial number that gives a review of all telephone reports. Of course, it is a horrible idea to buy a stolen or missing secondhand phone.

  1. Look for Cosmetic Issues

You examined the display already. Spend some time searching for the camera lens cracks (which you can do by taking pictures both forward and backward). Furthermore, remove any telephone and examine for important scratches or any other thing that might lower the phone’s worth.

  1. Double-Check the Price

To ensure fair market value, you should always double-check the price. You may do so here at Swift Tech Buy, where we purchase and sell appliances daily. Run through our sales portal and discover what kind of offers we make for the identical telephone manufacturer and model. If the merchant asks much more, look for another choice.

Consider Swift Tech Buy if your old device is to be removed. It is easy and uncomplicated to get a quote and quick cash on your old phone.

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