How to get tinder for friends without Facebook


How to get Tinder for friends without Facebook – You may not want your Facebook pals to know that you’re on Tinder for several reasons. Including members of the nosey family and grudging meetings.

However, you need Tinder’s Facebook? And are there ways that your pals on Facebook cannot spy on your online dating adventures?

Here are the ways to use Tinder without Facebook, and above all, to use Tinder without the knowledge of Facebook friends.

How to get Tinder for friends without Facebook

Without Facebook, can you use Tinder? Yes. So theoretically, without your other Facebook users knowing that the ideal method to use Tinder is not to first join your two accounts.

Tinder provides an alternate registration method which is not Facebook but rather a link to your phone number. Just select Log in using your phone number when you initially establish your account.

Tinder will request you to input your phone number and email you a check pin. This checked phone number is linked with your account and you don’t have to connect to Facebook anyway.

You can select Login by email to access your account if your number has changed and you cannot enter an existing account.

To be able to use Tinder, you don’t need to link your Facebook account. This was not the case when the service was established, but Tinder has been unable to sign up for such information throughout the years because of privacy issues.

Tinder and Facebook Common Connections

Do not despair if you already have a connection between your Tinder account and Facebook. Firstly, the common connection function no longer includes Tinder.

The feature is used to inform you if you shared Facebook friends with another Tinder member. This facilitated the tracking of your Facebook profile for matches. It was also risky for other users of Tinder to inform a mutual friend of your presence in the program. But it doesn’t exist anymore.

Twitter also has Tinder Social Removed. The function allows you to invite friends from Facebook to join a group outing using Tinder. It was a two-edged sword since anybody you know who is using the application was identifiable.

There are other methods that Facebook friends can locate you on Tinder since both common links and Tinder Social has been eliminated? There are several indirect approaches and strategies to reduce each risk.

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Change Your Tinder Settings to Protect Your Privacy

Although Tinder does not post on your profile or incorporate Tinder Social, Facebook friends may find indirect ways of using Tinder. Some of the most apparent ways were deleted. You can’t search for “friends using Tinder,” for instance, anymore on Facebook. You can’t see “Other apps utilize” on Facebook anymore.

You can modify your settings to avoid the app from being displayed on Facebook by the few indirect means you will find other Tinder users. Here is how… Here is how…

Hide Tinder From Your Facebook Page

While Tinder doesn’t publish on your Facebook page and others don’t see which applications on your account are approved, you should configure your application visibility in private for Tinder. This will keep you from reintroducing features that show your app activity to Tinder or Facebook.

Make sure you check the Apps and Websites option on your Facebook settings to block others from seeing you use Tinder. You can adjust the app visibility to only me when you examine and edit your settings.

By adjusting this visibility, your data privacy settings will prevent this from happening to you even if Facebook returns to Tinder in the applications section.

Hide Your Likes or Unlike Tinder

Other friends who use an application, except for games, will not immediately receive information from Facebook. There’s only another thing that can truly give you if you’ve covered Tinder’s app visibility on Facebook, other people like your Facebook.

Technically it doesn’t indicate that you really like the Tinder application website. But for the Facebook pals, it’s an indication. To avoid this, either uninstall the Tinder page or alter your privacy settings to hide friends’ loves.

Other Ways to Avoid Facebook Friends on Tinder

Since Tinder uses location data to show possible matches, you can always find yourself in a discovery feed for a friend of Facebook. You can truly do not do much to avoid it.

There are, however, some techniques to make your Facebook profile less identifiable.

First of all, on your Tinder account don’t use your Facebook profile image. This makes you immediately recognizable to most friends of Facebook, including those who do not know how you look.

You also should avoid linking networks such as Instagram, which are also available on your Facebook page. Even if you don’t identify your profile image, your Instagram handling can also be recognized by a Facebook buddy if you publish your images on both Facebook and Tinder.

Should I Use a Fake Profile With Tinder?

You could be tempted to establish a phony account if you want to keep your social media buddies away from your Tinder profile. This is, however, an extreme alternative that could get you forbidden from the dating app.

A false Tinder Facebook account could be a red flag for possible matches since Tinder scammers employ fake and duplicate profiles. If your account is found to be a duplicate or phony, Tinder is probably also going to ban you from the service.

Rather, connect your Tinder profile to your phone number if you want to keep your social profiles distinct. Social media or phony accounts need not be included at all.

The Most Common Tinder Mistakes to Avoid

You undoubtedly still have some questions because you can avoid snooping Facebook friends on Tinder. We have therefore put together a list of errors in the app.

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