How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace

The safest way to buy and sell on Facebook

How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace – here is now a shortcut to Facebook’s own marketplace in the app and on the web.

Your location is required to sell and buy from other users nearby. You must have a Facebook account to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

Many different objects are sold on the marketplace, such as used furniture, clothing, and musical instruments.

The marketplace can be accessed in the left sidebar menu on a screen.

Are there regulations of who and what can sell?

Everyone can sell in the marketplace. It’s easy to sell on Facebook as long as you have an account and follow the rules and regulations. Sales of products that require a minimum age of 21 to possess are prohibited. It is illegal to sell, for example, alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs, guns, explosives, and other items of this nature

Not even services or animals are allowed to be offered. Examples of services include painting, automobile cleaning, and others. Additional employers aren’t included since you’re not authorized to do so.

How to start selling on FB Marketplace

  1. Assuming that you do not already have a Facebook account, create one now.
  2. Facebook will then prompt you to upload images of the items you’re selling on the site. Your merchandise should be photographed from multiple perspectives.
  3. Make sure that the title you choose conveys what you have to offer in detail. Suppose you’re selling a brown leather couch.
  4. A synopsis of your product should follow. Here you can advertise your product and give a detailed description of what you have to offer. You should describe any scratches, stains, or bruises that your merchandise may have.
  5. We need to decide on pricing! Some customers will not buy your product if you set the price too high.
  6. This is the final step after you’ve input all of the information about what you plan on selling. You will be asked to enter a zip code so that everyone in your region can see what you’re offering for sale.
  7. Last but not least, list your goods on Amazon!

In addition, I’d recommend joining a few groups in your region and listing with them. If Facebook does not offer this feature, you should be able to locate groups in your community by utilizing the search bar.

“Texoma Buy Sell Trade” is the name of one of the groups in which I sell stuff because I live in Texoma.

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What to sell on Facebook Marketplace

How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace

Market sellers must ensure that their items are worth their time and effort in listing them and interacting with buyers. Although some people sell their clothes on the marketplace, I would rather sell my desk.


  • Desk
  • Couch
  • Shelves
  • Filing cabinets
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Dressers
  • And more


  • Old phones (iPhone sell very fast)
  • Laptops and PCs
  • TVs
  • Game systems, such as Xbox
  • Calculators

While determining what to sell, these are only two examples of the types of categories to consider when making your decision. In the end, you must decide whether or not you believe the item is needed and whether it is worth your time to market it on your website. If you list a variety of things, you’ll be surprised at what sells.

What to do if your item isn’t selling on the Facebook Marketplace?

If your item doesn’t sell, there are several reasons for this. There are a few common problems and remedies that we’ll go over.

The price is too high

As a result, setting the starting price too high will result in very few people viewing and purchasing the item. Reduce the price by a few dollars, if possible.

Not enough people are seeing it

To see if I can enhance its exposure, I’ll add it to a few more Buy/Sell groups to see if I can get any feedback or views.

There may be no demand for what you’re selling

I’ve mentioned things more than once, but I’ve never gotten a reply. Movies and headbands are two things that have steady demand, while other products, such as movies and headbands, fluctuate. You might want to try Craigslist before giving up on your piece.

Facebook has rejected your item

Facebook may mistake one of your posts for one that is on their rejected list. If your item is rejected, you can appeal it immediately through Facebook, and it will be evaluated again shortly after.

How to build your seller ranking on the Facebook Marketplace

How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace

A better seller score increases the likelihood that other Facebook users will purchase from you. The seller rating on your profile is based on a five-star system and lists your strengths.

So, as your rating increases over time, does the number of people who have left feedback.

You can improve your score and get “Badges” on Facebook by doing the following:

  • As soon as possible, respond to messages. Within an hour, you can earn the “Very Responsive” badge. Your average response time is also displayed on your personal profile page.
  • Arrive on time if you’re meeting someone! Timing and reliability are important to buyers.
  • Believe it or not, customers can also cite your strengths like fair pricing and item description. Please take a moment to create these categories before listing your work on Etsy. It will be well worth the effort.
  • Please, be polite! You should always strive to keep your clients pleased, as they are your most important clients.

Also, you may keep track of your clients’ scores as soon as you start selling. In this way, you can improve the seller ratings of others by encouraging them to sell more.

The Facebook Marketplace is not a solution to replace your salary, but it can bring some extra income if you put in the time and effort to market your products. In addition to paying for a date night, selling goods you no longer need allows you to find a new home for your old items.

That is it on How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace.

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