How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace


For those who haven’t seen it yet, Facebook has a shortcut to its own marketplace on the app and web, and if you are interested in making money with the Facebook marketplace, update your Facebook app to have the shop icon.

You must have a Facebook account to sell on the marketplace, and it requires your position in order for you to sell and buy from others nearby.

People come to the marketplace to sell a variety of products, including used furniture, clothing, musical instruments, and other items.

On a screen, the marketplace can be found in the left sidebar menu.

Are there regulations of who and what can sell?

In the marketplace, everyone can sell. To sell, all you need is a Facebook account and to obey the rules and regulations. Any product that requires you to be 21 to possess is illegal to sell. Alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs, firearms, explosives, and other products, for example, are all prohibited from sale.

You cannot even offer services or animals. Painting, car cleaning, and other services are examples of services. In addition, you are unable to list possible employers.

How to start selling on Facebook Marketplace

  1. Check to see if you have a Facebook account; if not, build one.
  2. Following that, Facebook will ask you to upload pictures of what you’re selling. Take a lot of high-quality pictures of your product from various angles.
  3. Choose a title that accurately describes what you’re offering. For eg, if you’re selling a couch, you might call it “Brown Real-Leather Couch.”
  4. After that, provide a summary of your product. Use this section to advertise your product and provide a thorough overview of what you’re offering. Include any scuffs, stains, or bruises on your product in your description.
  5. It’s time to set a price! If you set a price that is too high, some people will not buy it.
  6. Once you’ve entered all of the information on what you’re selling, it’s time to clarify where you’re selling it. The marketplace will request your location so that everyone in your area can see what you’re selling.
  7. Finally, list your product!

I would also suggest joining some groups in your area and listing in those groups. If Facebook does not have this option, you should be able to find groups in your community by using the search bar.

Since I live in Texoma County, one of the groups in which I sell items is called “Texoma Buy Sell Trade.

How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace

What to sell on Facebook Marketplace

The trick to selling on the marketplace is that the things you are selling are worth the effort you put into listing them and meeting with a buyer. For example, I would not sell my clothes in the marketplace (though some people do), but I would sell my desk.


  • Desk
  • Couch
  • Shelves
  • Filing cabinets
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Dressers
  • And more


  • Old phones (iPhone sell very fast)
  • Laptops and PCs
  • TVs
  • Game systems, such as Xbox
  • Calculators

These are only two examples of categories to consider when deciding what to sell. Finally, you must decide whether you believe there is a need for the item and whether it is worthwhile to take the time to list it. Don’t be afraid to list a range of items; you’d be shocked what sells!

What to do if your item isn’t selling on the Facebook Marketplace?

There are many reasons why your item does not sell and you cannot Make Money with Facebook Marketplace. We’ll go over a few common issues and solutions.

1. The price is too high

People come to the marketplace looking for a good deal, and if you set the starting price too high, few will view it, and even fewer will buy it. Reduce the price by a few bucks.

2. Not enough people are seeing it

If I don’t get any messages or views on my piece, I’ll put it in a few more Buy, Sell groups to see if I can increase its exposure.

3. There may be no demand for what you’re selling

I’ve mentioned items several times and never got a response. Certain products, such as movies and headbands, are consistently in demand, while others, such as movies and headbands, will fluctuate. However, before you give up on your piece, I would suggest posting it on Craigslist.

4. Facebook has rejected your item

Facebook can sometimes misinterpret your items for an item on their rejected list. If your item is denied, you can quickly file an appeal with Facebook, and the item will be reviewed again.

How to build your seller ranking on the Fb Marketplace

If you have a higher seller score, you are going to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace as other Facebook users are more likely to buy from you. On your profile, the seller rating is based on a five-star system and lists what you do well.

People can only leave feedback on your account after they have purchased something from you, so your ranking will grow over time.

Some ways to boost your score and win “Badges” from Facebook are as follows:

  • Respond to messages as soon as possible. You can win the “Very Responsive” badge if you respond to messages about your products within an hour, and your average response time is reported on your profile.
  • If you plan to meet someone, show up on time! Buyers value punctuality and dependability.
  • Customers can also mention Fair Pricing and Item Description as their strengths, believe it or not. When listing your piece, take a moment to create these categories. It will be worthwhile.
  • Be nice! Buyers are your clients, so making them happy should be your highest priority.

You can also score your customers when you begin to sell. This helps you to boost the seller rating of others.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace isn’t a way to replace your salary, but it can provide some extra cash if you put in the time and effort. Not only does selling items you no longer need pay for a date night, but it also gives your items a new home!

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