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How to sell on Facebook Marketplace – It could have appeared weird to buy Facebook stuff less than 10 years ago. This was the purpose of eBay and Craigslist, right? However, the 2016 debut of Facebook Marketplace has proven to be profitable both for shoppers and vendors.

Facebook has come to the opportune time for online commerce. People already purchase and sell on the platform and join them. It’s only officially manufactured by Facebook.

You may purchase and sell in your community on Facebook Marketplace. You can sell across the continental United States if you are a US-based merchant.

In contrast to Craigslist, the Facebook Marketplace offers vendors and buyers public profiles and ratings. The ratings that can be seen on the Android and iOS Facebook apps assist both sides to have a sense of confidence in their operations.

You may chat with potential consumers using Facebook Messenger. Facebook Pay simplifies the process of payment, while other payment types like Cash and PayPal may be used free of charge.

You can sell everything from vehicles to TVs to ice-skates on the Facebook market – new or old. You can even list a rental house!

Because Facebook does not charge a selling fee and is free to join, it is a great platform for everyone who wants to start a profitable trip online.

Here is an introduction on how to begin.

How do I sell things on Facebook Marketplace?

The first step is to list the item you sell. The first step is So, use the iOS application on Facebook:

From the main menu, select the Facebook Market area and navigate to the Sell menu top.

You are therefore asked to select four kinds of listings: articles, automobiles, sales or rental houses, and jobs.

Next, submit a product photo, title, price, category, status, location, description, etc. If you don’t want to engage with the buyer, you can set up a contactless pickup.

Click Next and publish to make your listing live once you’ve completed all the required information. Everybody will see it — on and off Facebook. (The list of your friends on Facebook can be hidden if you choose.)

Let’s break down Facebook Marketplace’s four sales categories.

Facebook Marketplace categories

Here is what in each category of sales is allowed and forbidden.


All articles must be solid and tangible.

Clothing and accessories, technology, entertainment, the family, hobbies, home and garden, and discounts are the categories that are approved for the products.

You will probably find a buyer on Facebook Marketplace if you’ve grown your Nintendo Wii out if it’s priced appropriately. It is also true of TVs, couches and chairs, tables, bookshelves, baby gear, etc.

Facebook’s prohibited things include arms, ammunition, animals, drug additives, tobacco, food supplements, adult products and services, genuine or fake currencies, healthcare products, any pre-and-post photo attached products, and reminiscent products.


The purchase and sale of old automobiles on the Facebook market are outrageously easy.

That’s how my partner purchased the Toyota vintage truck, all of which were souped off-road. On a Saturday morning, he noticed the Facebook marketplace, researched, negotiated, and picked up the car later that day. Since then, he has been in love with it.

Use NADAguides and Kelley Blue Book for a car sale list to evaluate your car’s value and what similar cars are selling for.

Include the year, manufacture, model, kilometers, why the car is sold, and any problem the car has. This will not dissuade purchasers necessarily. Most of the vehicles used have a flaw. It is better to stand up to the problems than to hide them, which can eventually lead to an upset consumer.

Indicate that if you have preserved extensive car maintenance records. It gives your listing legitimacy.

Homes for sale or rent

On Facebook Marketplace you can list a room or a house for rent. It’s a fantastic place to publicize a holiday home. There are even people who list homes for sale.

Details in your listing include:

  • Address
  • Photos of the property
  • Rental rate or purchase price
  • Date and length of time available
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Pets/smoking policy
  • Parking and yard information
  • Square footage.

Connect via Facebook Messenger with stakeholders. Take advantage of references and rentals.

While Facebook Marketplace extends the pool of possible purchasers, you still have to sell or rent via the relevant legal procedures.

The pros and cons of selling on Facebook Marketplace

There are advantages and disadvantages to Facebook sales like with every e-commerce site.

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The pros

  • Extended reach. Facebook has an active user base of 2.4 billion. Of these, 75% check Facebook daily. If you don’t reside in the middle of the world, there will certainly be many Facebook users — possible consumers — in your region, not to mention customers who can transport things across the country.
  • Smart algorithms. Thanks to advanced Facebook algorithms, you will be seen by individuals in your neighborhood. Sharing lists with your Facebook groups and platforms linked to/partnered with Facebook is also easy.
  • Strong customer base. Because you can communicate with buyers via Messenger and view your public Facebook profile, you can get to know them and build confidence in your business.
  • Quick and easy listing process. The more your listing looks professional, the greater your sales. It is easy to make your listings easier for purchasers to read, for example by uploading and arranging photographs up to 10 times.
  • Convenient shipping. You can choose who pays for shipping. It is straightforward and cheap for purchasers to create and print shipping labels on the site. When you pay, shipping costs are subtracted immediately from the selling amount.
  • Secure transaction. If you’ve sold as a dealer via the checkout system on Facebook Marketplace, you’re subject to the Paycheck Protection Policy on Facebook. This creates customer confidence.

The cons

  • Facebook account required to ship. This is not always an inconvenience, but you should know if you want not to make an account to sell it.
  • Limitations on volume sales. You need to create distinct listings for each item you sell if you have several of the same items. It is permissible to sell several quantities of an item if you publish from the company page, although some sellers have already noted problems.
  • Sparse notifications. Facebook will e-mail you updates, but you can receive telephone notifications or can receive them.

Facebook Marketplace rules

In addition to the listing and sale of just suitable things, the second important criterion for Facebook marketplace sales is to dispatch items promptly.

You must ship within three days of a sale if you’re a Facebook market dealer. Shipping shall take place within 10 days after the sale.

No rule exists for negotiations with buyers, but you are bound to be in such circumstances.

How to negotiate with buyers

Buyers frequently try to negotiate the price — and avoid that through Messenger. Instead of decreasing their offer, buyers often stop for the next seller.

It is up to you whether you negotiate the minimal price you have determined with the things you send. A direct cash or check exchange is suitable for individual transactions.

How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It doesn’t cost anybody to sell on the Facebook marketplace and the Facebook marketplace is free.

If you operate as a merchant on the Facebook Market, all transactions are subject to a 5% fee with a minimum charge of $0.40.

Be aware that it’s just $5 to $500 that you can sell goods. Therefore, if you sell a product for $5, the transaction pays $.40 although the 5% charge is $.25.

Can I advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

Use the Ads Manager tool to create a paid ad to show in Facebook Marketplace. Design and build an ad, budget and select your ad placement daily.

Facebook will post it on Marketplace, Facebook and its news feed, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Networks, when you pick automatic placement which is recommended by Facebook.

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