Is selling on Facebook Marketplace profitable?


One of my favorite ways to make money from home is to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Now is an excellent time to convert your clutter into cash. You will make a lot of money selling things on Facebook Marketplace. I made nearly $700 selling my old items in just one week!

You’ve come to the right location if you want to learn how to make money selling on Facebook Marketplace. Today I’m going to share some money-making tips with you, as well as how I made $918 in one month selling on Facebook Marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Making money on Facebook Marketplace is as easy as it gets. It is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell products locally or internationally. Simply use your Facebook account to sell products or check for items to purchase. This post is for you if you want to learn how to sell locally on Facebook Marketplace.

Is Facebook Marketplace a good place to sell?

Without a doubt! What distinguishes Facebook Marketplace from other e-commerce sites such as Craigslist or eBay is that it is incorporated into the Facebook world.

This means that prospective buyers may contact the seller via Messenger or enter a Facebook buy and sell community created for their area or a particular niche. Since Facebook Marketplace is linked to your Facebook social media profile, it is ideal for fast background checks, removing confusion when buying and selling products.

The majority of customers check Facebook during the day, which can result in more prospective buyers seeing your listings. For those that are new to selling products online, Facebook Marketplace is one of the most user-friendly and profitable sites.

Best selling items on Facebook Marketplace

Here are some examples of popular products on Facebook Marketplace:

Furniture: Selling new or refurbished furniture will net you the most money. You may also sell old or worn furniture for a reasonable price on Facebook Marketplace. I made $230 from the sale of a bookcase. Selling furniture on Facebook Marketplace can be an excellent way to supplement your income.

Below are some more tips on how to flip items for profit on Facebook Marketplace:

Sports & Fitness equipment: Certain products have become difficult to locate in retail stores as a result of the pandemic. Many people use Facebook Marketplace to purchase sports and fitness equipment. If you have items at home that you no longer want or need, you might make money by selling them on Facebook Marketplace. I made $225 on Facebook Marketplace by selling golf clubs.

Books: These aren’t expensive things, but if you have a lot of books to sell, you might make a lot of money. In just one week, I made $223 by selling some of my old books on Facebook Marketplace.

Kid’s Toys: Many parents use Facebook Marketplace to buy toys. Consider character toys, dollhouses, bicycles, and other similar products.

Clothing: Selling unworn clothes with the tag still attached will net you the most money. Other popular pieces include baby clothing, children’s clothing, maternity clothing, shoes, and bags, and luggage. I made $130 on Facebook Marketplace by selling gently used Doc Marten boots.

Electronics: On Facebook Marketplace, video games, game consoles, laptops, headphones, and watches will all sell well.

Garden & Outdoor: On Facebook Marketplace, you can sell garden décor, garden equipment, patio furniture, plants, and lawnmowers.

Office Supplies: Many people already work from home and are shopping for desks, computer chairs, and other office supplies. On Facebook Marketplace, I sold my old IKEA desk for $90.

Pet Supplies: On Facebook Marketplace, people are looking to purchase pet-related products such as clothes, pet carriers or crates, pet strollers, and pet cages.

Storage & Organization: Many people want to buy closet organizers, storage cabinets, shoe racks, storage drawers, clothes racks, and other similar items.

What cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace?

Though Facebook can be a great platform for selling products, certain items cannot be sold on Facebook. This contains the following:

  • Items that aren’t real – Anything that isn’t a physical product for sale.
  • Services – Selling services, such as house cleaning isn’t allowed.
  • Animal for sale – Selling animals isn’t allowed on Facebook.
  • Healthcare – Healthcare-related items are not allowed, such as thermometers, first aid kits, and so on.
  • Description and photos don’t match – The photos of the item must match the description and title of the listing.
  • Before and after photos – Items for sale on Facebook cannot show before and after photos, such as weight loss.

How to create a listing on Facebook Marketplace

When you sell on Facebook Marketplace, you’re making a public listing that everyone on and off Facebook will see. You may also opt to post your listing to any Buy & Sell Groups that you belong to – this can help more people see your listing and sell things quickly.

Step 1: From your Facebook News Feed, click Marketplace.

Step 2: Click + Create New Listing, then click Item for Sale.

Step 3: Click Add Photos to upload a photo of your item.

You should take simple, bright images of the object. I like using this ring light to improve the quality of my pictures. In certain cases, overhead lights or lamps in homes may cast shadows or misrepresent the true color of an object. You can take better pictures of the item by using a ring light, which can lead to faster sales!

Step 4: Enter information about your item. This includes the Title of your item, PriceCategoryCondition of your item, and Description of your item.

To determine how much to charge for the item, conduct some research on Facebook Marketplace to see what other sellers are asking for it.

Set the posted price to $1 if you are listing several products in a single post (or the lowest-priced item in that post). Then, in the listing, you can have more information about how much each item sells for. This will assist you in attracting more customers.

Step 5: Click Next and then click Publish to post your listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Your listing will be published on Facebook Marketplace by default. You can choose to list your item in local Buy & Sell Groups on Facebook if you want to increase its exposure.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace without friends seeing?

Many people are afraid to sell items on Facebook for fear of their friends discovering what they are selling. Though Marketplace products are visible to everyone on and off Facebook, you can alter your privacy settings when making your listing.

If you want to sell items on Facebook Marketplace without your friends seeing them, go to the privacy settings and click “Hide from friends.” This will mask the listing from your Facebook friends but leave it open to everyone else.

Tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace

Consider yourself a company owner while selling products on Facebook Marketplace. This will make it easier to sell goods and earn the most money.

Use quality photos – Nobody wants to buy something with no images or photos that are dark and fuzzy. You don’t need a high-end camera to take good pictures of the item you’re trying to sell. I take all of my pictures with my phone and this Ring Light.

You can also include images that clearly display the object and its condition. For example, there was a minor scratch on the side of my IKEA desk that I mentioned in my listing to potential buyers.

Buyers often tend to see pictures of the real item rather than images from a company’s website. You can include up to ten photographs in your listing, so the more photos you post, the more likely it is that someone will message you to buy the product.

If you’re selling shoes, used clothes, or furniture, make sure the things are clean before photographing them. Nobody wants to purchase filthy shoes or dust-covered furniture.

Be honest and descriptive – Inform potential buyers if there is a scratch or mark on the piece. People will trust you more if you are truthful about the quality of the object. It will not deter them.

When writing your summary, include relevant keywords that people can use to find your product. Instead of simply saying “books,” try something more specific like “Penguin classic books for sale.” This will assist you in attracting the right customer.

Set the right price – When investigating the prices of similar items on Facebook Marketplace, consider what others are charging and how long the item has been listed for. You can also remember the item’s original selling price and condition.

In your listing, you can specify if the price is firm or write “OBO,” which stands for “or your best bid.” Don’t be shocked if prospective customers try to haggle over the asking price. If you price an item too big, you will receive an excessive number of messages. If you overprice an object, you will not receive any interest in it. When pricing your item, it is critical to strike a happy medium.

Be specific about pickup – Do you want the buyer to come to your house to pick up the piece, or are you willing to meet them there?

I’d rather meet people in public than send out my address. You may include phrases like “must pick up” or “meet near [insert neighborhood or intersection near you]” in your listing.

If a customer is adamant about an item but is unable to pick it up, I will sometimes offer to drop it off for a slightly higher price. This will make up for lost time and transportation.

Make sure you agree on the price and the pickup location – Many people prefer to pay by e-transfer rather than cash, in my experience. People would often prepay for an item during the week, and then I would set it aside for them to pick up on the weekend.

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