What exactly are tested names? ‘120 Million Users’ Exposed Details on Facebook Quiz App’


What exactly are tested names – Nametests.com, a leaky Quiz application company published today by a security research scientist, has placed confidential Facebook data on up to 120 million users at risk for years, confirming several analysts’ assumptions: The Cambridge Analytica fiasco was just the tip of the iceberg.

Inti De Ceukelaire, an ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter, discovered that one of the application’s tests could have manipulated the registered users’ Facebook profile data. He discovered that information such as names, birth dates, tweets, rank, photos, and friend lists could be compromised even after the applications were removed.

The researcher who posted the YouTube security screenings said in a blog post that he was “shocked” to discover that the website could collect Facebook information from a user and present it on an external web page set up in a way that virtually everyone could access and manipulate. “Normally, this information should not be accessible by other websites,” he cautioned.

On 22 April, the issue was presented to a forum headed by Mark Zuckerberg, and it was resolved by the end of June. According to Internet sources, the bug has been around since 2016. Nametests, which has 120 million monthly active users and Facebook pages in various languages, offer assessments and quizzes that can be posted on social media. According to the developer, he has “no evidence of violence by a third party.” What exactly are tested names

A Facebook logo appears on the screen of a broken mobile phone. AFP/Getty Images/SAGET

However, the findings may have been important, according to De Ceukelaire. “I can think you wouldn’t want any website knowing who you are, let alone stealing your details or pictures,” he wrote.

Their insecurity could have been manipulated by more open websites to harass their users, threatening to reveal their stupid search history to their buddies. “We should have been targeted (politically) on your Facebook posts and contacts, and we should have targeted (political) advertising,” we’ve seen more specifically.

To access the quiz, users must first log in to Facebook via the app. According to De Ceukelaire, building a booby-trapped website that stole their information would have been “simple” for an intruder. What exactly are tested names

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It is uncertain if the data will be used in large amounts.

Nametests.com Terms and Conditions agree that you have already implemented enhanced security procedures for purchasing and using products supplied by third parties at your own discretion and risk. However, the precise nature of the data breach is unknown. According to De Ceukelaire, he was certainly not the only one who was aware of the flaws.

What exactly are tested names  – I can only tell you that the website claims to generate over three billion monthly views, the majority of which are connected to the leaky “Nametests suggest that there is no evidence of abuse according to the data and details that are present,” he wrote in the blog post, “but I would be surprised if someone else found this early.” It’s easy to spot.

According to the ethical hacker, “if this flaw was ever exploited, only users who actually accessed the attacker’s website will have their data leaked to the attacker.”

He advised anyone who was concerned about the incident to review and remove any unnecessary requests.

The investigator was awarded $8,000 for the discovery, which was donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. The original payout was 4,000 dollars, but it was doubled because it was donated to a good cause ” The problem with the nametests.com website was brought to our attention by a researcher through our Data Misuse Bounty Program, which we launched in April to promote complaints concerning Facebook data. We collaborated with nametests.com to fix the flaw on their website, which was completed in June.” according to nametests.com

According to CrunchBase, Nametests’ work is the work of a German editor, Social Sweethearts. What exactly are tested names

“The inquiry discovered that there was no proof that users’ personal data had been exposed to unauthorized third parties, let alone that it had been misused. Nonetheless, data protection is taken very seriously at social sweethearts, and steps are being taken to prevent potential threats.” On Monday, the Social Sweetheart spoke with Newsweek.

“could have enabled an attacker to determine the details of a logged-in user to Facebook’s platform”could have enabled an attacker to determine the logged-in user’s Facebook network details.

“We couldn’t and shouldn’t have done better,” he said. “We cannot believe that the information of hundreds of millions of users could have been so easily stolen; we can and must do better.” We can and must do better.

Earlier this year, the Observer newspaper revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based policy targeting unit linked to US President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, had targeted millions of users. Feeling the sun, Zuckerberg was forced to testify before lawmakers on data abuse issues.

Facebook’s third-party applications are currently being audited in their entirety.

“I started Facebook,” Zuckerberg said on March 21, when the headlines were set, “and at the end of the day, I’m in control of what’s going on on our platform.” “I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to protect our society. While this particular issue involving Cambridge Analytica should no longer occur with new apps today, it does not change the fact that it did in the past. We will use this experience to strengthen our platform and make our community safer for everyone in the future.”

Adam Mosseri, then a Facebook Product Manager, will be showcased at the new Android Facebook Home at a press event in Menlo Park, California, on April 4, 2013, by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Co-Founder, and CEO. Following reports on the use of Cambridge Analytica’s user accounts, Facebook has come under renewed scrutiny. ROBERT GALLBRAITH/RUTERS What exactly are tested names

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