What Is the Difference Between a Personal and a Company Facebook Page?

What Is the Difference Between a Personal and a Company Facebook Page – If you do not want to create a personal profile on Facebook, you can instead create a business account, which is designed for people who want to manage advertisements and pages without having a personal profile. Personal profiles have limited access to company profiles and cannot communicate with them unless they use a website.
What Is the Difference Between a Personal and a Company, Facebook Page
What Is the Aim of a Facebook Business Account?
Facebook’s massive active user base surpassed one billion in October 2012. With such a large user base, a Facebook business account could be extremely beneficial to the growth of your company. Understanding the fundamentals of how this account type operates will assist you in deciding whether Facebook is suitable for your company.
When you create a Facebook business account, you create a “page” for your business. A Facebook page is similar to a specialized profile for corporations, entertainers, or other non-personal purposes. Pages have “Likes,” while personal accounts have “Friends,” and users can add anyone to their list of friends. Users go to the page and click the “Like” button. If your business page publishes updates after they’ve pushed the button, those updates appear in their news feed, instantly connecting your company to that Facebook user. While pages cannot visit individual profiles or post on their timelines, you may message or comment on their posts to connect with specific users. You can create a page using your personal Facebook account or by visiting Facebook’s home page and creating a page-specific account.
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Administrators, or “admins,” are the individual or people in charge of a Facebook page. When you create a profile, Facebook automatically makes you the default admin. You can add new administrators to the page’s settings if you decide to break the duty or delegate it to an employee. Admin permissions are divided into five groups, each of which affects the admin’s control over the page. The manager, for example, has complete control over the website, its content, and other managers, while the Insight Analyst can only view page Insights or page statistics.
Connecting with Customers
If you’ve ever used a personal Facebook profile, you’ll understand how similar using your page to connect is. Your page will post status updates, photos, videos, and links, allowing you to frequently update content and give your customers a reason to visit it. You can also make content suggestions as to the page, speaking as the company rather than yourself. Encourage fans to share your page’s content by inviting their friends to visit and, hopefully, “Like” it.
Facebook Insights
One of the most significant differences between personal accounts and blogs is the use of insights. Facebook Insights offer valuable information about your page’s progress over time, as well as how and with whom you communicate. The Insight page’s Likes tab, for example, displays the percentage of your page’s likers who are male or female, as well as age ranges and location. You can also export the data for further research, documentation, or sharing within your organization using the Insight feature.
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