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About Facebook Dating – Analysis of Facebook Dating  – Give any social media platform enough time, and it will morph into a dating app. When people have a platform to interact with one another, they can’t help but express their true feelings. There are plenty of dating apps available, but who among us hasn’t been tempted to send a message to someone on LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, or, yes, Facebook? Facebook Dating attempts to bridge the gap. It’s ostensibly a dating app, but one that makes full use of the networking features offered by its social media parent company. It’s also completely secure. If you want to find love without having to worry about Mark Zuckerberg looking over your shoulder, we suggest paying for Match or Tinder, two of our Editors’ Choice choices. 

How to Begin Dating on Facebook 

Many dating apps allow you to create an account using your Facebook account. Facebook Dating is now a part of the Facebook platform. It is not eligible as a stand-alone program. Instead, it’s a feature of the current Facebook Android and iOS smartphone apps, which you must choose to use. I used an iPhone 11 to conduct my research. There is currently no desktop version available. 

Public service announcement 

Turning your Facebook profile into a dating profile raises privacy concerns right away. The European Union forced Facebook to postpone the service’s launch so that regulators could examine security measures. Who can blame them, given Facebook’s track record of privacy missteps, from the Cambridge Analytica fiasco to settling litigation with civil rights organizations over microtargeted ads? 

Facebook, on the other hand, says that your Facebook Dating information is kept apart from the rest of your Facebook profile. I braced myself for the humiliation of running into a close friend looking for love, or of inadvertently disclosing my (test) relationship status to my family. Thankfully, every profile I came across was completely unfamiliar. Awkward situations were avoided. 


Furthermore, Facebook Dating does not require your personal information; it just requires your physical presence. Dating apps need a big, active group of singles and love seekers to thrive. Facebook already has an immense user base, which Facebook Dating aims to build on. If even a tiny portion of the Facebook audience converts, Facebook Dating will never run out of possible matches. 

Building your profile with your current Facebook details and Instagram images is a breeze since Facebook Dating is already Facebook. It’s possible that the app already knows basic information about you, such as where you live, where you went to school, and where you work. After the reality, you can change your responses. Don’t worry about your daily Facebook details being changed. Even so, being able to skip a few steps is convenient. The disadvantage is that, unlike other dating apps, it is almost impossible to remain anonymous here. Your name is derived from your Facebook profile and cannot be altered purely for dating. For others, this may be inconvenient, while for others, it may be dangerous. 

Facebook Dating might already know which genders you’re looking for if it’s men, women, or anyone. When creating your profile, you can specify more specific preferences such as age range, whether you want children or not, distance, education level, height, spoken language, and religion. Answers to personality questions like “The best thing I can cook is…” or “The song that always gets me on the dance floor is…” are the only other dating-specific data to plug. 

Profiles and the User Interface 

The GUI of Facebook Dating is similar to that of Facebook. It’s yet another feature of the same Facebook mobile app. By tapping the heart-shaped button on the overflow menu in the bottom-right corner of the phone, which also takes you to other sections of Facebook inside the app, you can access the Facebook Dating section. All is a little too blurry, and it’s just too convenient to end up on your newsfeed when you thought you were swiping through promising dates. 

Aside from the larger Facebook interface problems, using Facebook Dating is similar to using any other high-quality modern dating app. The screen is dominated by profile images, and you can answer yes or no in Tinder-style by tapping the big X or the big heart. You can go back to profiles you’ve passed on with Second Look. 

Further reading:

To see a more detailed portrait of your object of affection, tap on a profile. You might be reminded of Match by the level of detail. More images, a rundown of their profile, answers to personality questions, and even a pick from their Instagram feed can be found further down. Then you can decide whether to swipe left or right with more confidence. There is no swiping, just button pressing, but the idiom is what it is. 

On the home screen, you can swipe through an interactive feed of Facebook Stories for a new browsing experience. To see curated sets of images and videos from future matches, tap them. 

You can start sending messages to each other once you’ve found a match. The messaging capabilities of Facebook Dating are intentionally limited compared to daily Messenger. It is not possible to submit links, money, pictures, or videos. This is for security and to give the impression that Facebook Dating is secure from the rest of the internet. Besides, all you need for cute communication is text and GIFs. The only exception is that you can use Messenger to give a protective friend information about your upcoming date. 

Optional Extras 

Some dating applications, such as harmony, are prohibitively costly for free users. Others, such as OkCupid, don’t mind if you don’t pay, even if they do offer the option. Facebook Dating, on the other hand, is free unless you consider your data to be a currency. 

Thankfully, this does not use the lack of a price to excuse a lack of functionality. Aside from the extensive profiles, the app has more search options than Facebook alone. People who belong to the same Facebook groups as you or who attended the same Facebook events as you can be found here. Granted, this poses the greatest chance of running into people you meet. I didn’t see friends, but I did see friends of friends who were dangerously close. Nonetheless, this is a brilliant way to interact with someone with whom you already share interests. 

After all, you may want to date your mates. That you’ve been searching for the right reason all along. The Secret Crush feature on Facebook Dating is the justification. You can label up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers as romantically involved in this section. No one will be aware of your actions. You’ll both be informed if your unrequited love joins the platform and adds you as their Secret Crush, and you can start talking about how wonderful it is to finally express your true feelings out loud. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can use the app to inform your friends about Facebook Dating and hope they bite. 

With Facebook Dating, you can build a social barrier. 

Digital dating features have become increasingly important to dating apps as the world continues to shelter in place to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. Virtual dating features aren’t available on it. There’s no way to video chat directly in the app, and your matches are limited to those in your immediate vicinity, even though you can extend that distance to a whopping 240 miles. Other dating apps bind people from all over the world to quarantine pen-pals.

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