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Airtel Friends and Family – How to use Airtel Family and Friends. Airtel Nigeria has been for the most part, commonly used within the borders of Nigeria. The reason why Airtel is so popular is due to its pocket-friendly data rates and phone calls.

In addition, these fascinating qualities have endeared Nigerians to the internet. Using Airtel’s FAF feature is one of the features we’re exploring today deeply. Before we get into this, let us first define what “Airtel” means, so that we will not commit the fallacy of ambiguity.

Airtel Family and Friends.

Airtel FAF allows users to “keep track of all their important tasks.” It’s a support that is meant to definitely minimize the total cost of contacting your family, friends, and family so that you can spend more time talking to those people who are so dear to you, building a stronger relationship.

However, the numbers you may call are limited to those marked down to the lowest dollar value in your Family and Friends list. Keep going
I am aware of the fact that most people today lack the ability to break the AT&T code.

How it works on Airtel

I have used this service for many years, and I now understand that Airtel only allows you to add five people, regardless of the number of family and friends numbers you want to add. The additional people you want to add will cost N50 per number.

To stay on the safe side, I advise you to just leave in the numbers you usually call for. You are introducing me to only particular individuals, as I call you frequently. Your partner or clients and their relationship numbers can also be included. It’s only possible if you call these individuals more frequently.

offers – Subscription Codes

If you are using the Airtel network on the phone, and need an Airtel FAF code, please check the Airtel FAF code listed here below.

*311*2*#2* tells you how to add a number to the list of people you know. If you want to get the Airtel network, you must insert the number 08133772290 and dial *311*2*08133772290# You’ll be instantly notified that your phone number has been successfully updated. NOTE: Only 5 digits are allowed to be added at a time.

Ways to add numbers.

Are you interested in adding a FAF Airtel number? You’ll need to activate the Faf account. That is obvious! Follow these directions: Dial * 311* 2* 08133772290. If you want to register 08133772290 in your family and friends list, follow these instructions. Airtel will inform you that a contact has been successfully added to your FAF list upon completion of this action. With this service, you have access to calling numbers you added at very low rates.

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How To Erase Numbers.

Dial *311*3*1L*NUMBER# to delete a number from your AirTel Family and Friends’ list. To remove the number 08021234567 from your Family and Friends List, dial *311*08021234567#, and Airtel will send you this message: “Airtel has removed your number from your Airtel Family and Friends List.”

How to view the Registration of Registered Number in FAF.

When calling *311*4##, you will receive a list of the phone numbers in your Airtel Family and Friends phonebook. You will be shown all your Aircell subscribers and their numbers in the list. These codes are no longer used as airtel faf activation codes. They only work to add, remove, and test faf lists, respectively.

Furthermore, family and friends call rates.

The FAF service fees are consistent between plans.

Throughput: 25 KB/s per second (6 am-9:59 pm).
Peak Performance Times: 21 Kobo per second (10 pm-5:59 pm)
Let’s not forget what SmartConnect is offering in terms of incentives: 40 kobos per second, regardless of the time of day you make the call.

Airtel Nigeria activation code for family and friends.

This is how to add FAF on Airtel to enjoy the Airtel family and friends plan, which can be done by using this registration code: *311*2*NUMBER#

To add this plan to the FAF plan, ‘08123456789.’ Dial *311*08123456789# then. When calling that number, your call will be placed at a discounted rate. An informational message will be displayed on the device after entering the ‘activation code’ to inform the user of the successful process. Only five phone numbers can be placed into the Airtel Nigeria family and friends international number.

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