Best music streaming services 2021

Best music streaming services 2021

Best music streaming services 2021

On the surface, the streaming music industry is brimming with services that allow you to accomplish basic, similar tasks. You open an app, press play, and then listen to music. Isn’t it simple? However, a closer look reveals that several of the top streaming music applications have unique features that make choosing a service more difficult than you might expect. This guide will assist you in choosing a service from among the many options available.

Quality of Streaming Music and Other Features

Most streaming music services share some basic features, such as the ability to create customizable channels, but a select few stand out owing to their distinct feature sets. Amazon Music Unlimited, Primephonic, Qobuz, and Tidal, for example, pride themselves on sound quality, delivering premium Hi-Res Audio melodies with uncompressed audio that much exceeds that of a standard music stream. This development is impressive, especially considering that most internet music services’ streams are compressed, ranging from 128Kbps to 320Kbps. To properly appreciate the musical depth, you’ll need audiophile-quality headphones or high-end speakers.

Some services, like LiveXLive Powered by Slacker and Spotify, provide free trials so you may try before you buy, while others, like Apple Music, are exclusively premium (usually starting at $10 per month). Many services also include lyrics, allowing you to sing along with your favorite music word for word. In addition, for $14.99 a month, six household members can sign up for a shared premium subscription, which is a relatively new industry offering.

In most services, there are significant distinctions between the free and premium streaming music levels. Free accounts often limit your ability to skip songs to six per hour and bombard you with advertisements in the form of audio or video. The free levels are for casual listeners or those who don’t think music is worth paying for. Premium accounts, on the other hand, come with unlimited skips, on-demand playback, and other perks. Customers who want to delve into the depths of what a streaming music service has to offer should go for the for-pay levels of service.

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This Week’s Best Online Music Streaming Service Deals*

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Free 1-Month Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

TIDAL – 30-Day Free Trial

Apple Music offers a free three-month trial.

Furthermore, each of the services examined has mobile apps, so you don’t have to be glued to your computer to listen to music. The option to cache music for offline playback, which is usually reserved for premium members, is a valuable feature included in these providers’ mobile apps. For commuters or people who are frequently in areas with spotty signal coverage, this is a technological godsend.

Genres of music that can be streamed

This Week’s Best Music Streaming Service Deals*

3-Month Free Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

Tidal offers a 30-day free trial.

Apple Music is offering a three-month free trial.

*Our partner, TechBargains, chooses the deals.

If you delve deeper into space, you’ll discover even more streaming music diversity. Stories, a hosted program that contains unique tales ranging from love to horror, for example, distinguishes LiveXLive. Tidal sells concert and sports tickets, as well as having an in-house editorial team that creates feature-length stories. Amazon Music Unlimited allows users to upload and stream their own audio recordings alongside tracks from the company’s inventory. The majority of providers offer a large range of comedy albums.

Aside from simple music, there’s a lot to discover. These platforms are rapidly evolving from music streaming services to all-encompassing audio streaming services.

Artwork for the album

Some Mistakes

Unfortunately, not all is as it seems in this musical wild west. Some platforms have gained or lost content as a result of—you guessed it—money. Due to low royalties, Taylor Swift, Prince, and other artists’ libraries have vanished from streaming platforms (and then reappeared). The issue of artist pay has long been a thorn in the side of the recording industry, and it hasn’t gone away with the rise of streaming music.

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As a platform based on the principle of appropriately paying artists, Tidal aspired to stand apart from the throng. For a long time, it was also the sole service that hosted Prince’s catalog (but that is no longer the case). In certain circumstances, you won’t be able to play specific songs on demand because they’re only available as part of a themed channel. Content limitations and missing artists and music are still a concern in the sector, though the situation has significantly improved in recent years, despite Swift’s presence. When Google replaced Google Play Music with YouTube Music, it sent another service to the graves.


Trying to figure out where items are stored and how to get to them might be frustrating for the inexperienced. It’s one of the entertainment issues we’re dealing with in the digital age.

It’s all up to you now.

Thankfully, you won’t have to go through a plethora of options to discover the one that best meets your listening requirements. To separate the musical wheat from the auditory chaff, PCMag has reviewed both mainstream and niche streaming music services. Look over the evaluations and the extra chart to see which streaming music services are ideal for your music listening preferences.

If you’re wondering why some streaming music services aren’t mentioned in this article, here’s the scoop. It’s highly likely that they’ve been overtaken by the ten greater services featured here, or that they’ve been acquired by a competitor, or that they’ve gone out of business. AOL Radio, for example, is no longer available, and Rdio’s technology was sold to Pandora. Because there are so many businesses providing roughly comparable services, we foresee more shakeouts in the industry in the coming years.

If you’re worried about streaming your favorite music via public Wi-Fi, such as that provided by Starbucks, you should purchase a VPN. A virtual private network protects your mobile devices from prying eyes and, depending on the VPN server’s location, may allow you to listen to music licensed in other countries. However, using a VPN to circumvent licensing limitations is likely to violate Spotify’s terms of service, so proceed with caution.

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