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Dating Advice For Men – You can brush up on some important dating tips before you turn up in your work-from-home outfit. You probably already know the basics, such as arriving on time, but I’d like to share some lesser-known but equally valuable advice.

5 “Must-Have” Dating Advice For Men

To say the least, it’s been an odd year. Whatever you are or where you live, one thing is certain: you weren’t around as many people as you wanted to be in 2020. We skipped birthday parties, happy hours, book groups, soccer games, and a slew of other memorable occasions. 

As a result, some of our social skills have deteriorated. Any talent that isn’t used as much as it should be deteriorates. Spring has arrived, and so have vaccines. As a result, we’ll be back out there. This involves going out on dates once more. 

1. Dating isn’t about chasing women; it’s about being someone who attracts women. 

Most dating is mental, not physical or emotional, as I tell my dating coaching clients. This is advantageous because it means you have complete control over your love life. This is also a disadvantage because it implies that you have complete control over your dating life. What I’m looking at is that we can sometimes be our own worst enemy. Dating Advice For Men

Let’s speak about objectives. A target is something you want to do but are unable to do so. You want to set goals, but if one of them is to meet a woman, go on a date, or get into a relationship, you’re unintentionally elevating women above you. You’re elevating them to a higher plane. While it’s perfectly natural to want to be with someone, if it’s your top priority, you can come across as desperate or needy. 

Photo of a party of pals 

If you’re a fascinating guy, women will naturally gravitate toward you. 

Rather, your ambition should be to become the sort of individual that attracts others. Imagine walking into a house party and seeing everyone gathered around this man, conversing. What are your travel plans? Probably to hear what that guy has to say. 

That guy isn’t trying to get the phone number of the party’s hottest girl. He might get the number of the hottest girl at the party, though, because he’s an interesting and engaging person. 

Yeah, approaching women and making the first move is important, but being the guy who is so fascinating and fun that people want to learn more is even more important. 

2. If you can tell a good story, you can go a long way in dating. 

Dating Advice For Men – A brilliant article about charisma was published in The New York Times a few years ago. Chance, the X-factor, and chemistry are all examples of charisma. When we see it, we know it. When it isn’t there, we notice. However, defining charisma and how to acquire it is extremely difficult. 

However, one of the recurring themes in this article was that the storyteller of each culture is held in high regard. It wasn’t just the ability to tell a story; it was also the ability to tailor and story to the listener, using metaphors and examples that were relevant to them. 

Photograph of a man telling a tale 

It’s a great quality to be able to share information about yourself engagingly. 

In a nutshell, charismatic individuals are good public speakers. They contribute to a discussion by offering thoughtful answers and personal examples on the topic. Ask rhetorical questions and pay attention to what a woman says about herself. Use this to assist you in adapting your own stories. This demonstrates not only that you’re paying attention, but also that you understand her. 

People like good storytellers not so much because of what they say as much as how they make them feel. Your body language, eye contact, and good listening skills will grab the attention of the listener and make her feel like she’s the only one in the room. 

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3. Demonstrate that you’re planning. 

One of the most popular concerns I hear from women is that the guy they’re dating isn’t planning. Now, as guys, we know that’s not the case. We’ve always imagined what our lives will be like. Where we’d like to settle down, the amount of family we’d like to have, places we’d like to visit, and activities we’d like to do are all things we’d like to consider. 

One of the things I admire about men is their ability to live in the moment. We value the present moment and don’t want things to change because we’re afraid things will deteriorate. That isn’t an issue, but you must also demonstrate to women that you care about the future by your acts. You don’t have to have it worked out, but women like to see that you’re working toward a goal. 

Photo of a symbol from the past, current, and future 

One of my female dating coaching clients’ most popular concerns about men is that they don’t seem to have any expectations for the future. 

I met my wife during the financial crisis of 2007-2008 when I was unemployed or underemployed, but I had a strategy. I was also planning and preparing for my new role as a dating coach. I was volunteering, blogging, preparing to return to grad school, and doing as many side jobs as I could. She saw me playing with her boss’s kids, and she saw the future with me. 

4. Go on a date with someone who shares your interests to encourage conversation and chemistry. 

Dating Advice For Men – Dating is intended to be a pleasurable experience. I understand that dating can feel like another work at times, even before COVID. It takes a long time and is physically demanding. You must rediscover a way to enjoy dating once more. 

Dinner dates have never been my thing. It strikes me as a very artificial way of interacting with another human. There’s a slim risk of chemistry developing. You’re face to face, with a lot of stuff between you as barriers to touch and at least an hour or two of conversation ahead of you when you don’t even know if you have that much in common yet. It’s all about the activity dates. 

Photograph of a bicycle-riding pair 

On a date, doing something active, such as hiking if that’s your thing, will put you at ease and give your date a peek into your life. 

Go somewhere you know you’ll have a good time. When you’re having a good time, how does your body language change? You have a brighter smile, more muscle, and a glint in your eye. This is the best version of yourself. This is the kind of guy you want to hang out with. It’s much easier for your date to be happy and have fun if you’re having a good time. 

Spend less time going after stuff. Enable yourself to be discovered by doing what you enjoy. You want to demonstrate that you can bring value to the woman’s life, not just the date. For example, I once had a client who worked as the Chief Technology Officer of a fantastic business. He was amazing, but he was also a little awkward. I suggested he go on a date to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or something similar. Not only would he be able to speak about and be informed about the things around him, but as a well-known CTO, people would recognize him, raising her opinion of him. 

5. Do a Google search on yourself to see what she could find out about you. 

Dating Advice For Men – I know we’ve all done it at some point, but if you’re dating, I want you to do another round of Google searches on yourself. That’ll be the first thing a new acquaintance can do with you. You’re curious about your online footprint. 

I’m not saying all of this would turn off your new date, but if you’re looking for a serious relationship and your first page of Google has a dozen pictures of you funneling beer, it may not attract the right people. 

You don’t have to go through every page, but you should be aware of what’s out there so you can comment if necessary. 

Google’s image 

It’s useful to be aware of what knowledge is available for you. 

Also, don’t limit yourself to the first page of data. Take a look at Google Images, Google News, Google Videos, and other similar sites. You’ll never guess where you’ll end up at times. For example, I Google myself regularly, and I once came across a strange photo on a Malaysian or Indonesian website that had reprinted one of my posts. The title had been changed from “Why Guys Like Shy Girls” to “Why Men Prefer Quiet Women.” Oh, no. 

Maintain COVID safety precautions, but get out there again! 

There’s a whole new world of dating out there waiting for you, and it’s shaping up to be an incredible summer. Don’t squander it. You’ll have more luck in your love life if you obey even one of these ideas. I have confidence in you!

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