Lace Styles in Nigeria – Everything You Need To Know


Lace Styles in Nigeria: One of the most common clothing materials in Nigeria is lace. Hardly you attend any occasion like owambe, wedding ceremonies, child dedications, coronation ceremonies, meetings, mosque, and even Church services without noticing beautiful people especially the ladies all dressed up with colourful and beautiful lace materials which are carefully and creatively sown and woven into stunning and outstanding attires.


The men are not left out on this as well.

For several decades, lace materials have existed in Nigeria, and funny enough it never goes out of the fashion trends. Each passing day more unique styles and creativeness are being added to the fashion industry by creative fashion designers

Its uniqueness brings about confidence and adornment to the wearer. Another beautiful thing is that it is crafted into different classic and clothing styles like shirt and trousers, agbada especially for the men, beautiful skirts and blouse, stunning long and short gowns all these designed with eye-catching styles and classic look.

It is very common to find people even on the streets and markets rocking this beautiful work of art irrespective of the weather condition either on a rainy day or a sunny day.

Aseobi wearers are not left out on the trend, Lol. Adorned with their beautiful lace materials, jewelries, beautiful make-up for those who love wearing one, shoes, and hair they are good to go to grace any occasion.

Lace materials can go well with any type of accessories like hair: you can use your short, long, or wavy hair and still look all ravishing, you could also use headwear and feel beautiful.

It can as well go well with almost all types of shoes: you could rock your lace attires with your flat or high heel slippers, sandals, and cover shoes. For jewelries, you could go with or without them, if you are going to rock your beautiful set of jewelries, just ensure to go easy on them.

I will be suggesting beautiful styles you could rock with your lace materials that will keep heads turning.

1. Short gowns:

Short gowns sewn with lace materials are always outstanding and beautiful and never goes out of fashion trends. It can also serve as an easy-to-go style yet very classy and unique. It also does not select a place it could be worn too as it could be rocked to any occasion with the wearer feeling very confident and comfortable.

2. Long beautiful flowing gowns:

Get going rocking your long and very beautiful dress and gets eyes turning around to look at you or ask you who your fashion designer is? You could either add a slit at the front or back to add to its uniqueness. Ensure to wear a smile and feel very confident it.

3. Knee length dress:

Knee-length dresses also have a way of making the wearing feel unique and beautiful. There are tons of style you could add to beautify your dress with accessories like aplite, skin net, buttons, trimmings, and zips

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