Log Into Multiple Instagram Accounts

Log Into Multiple Instagram Accounts

Log Into Multiple Instagram Accounts – If you work in social media or run a business, you’ve probably thought, “Can I manage several Instagram accounts?” 

You can rest assured that you can. And it’s a lot less difficult than you may expect. We’ll show you how to do that in this article. 

Bonus: 14 Time-Saving Instagram Hacks for Power Users. Get the list of hidden shortcuts used by Hootsuite’s social media team to create eye-catching content. 

Is it possible to have more than one Instagram account? 

Yes, to put it simply. Within the Instagram app, one user can manage up to five Instagram profiles. You may manage even more Instagram accounts and share administration tasks with other team members using a third-party program like Hootsuite. 

Is there a way to manage several Instagram accounts with a single app? 

Using a social media management program like Hootsuite is the simplest method to manage many Instagram profiles. This gives you the ability to manage numerous Instagram accounts from your phone or computer. It also makes working with many Instagram profiles easier by allowing you to schedule posts for each account ahead of time. 

You may also manage several Instagram accounts, as well as many Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and Pinterest profiles, with Hootsuite. All of your data is in one place. 

Sign up for a free trial of Hootsuite right now. 

How to use the Instagram app to manage numerous Instagram accounts 

On an iPhone or Android device, how do you have several Instagram accounts? 

Adding numerous Instagram accounts to the Instagram app allows you to manage them from your phone. 

Step 1: Go to your profile page on Instagram. 

Step 2: Select Settings from the hamburger menu. 

Icon for Instagram settings 

Step 3: Select Add Account from the drop-down menu. 

On the Instagram app, tap the Add Account button. 

Step 4: Fill up the details for the account you want to add. 

Step 5: Select Log In from the drop-down menu. 

Step 6: Return to Settings and tap Set up Multi-Account Login to make it easier to access multiple Instagram accounts with a single login. 

Instagram has a “Set up Multi-Account Login” option. 

Step 7: Select the account you’d like to use to log into all of your accounts. It’s important to remember that anyone who has access to the account you choose will also have access to other linked accounts. 

Instagram has a “Choose How to Log In” option. 

Instagram’s Login page has been updated. 

For each account, you want to add, repeat steps 1 through 5. The Instagram app allows you to add up to five accounts. 

How to swap between Instagram accounts 

Step 1: Tap your username in the top left corner of your profile page. 

Step 2: Select the account you’d like to use. 

Account selector for Instagram 

The chosen account will be opened. 

Step 3: Use this account to post, comment, like, and participate as much as you like. When you’re ready to swap accounts, tap our username once more to select another account. 

It’s worth noting that you’ll remain locked into the previous Instagram account you used. Always double-check that you’re using the correct account before posting or engaging with new content. 

How to publish to many Instagram accounts 

You can now post to any of the Instagram accounts you’ve connected to the app. Simply follow the instructions above to select the account you want to use, then begin posting as usual. 

By looking at your profile pictures, you can always determine which account you’re using. Because the profile photo in some views is relatively small, pick unique photographs to ensure that you always post to the correct account. 

How do you delete an Instagram account from the app? 

You might wish to delete one of your several Instagram accounts from the app at some point. 

Why? Because the Instagram app allows you to manage a maximum of five accounts, you may want to delete one to create a way for a new one. Maybe you’re no longer working on a specific account and just want to make sure you don’t accidentally publish to it. 

Here’s how you may delete a specific Instagram account from the app. 

Note: If you’ve enabled Multi-Account Login, you’ll need to disable it first before deleting individual accounts. Skip stepping 4 if you haven’t activated Multi-Account Login. 

Step 1: Tap the hamburger button in your profile, then Settings, then Multi-Account Login. 

Step 2: In the pop-up box, deselect the account you want to remove, then press Remove. 

On Instagram’s Multi-Account Login screen, you can deselect an account. 

Instagram has a feature that allows you to delete an account. 

Although it may appear that you’ve completed the task, you haven’t removed the account from your app—only from the Multi-Account Login. To get it out of the app, you’ll need to take a couple more steps: 

Step 3: Return to your profile and select the account you’d like to delete. 

Step 4: Select Settings from the hamburger menu. 

Step 5: In the pop-up box, touch Log Out [username], then Log Out. 

Logging off of Instagram is an option. 

When you return to your profile and tap on your username, you’ll notice that the removed account has been removed from the drop-down menu. 

It’s important to note that deleting your account from the app does not mean it’s gone forever. Follow Instagram’s instructions if you truly want to delete your account (forever). 

How to use Creator Studio to manage numerous Instagram profiles 

You can only manage Instagram on your phone through the Instagram app. Try Facebook’s free Creator Studio dashboard if you’re searching for an easy way to manage Instagram on your desktop. 

From desktop and mobile, Creator Studio allows you to post and schedule content to numerous accounts, as well as access Instagram Insights. 

Follow these steps to connect to Instagram in Creator Studio: 

Switch to a business profile or a creator account in step one. 

Step 2: Open Creator Studio and select the Instagram symbol at the top of the page. 

Step 3: From Creator Studio, follow the prompts to sign in to Instagram. Your Instagram username and password will be required. 


The process may alter slightly if your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook Page, depending on the relationship between your Facebook Page and Instagram account. 

How to use Hootsuite to manage numerous Instagram accounts 

You can simply manage all of your social media accounts (including one or more Instagram accounts) from your computer by using a social media management program like Hootsuite. Hootsuite also offers more advanced tools, such as bulk scheduling and thorough analytics, than Creator Studio. 

How to use Hootsuite to view numerous Instagram accounts 

To use multiple Instagram accounts in Hootsuite, you must first add them to your dashboard. 

Hootsuite allows you to add both personal and business Instagram profiles, but corporate accounts have a more streamlined posting procedure and more extensive capabilities. In your Hootsuite dashboard, you may see both corporate and personal Instagram profiles.

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