Messenger Lite download and Install free


Messenger Lite download and Install freeThe regular Facebook app for Android, to put it lightly, stinks. Not only is it likely to drain your phone’s battery faster than most other applications, but Facebook has disabled the messenger feature to encourage a separate app and website. Alternatives to the official app exist, but most of them cannot send user-to-user messages.

Fortunately, the Facebook Lite app is an official solution that is both powerful and reliable. 

What Is Facebook Lite and How Does It Work? 

The Lite version of Facebook’s Android app was developed especially for developing countries and other locations where reliable mobile Internet isn’t always accessible. It’s designed to give you access to all of the site’s basic functionality, including person-to-person messaging while using as little bandwidth as possible. 

The software was also created with low-cost phones in mind. To that end, it’s much smaller and simpler than the full Facebook app: while the standard Facebook app from the Play Store is 162MB (without cached photos and such) and Facebook’s Messenger app is another 104MB, the new version of Facebook Lite is just 4.5MB. 

Messenger Lite is essentially the same as Facebook Lite…except it’s for Messenger. If I’m going too far, please stop me. It’s a stripped-down version of the app with fewer features but less storage and bandwidth usage. 

The curious thing is that Messenger’s instant messaging feature is included in the Facebook Lite app, making Messenger Lite redundant. Messenger Lite can handle photos and stickers that Facebook Lite can’t, so it’s worth checking out if those are important to you. 

Unfortunately, in some of Facebook’s most important countries, such as the United States, Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite aren’t currently available on the Play Store. Facebook would much rather those users use the full app (with its lucrative advertisements) than the one intended for more restricted areas, and they would also use the separate Messenger app. Fortunately, manually downloading and installing a version of the app is easy. 

Messenger Lite download and Install free

Allowing Third-Party Apps is the first step. 

You must activate the installation process in the Settings menu before downloading an Android app from somewhere other than the Play Store. (If you’ve already completed step one, move on to step two.) Although the process can vary slightly between devices, you should be able to find the “Unknown sources” option on almost any Android device by following similar instructions to these. 

Then tap “Safety” from the main Settings menu. 

Select “Unknown Sources” from the drop-down menu. On the pop-up alert, tap “OK.” 

You’re now going to get the APK. If you don’t want to keep the unknown sources option open, you can close it when you’re done—Facebook Lite will still work after it’s installed. 

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Step 2: Get the Facebook Lite APK file. 

Go to this page using your phone’s web browser. Messenger Lite is available at this link; simply follow the instructions for Facebook Lite below. 

APK Mirror is a collection of verified Android APK files; all on the web have been verified for authenticity and protection. Choose the most recent version of Facebook Lite from the drop-down menu below the title. 

If you have a regular Android phone, choose “arm,” and if you have an Intel phone, choose “noarch.” If you’re unsure, go with “arm.” 

After the browser alerts you about the APK file, scroll down and press the “download” icon. 

Step 3: Download and install the APK. 

From the notification screen, swipe down. The APK file you just downloaded should be visible. To start the operation, tap it. 

Tap “Install” on the next page. That’s all there is to it; you’re good to go. 

Open the app from your home screen; in the app drawer, it’s labeled “Lite” and has a white icon instead of Facebook’s usual blue. When you log in with your account, you’ll see your usual timeline. 

The user interface is simple: the top icons take you to the Timeline, Contacts, Messages (the internal messenger you’re searching for), Updates, and Search pages. The main menu is represented by the icon with three horizontal bars, which contains links to less-used sections of the app as well as the Settings menu. 

If all appears to be in order, you can uninstall the larger Facebook app as well as Messenger. However, since you downloaded Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite as a non-Play Store app, it will not be automatically changed. You can search APK Mirror for a modified version regularly.

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