5 Methods of Viewing Someone’s Instagram Story Without their Knowledge


Five Methods of Viewing Someone’s Instagram Story without their Knowledge: For the last few years, Instagram has taken off with more users than people even knew existed. Instagram has also entered other areas, such as ‘Stories’ which are more convenient than filters. Stories went mainstream in 2016 due to the feature’s release in Snapchat.

‘Instagram Stories’ is a feature that allows users to upload images and video that lasts for 24 hours before they disappear. That being said, we wonder how to view a person’s Instagram story anonymously.

Although there is no direct method of finding Instagram Stories of others, there are workarounds to locate them.

Ways To View Someone’s Instagram Story without their knowledge

Method 1: The Instagram Story Saver.

If you are using Android, download and install the Instagram Story viewer. (Sorry iOS users).

Log into your account and explore stories you might like to see. The main menu provides access to the most recent posts from friends. Select from the list or search for others to avoid spelling errors. Do you have a movie to watch? Yes. Okay. You now have two choices:

Save to video: This will allow you to save the story as a video later.

Sharing videos is a huge time-saver, but it also allows you to share apps like WhatsApp with your friends.

Method 2: Chrome Intensity Grade Extension.

To view Alec Garcia’s Chrome IG Story viewer, please visit the IG Chrome Story viewer (sorry, Android and iOS fans). After installation, you will see an eye icon that allows you to view incoming stories from anonymous accounts. It is essential to keep one’s name secret, and also know that someone has seen the material. If people suddenly flock to your stories, it will be too creepy.

Matt Navarra, the social head of TNW, believes the posting extension will receive a lot of publicity, but Instagram will take it down.

This feature may well prove popular with some users, but Instagram will not be pleased. It could well result in the creator receiving a cease and desist letter. They have been known to swiftly remove applications that violate the terms of their service. Despite this being a great plug-in, if it goes missing, don’t be too surprised.

Method #3: Online Tools.

1- I read storiesig.com. Enter the user’s name into this Application and hit OK. You’ll receive options to watch or download them if the user has any online stories. It’s the most popular Instagram Stories viewer.

2-Story Instagram: Go to the 2- Story Instagram at storyinsta.com. Please enter the username of the target account and a search will be made. If available, the stories should be accompanied by the day and location. To save this, download the presentation.

3- Weinstag: Go to weinstag.com. Submit a username that is not a @ symbol. You can read their stories on FinchesLive now and download them. Enjoy, enjoy.

We recommend using the Instagram Story Downloader to view Instagram stories. The application is free of charge and is available on all devices.

Method 4: The Insider.

Seek out the specific story you want to see and the story right next to it, which will help you to peak with your writing at the targeted level.

Gently move the screen, but do not move it completely, and hold it there. The key parts of the story should be easily detected.

Hit the back button and you would be unable to view the story circle as it was not destroyed.

Method #5: Shut down all internet access.

Allow them to view their stories, then go to your tab. Now switch to Wi-Fi flight mode and wait for a few seconds, then switch back to their page and you will not be publicly named.

This approach must now change; make sure and test it first to ensure it will work.

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