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Mtn Data Plans 2021 – MTN is Nigeria’s largest telecoms network and provides one of the best national internet standards of service as well as affordable data plans. If you need data for only a day or you need multiple gigabytes, MTN has data plans for everyone.

You need to decide what you want to use the information for, how much information it will consume, how long you want to use it for, and how much you are willing to pay while deciding which MTN data plan to purchase.

Much like other networks in Nigeria, MTN has daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly data plans. This article includes a list of Nigeria’s new MTN data plans for 2021 and how to subscribe to them.

MTN also provides Pay as You Go browsing for 5 kobo per kilobyte, which in the long run is very costly but efficient if you don’t want to buy a bunch of data, but want to browse a few items online. In selected areas, MTN provides 4G LTE connectivity, so if you have a 4G powered phone, you can enjoy super-fast internet. Mtn Data Plans 2021

Codes for MTN Data Plan – Mtn Data Plans 2021

Currently, MTN has only nine data plans that make it very simple to choose from, for now, their weekend and night browsing plans have been stopped.

These are the codes for all 2021 MTN data plans, so you can also dial *131*1# and follow the directions to get information about the various data plans.

MTN 100 Data Plan for Naira

This is the lowest and cheapest MTN data plan, it only provides 75 megabytes of data for 100 Naira, has a validity duration of 24 hours, and the code to subscribe is 104 to 131 by email. This plan is reasonable if you want to test the strength of the internet network in your region before buying a long-lasting plan that is more costly or if you need to browse quickly and don’t have much money.

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MTN 200 Data Plan for Naira

MTN provides another 200 Naira per 200MB daily data plan, which is only valid for 2 days from the time of purchase, to simply subscribe to load 200 Naira MTN airtime and text 113 to 131.

MTN 300 Naira Data Plan 350MB

The data plan of MTN 300 Naira provides 350 MB of data and has a validity period of 7 days, 24 hours a day, for the subscription of texts 102 to 131. When you are a light data user and need it to last more than a day, this plan is useful.

MTN 500 Data Plan for Naira

MTN will provide you with 1 GB of data valid for 7 days, 24 hours a day, with 500 Naira, to subscribe to texts 142 to 131.

MTN 1000 Naira 1.5GB Data Plan MTN 1000 Naira

Possibly the most common is the MTN 1000 Naira data bundle; it provides 1.5 GB of information suitable for most average internet users, valid for 30 days, 24 hours a day. You can subscribe by texting 106 to 131 to the MTN 1000 Naira data plan.

MTN 1200 Data Plan for Naira

For 1200 Naira, MTN provides 2 GB of data, which is better than the 1,000 Naira MTN data package because you get 500 MB of additional data for just 200 Naira extra. It has a 30 day validity period, 24 hours daily, to subscribe, text 130 to 1311

For 1,500 Naira, MTN also provides 3GB info, text 131 to 131 to subscribe, valid for 30 days.

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MTN 2000 Data Plan of Naira

The MTN 2000 Naira data package provides 4.5GB of data available 24 hours a day with a 30-day validity period. Text 110 to 131 to subscribe to the MTN 200 Naira data plan.

MTN 3500 Naira Data Plan 10GB

For heavy data users, MTN offers 10GB of data for 3500 Naira, which is good for 30 days, 24 hours a day. Text 107 to 131 to subscribe to the MTN 10GB account.

MTN 5000 Naira 15GB Data Plan MTN 5000 Naira

You can get 15GB of data on the MTN network with 5,000 Naira, valid for 30 days at all hours of the day. Text 116 to 131 to subscribe to the 15GB MTN data plan.

For browsing on personal computers and tablets, this plan is successful.

MTN 10,000 Naira Data Plan 40GB

With the 40GB MTN data plan, at a reduced price, you can easily create a hotspot that family and friends can connect to for fast browsing. It costs 10,000 Naira and is valid for the subscription of texts 117 to 131, 24/7, 30 days. Mtn Data Plans 2021

MTN 20,000 Naira Data Plan 110GB

This technique is intended for large users, such as a large family or a small to medium-sized enterprise. It offers 110 Gigabytes of data valid for 30 days, 24/7, for 20,000 Naira. Text 149 to 131 to subscribe to the MTN 50GB data plan.

MTN 50,000 Naira Data Plan 150GB

This is one of the most lucrative MTN data plans, providing 150 GB of data, available 24/7 at 50,000 Naira, valid for 90 days. Text 133 to 131 to subscribe to the 150GB MTN data pack.

For Android & iPhone, MTN Data Plans

MTN used to offer different data plans for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices in the past, but all MTN data plans have currently been combined into one category, so any data plan would operate for any smartphone except older blackberry handsets. For your iPhone, Android, or other smartphones, use either of the data codes above and it will work perfectly well.

How to Buy MTN Data – Mtn Data Plans 2021

Follow these steps to purchase MTN data:

Make sure that your MTN line is active on your phone and

Recharge the amount you need for your chosen data plan on your MTN line

Dial the code or give the SMS to the data plan you want with the above codes.

A screen appears to ask you to confirm your order.

For Yes, type 1 and click OK

You will receive a message indicating that your purchase is successful and the amount of data you have purchased. Mtn Data Plans 2021

Notice that if you are using an Android dual SIM phone, in the Settings menu, you will need to check your SIM settings to make sure that MTN is set as the default network for browsing, so you can set only one network to browse at a time.

To ensure that the chosen form of network is what you want it to be, check the cellular network settings, whether it is 3G only, 2G only, 3G & 2G, or 4G.

Note also that it is easier to purchase a more costly data package with more data allowance that will last longer than to buy a cheaper data bundle that will cost you more when you buy it several times during the same span. Mtn Data Plans 2021

After you purchase your MTN data, it is best to do the following to reduce your device’s data usage.

Limit your app background information: Go to your phone settings and prevent apps from accessing your data when they are inactive, as apps such as Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat appear to use a lot of data in the background. This will go a long way in saving your data.

Stop app auto-update: Some apps have annoying auto-update settings that can finish your data in minutes, particularly if you have a very strong network, stop configuration auto-updates, and your data will last longer.

Use browsers that compact data such as Opera Mini and UC: Using these types of browsers will reduce the consumption of browsing data by up to half, try today.

How to allow browsing on the Internet on MTN – Mtn Data Plans 2021

You need a phone with an internet connection, a modem or a router to be used with a personal computer or tablet to browse MTN. By setting up and connecting to your USB or Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone, you can also connect your MTN data to your device.

These days, you automatically get internet settings to allow you to search once you put your SIM card on your phone, but if you don’t get it automatically, here’s how you can get it:

To get an automated configuration file, send a text containing SETTINGS to 3888, it is free of charge, save the settings immediately and you’re good to go.

Using these configurations to manually get it.

Name of account: MTN GPRS GPRS

Name of the access point (APN):

IP Address: IP Address:

Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201, respectively (for WAP)

Username: Internet

Password: Web-based

Use Port: 8080 Except that WAP is enabled by your handset, all Android smartphones should use 8080.

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You can also purchase a 5,000 Naira MTN 3.5G Fastlink modem or a 21,000 Naira portable Mi-Fi router that supports up to 5 devices simultaneously.

FAQs from the MTN Data Plan

Who will apply to Data Plans for MTN?

All MTN customers are willing to subscribe to all data plans for MTN.

How will auto-renewal be canceled?

By sending “opt-out” to 131, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time on any MTN data plan.

How to verify the balance of the MTN Data Plan?

Text 2 to 131 or dial *131*4# for primary data balance or *559*63# for data bonus balance to check your MTN data package balance.

Can you purchase 2 or more bundles of MTN data at the same time?

Yes, you can, both will have a separate expiry date and the sum of both plans will be your data balance, the one with the closest expiry date will be used first.

How to Borrow MTN Data – Mtn Data Plans 2021

Dial *606# and follow the instructions on the screen for borrowing data, terms, and conditions.

Can you roll over your package of unused data?

Yeah, as long as you purchase another package before the current one expires, you can rollover all unused data packages, but unused bonus details can not be rolled over.

Can you share your package with MTN Data?

No, it is not currently possible to exchange MTN data bundles.

How to opt-in to browse with Pay As You Go?

You will be paid 3 Naira per MB for opting-in for PAYG browsing, dialing *131*200#, or sending RESET to 131. Dial *131*201# or send SUSPEND to 131 to opt-out of MTN PAYG.

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