PayPal App Download

PayPal App Download

Android version 7.40.1 of Paypal

Paypal is an Android app for the same-named service that allows you to manage your accounts, send and receive money, add funds, and so on.
The software interface is very user-friendly, and it allows you to perform all of these operations with only a few clicks on your phone’s screen.

Of course, all of these movements and acts are free. That is, you will not be paid an additional fee if you perform them using your Android computer.

Paypal is a very useful application for frequent users of the service because it allows them to check the status of their accounts from anywhere at any time.

PayPal Me is a convenient way to pay money owed to relatives.

We’ve all got that friend—THAT FRIEND—who forgets he doesn’t have any cash when it’s time to split the restaurant bill, and you have to buy his bus ticket the next day because he doesn’t have any change. PayPal has introduced a new service that uses a small custom URL to allow you to make online payments between friends and family with a single click and no commissions or fees using its platform.

Android Pay is a good service, but one flaw is the lack of banks that are funded. While Google has worked hard to extend the service’s scope to more banks and credit unions, many users still do not have the choice. Thanks to PayPal’s support, we now have a big shortcut for that.

PayPal is now allowing all users to use Android Pay, as it was announced a few weeks ago. PayPal will appear in Android Pay as an option for any NFC terminal, just like a regular card, and you can even make it your default payment method. When you use PayPal, it will take money from either your balance or your linked bank account, which is great because PayPal helps almost every bank out there.

To get started, you’ll need to download the new PayPal update from Google Play, which is currently available. Simply follow the steps below after you’ve downloaded it and, of course, signed into your account.

What is the best way to use PayPal for Android Pay?

In the top right corner of the PayPal app, tap the Settings button.

Toggle via the Android Pay options.

Connect your Google account to Android Pay.

Create a PIN for use in the store.

Choose your “top-up” number and chosen withdrawal spot.

After you’ve completed those Measures, a PayPal option should appear in your Android Pay app. When using PayPal, you’ll want to choose the debit option because the PIN you generated during setup will be used during checkout. Furthermore, the “top-up” number is simply used to maintain a balance in your PayPal account. You’re not limited to payments under this amount because PayPal will deduct funds from your linked bank account to cover the difference.

Apart from the initial setup, using PayPal in Android Pay is the same as using any other card. You can make it your primary or secondary payment method by opening the Android Pay app and choosing the PayPal card before pressing the NFC terminal.

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