Shopping Online in Nigeria – All You Need To Know


SHOPPING ONLINE IN NIGERIA: The use of technology is evolving and moving at a fast pace and the World have gone digital. Today, we could actually do almost everything using either our smartphones or PC. We could use our mobile devices to study, work, do research, make orders, buy and sell make enquiries, contact and communicate with people to mention but a few.

Shopping online in Nigeria have become very rampant these days as most Nigerians opt for this option because it is convenient, have a wide variety to chose from, very affordable at most times, and also fast delivery without having to stress themselves out moving from shop to shops, stall to stalls and market to markets in search for a particular thing that meets their taste.

So, all they need do is use your mobile devices or PC, visit the app or site depending on the online store involved, make a choice, place an order, make payment using either your credit, visa, or master card depending on the mode of payment preference and also depending on the online store involved if they have an option like ‘payment on delivery’ or ‘payment before delivery’.

You will get your goods delivered to you within a short while. You might be charged a little money as a delivery fee also.

Most people choose this option to order food, hair care, and skincare products, clothes, bags, shoes, books, electronics, other household items, etc. The delivery sometimes takes a few minutes, hours or days to be delivered to the buyers.

This also depends fully on the location of the buyer. It is also advisable to enter your exact location and contact information in the space that will be given for such as this will speed up delivery and also avoid every sort of confusion if the goods will be delivered to you on your doorstep.

Although most people tend to find this option easy, a time and energy saver especially for those with a busy schedule and convenience, they are also a lot of disadvantages attached to shopping online.

Some of the disadvantages of shopping online include:

1. Fraudulent practice: There are a lot of fraudulent activities going on in this digital space. Fraud in online shopping is one of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping. A lot of buyers fall prey to the scheme of these set of individuals, unknowingly though and before they realise it might be too late, they must have been scammed of their hard-earned resources, or what you order for must have been exchanged for inferior goods.

It is advisable to order your goods and products from trusted online shops. You could check out their customer reviews from their site before making payment.

2. Delay in delivery: Sometimes, it takes days before what you have ordered gets to you, unlike a physical store where you get what you are paying for almost immediately.

3. You cannot bargain: Unlike physical stores, you could bargain the price of what you are about to buy and get it at a lower price, in online store, there’s no opportunity for you to do so, you buy at the exact price that has been displayed.

4. Hidden costs and shipping charges: Extra charges will be added as shipping charges which might increase the overall price you will be getting that product or goods for.

5. No return of goods and products: After delivery, you can not return the product or goods you must have purchased, unlike most physical stores.

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