What Senior Men Should Wear On a First Date


What Senior Men Should Wear On a First Date – You put yourself out there as a single person, met a beautiful senior lady, and asked her out on a first date. That’s fantastic! 

But, particularly if it’s been a long time since your last first date, you’re probably wondering what to wear. Corduroy trousers, leisure suits, gold monogram buttons on your blazer, and biker jackets were all common in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s. Those styles, however, are no longer important. 

I’m here to assist you in making a great first impression and ensuring that your date can’t take her gaze away from you. Continue reading to learn what senior men should wear on their first date to get a second date. 

Start with a business casual look and work your way up. 

My male senior dating coaching clients are advised to start with a business casual look and work their way up. This is particularly useful if it’s your first date after a divorce or a spouse’s death. You’re still bold enough to re-enter the dating scene, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your appearance. 

A good-looking dress shirt and blazer will serve as a good starting point and basis for your wardrobe. When it comes to clothing budgeting, the blazer is the more significant expenditure. Spend a little more on two of those and you’ll be able to afford more budget-friendly dress shirts. 

Blazers come in two traditional colors: black and navy, and they look good on almost all. Khakis are a good choice for trousers. If you’re going somewhere fancy, khakis can be dressed up, and if you’re going somewhere casual, they can be dressed down. 

A photo of a well-dressed senior citizen 

You can build a more innovative wardrobe with accessories like ties if you have a few staple pieces. 

While having one staple outfit is beneficial, I believe you can experiment with different colors for your other outfits. Now and then, be daring and adventurous. 

If you’re feeling particularly sartorial, a pocket square in a complementary color can be added. Consider leaving a button or two open at the collar if you’re heading for a stroll in the park. Consider wearing a tie if you’re going to a restaurant with white tablecloths. It’ll elevate your appearance, but since you’re not wearing a complete suit, you won’t seem overdressed. Do you see what I mean? 

The good news is that these products are available at all price points, whether you’re shopping at a high-end department store, a mid-tier department store, or even a consignment shop. Keep an eye out on their website, on their social media pages, or in advertisements in between your favorite TV shows for deals that suit your budget and style. 

I often suggest that you seek clinical assistance from the staff of the stores where you shop. You want to get another person’s opinion to make sure the colors you choose are flattering and the clothing is well-made. These employees will also ensure that you get the correct size. Too many of the men I know are wearing clothes that don’t suit them properly. They’re either too big or too thin. It’s incredible what the right size can do for your appearance. 

Keep the Man You Are — Just the Dapper Version — Consistent. 

You don’t have to immediately put on Brooks Brothers’ new line if you’re not a preppie. You don’t have to buy the coolest new cowboy boots if you’re not a country or Western fan. 

Your senior lady needs to see the guy you were when the two of you first met. She’s taken with you. You don’t need to dress like a completely different guy. All you have to do now is spruce up and channel the same dapper gentleman. 

Understand The Geographic Region’s Style 

Don’t be concerned. I’m not recommending that you memorize every fashion tip from GQ magazine. However, you should be aware of what is and is not fashionable in your area. 

If you’re on a first date in a tropical place, for example, a suit isn’t appropriate. A dress shirt with an open collar would suffice. There’s no need for a tie or blazer. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and its fall or winter, wearing shorts or flip-flops on a first date is probably not a good idea. 

Take note of what other men are wearing the next time you’re out running errands, particularly younger men who are more likely to know what’s in and what’s out. That will give you some ideas about how you should dress. 

Dressing up should be enjoyable, and it will demonstrate your concern for your date. 

“Why do I have to dress up for a first date?” I’ve heard several single midlife men complain to me, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a coaching client. Isn’t it true that she doesn’t want to see the guy I am every day?” And, as much as I hate to say it, the remark is more often than not made by a single, never-married man and/or a man who hasn’t known that women are visual creatures as well. 

Photograph of a man examining himself in the mirror 

It’s not just about how you look. It’s all about how you feel. On a date, you’re more likely to be yourself when you’re feeling good. 

Some senior women would never accept a man as a serious romantic candidate if he does not know how to dress appropriately for a date, whether it is his first or tenth. If you put effort into your appearance, it shows that you care about your date. 

Making an effort can be enjoyable as well. You aren’t doing this solely for her benefit. This is something you’re doing for yourself. You have the opportunity to express yourself through your clothing. Not to mention that looking good makes you feel good. Nothing is more appealing than a self-assured guy. Make sure you’re feeling like your most genuine self. 

Once you’ve polished up your appearance, you’ll be able to wow your date on your first romantic outing. Good dating, as well as happy dressing!

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