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How to Recover Lost Facebook Password From Your Trusted Friends

Don’t be in doubt, it is possible to recover your lost Facebook password from your trusted friends. It happens that we sometimes lost our Facebook password only to realize that all the options to reset and recover password has failed. In that case what do you do? Your trusted friends contact will do the work. Facebook has added Trusted Contact feature that allows you to add friends to your Trusted Contacts, so that they can help you to recover your lost password.



How to Recover Your Lost Facebook Password From your Trusted Friends


How can I enable Facebook Trusted Contacts

To start with the trusted contact feature first click on this icon facebook drop down on the home page and select the Settings option as shown below.

Deleting Facebook Account Permanently


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From the General tab click on the Security and login menu.

Facebook General tab


In the Security and login tab, scroll down to Setting up security

Facebook 2 factor verification


Click on the Edit button to enable “Trusted Contact” feature and to choose friends.

choose trusted friends


Click on choose friends to select your trusted contacts.

choose trusted contact confirmation

The above screen will pop up, ride on to click on “choose Trusted contacts“.



Now, enter 3 to 5 names of your friends whom you trust, so that they can give you the security codes whenever you forget your Facebook password.


7.Click on the “Confirm” button to see the list of trusted contact friends you have added.


How Can I Recover my Facebook Passwords using Trusted Contacts?

Firstly, login to Facebook and click on the “Forgot your Password”. Learn how to Create an awesome Facebook account.

choose trusted contact confirmation

Second… enter the Facebook email account that you are not able to access and click on the Search button.

Search for Facebook email

On the next page for password reset, click on the “No longer you have access to these?”.

No longer have access to these? screen


Next, enter the email id that you have not used on Facebook or simply create a new email and click on the Continue button.

how can facebook reach you? screen


Now, call your Facebook friends that you already added to your Trusted Contacts list and asked them to visit this url: https://www.facebook.com/recover.

Friends that are on your trusted contacts will give you a code. If you have added 3 friends to your trusted contacts list then you have to enter the code given by all your 3 friends.

Once you have entered the code and click continue, Facebook will send you message to recover your account. The message will be delivered to the email id that you provided.

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Final Thoughts

In the future when you forget your Facebook Password or lost Facebook password or someone hacked into your Facebook account, just give a call to all your Facebook Trusted contacts and let them know you need their help to regain access to your account. So at that time each of the Facebook Trusted Contact gets a security code, that you have to enter on the Facebook recovery page to regain access to your account. Let us know in the comment box if you will enable this feature.

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