How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications – Choose Notification to Receive


Facebook is a social platform we can meet with new friends and connect with the long lost connections. We send and receive friend requests, accept them and get accepted. Sometimes, the things our friends do appears on our news feeds, we like or comment on pictures, videos and status updates from friends.

That action alone prompts Facebook to notify us if any other person likes or comments on that picture, video or status update.

Sometimes, these notifications are welcome because it helps us have a knowledge of what our friends are up to, other times, the notifications are a nuisance and a disturbance. So, we’ve decided to show you how to choose and turn off Facebook notifications.

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Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Facebook App

Go to your Facebook application,

Tap on the highlighted button in the screenshot,

How to turn off Facebook notifications

Scroll down to ‘HELP & SETTINGS’,

Under ‘HELP & SETTINGS‘, click on ‘App Settings’How to turn Off Facebook notifications

Under ‘App Settings’, click on ‘Notifications’

How to turn off Facebook notifications

Under ‘Notifications‘ turn off any notification you don’t want to receive

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This screenshot shows the notification you are currently receiving:Turn off Facebook notifications



This screenshot shows the notifications you’ve turned off:

How to turn off Facebook notifications

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Your Browser

Log in your Facebook details on your browser,

Click on thefacebook drop down at the top right corner of your Facebook screen

On the pop-up screen, select ‘Settings’How to turn off facebook notifications

On the left hand side of the screen that comes up, click on ‘Notifications’How to turn off Facebook notifications

A screen will pop up showing ‘Notifications Settings’

Scroll down and click on or off on the notifications you want to receive.

This screenshot shows the notifications that are on:How to turn off Facebook notifications



This screenshot shows the notifications you’ve turned off:How to turn off Facebook notifications

Learn how to:

N/B: Remember, you can’t turn off notifications entirely, but you can choose what you’re notified about and how you’re notified and you can as well turn the notifications you’ve turned off back on at any time and vice versa.

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