Why Your Total Loan Balance Keeps Increasing

Why Your Total Loan Balance Keeps Increasing

Why Your Total Loan Balance Keeps Increasing: Generally, loan balances are presumed to lessen when you keep making a repayment. But sometimes you may be wondering why your loan balance keeps accumulating even when you make some repayments. You are worried because you have extra time to refund your loan. Sometimes as a student even after finishing your studies you still have like five more years to refund your loan which may be cumbersome.

Well, there are many reasons why your balance may keep rising even when you try to pay it back. Keep reading as we serve you with the major possibilities of loan balance accumulation and ways you can manage it.

Major Factors that Contribute to Why Your Total Loan Balance Keeps Increasing

The major factors that contribute to why your total loan balance keeps increasing are discussed in this section. They include:

 Postponing Refund

People that lend out money do not ask for a refund immediately but instead, they give a certain period to refund the money with the interest. They expect to get their payment on the agreed date but due to some circumstances, you may be unable to pay. Additionally, some delays are determined by the loan’s function and structure.

For instance, students that borrow money can’t make a refund regularly except when they graduate and complete their studies. However, the money keeps accumulating and increases the amount in the background. In this case, the loan balance keeps rising.

 Refunding a Sum Less Than What Is Requested

The sum of money you borrowed can accumulate when you pay less than what was requested by your lender. Sometimes private money borrowers allow you to return a temporarily reduced payment.

Although to many it may appear to be a profitable breakdown, in reality, the interest is still increasing. This act makes the lender earn extra cash but you as the borrower lose because you will experience add up in your loan balance as time goes on.

 Extensive Refund of Loan

Some loans give the liberty of refunding the money over a long time such as even 20 years. This sounds great when you know you have such a long time to pay up the money but in reality, this is entirely different.

The initial payments you make go toward the interest. This has the consequence of rendering the capital repayment activity extremely slow. When you sum up this amount with the piled-up interest it will make your loan balance huge to pay back.

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 Deferments of Studies by Student

In some cases of collecting money from lenders, you may be given a break from making consistent payments although terms and conditions may be applied. Students may also be granted some time off the payment for a certain period. However, even with the grace periods, your loan balance keeps accumulating leaving you with a high rate of money to pay back.

 Mistakes in Calculation

This is one of the reasons why you may experience an increase in your loan balance. This is because sometimes lenders make mistakes as they are humans too. You need to pay attention to the calculation and always keep some copies of the loan statement with you. With these, you can prove your lender wrong if errors occur by presenting your documents for the loan.

Ways You Can Avoid,  Prevent, and Manage Accumulation of Loan Balance

The ways you can manage the increase of your loan balance are discussed in this section. When you get acquainted with these ways, you can pay back your loan without difficulty and more efficiently.

 Refund More Than the Required Amount

One of the easiest ways of managing and avoiding building up your loan balance is refunding more than the required sum. When paying additional cash for the required sum you will discover that it will reduce the overall cost of your loan.

 Avoid Postponement of Repayment

More interest rates occur when you fail to avoid postponement of repayment or pay a lesser sum requested from you. You can begin to pay your student loan even within the grace period to avoid loan pile-ups in the future. You can also complete the payment while you are still studying.

This method of avoiding pile-ups in the future will help you cover the monthly payments. This will also result in lower loan payments and you will be able to reduce your main loan balance in this manner.


Knowing your loan balance and avoiding the factors discussed will help you in avoiding being confused or at a cross road when next you check your Loan balance. I hope this post on Why Your Total Loan Balance Keeps Increasing was helpful?

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