Five Things You Should Never Post On Facebook


Five Things You Should Never Post On Facebook – Facebook is a widely used social media site that allows people to communicate, exchange information, and express themselves. The majority of users are comfortable with the platform’s privacy settings and are confident that trusted friends and family members will only view the information they share. However, many people have become too used to the web, openly exchanging news and knowledge and unaware they’re on the internet, where dangers abound. No matter how private your Facebook account is, here are five items you should never share.

Facebook is notorious for constantly updating and introducing new features, so even if you think you know your privacy settings, and it’s essential to keep up to date. To keep informed, go to Facebook’s Terms of Service.

You or Your Family’s Full Birth Dates

Birthday messages on Facebook are an excellent way to receive love and warmth from friends and family members close and far. However, when you put your birthday on Facebook, you’re giving criminals a valuable piece of knowledge they can use to steal your identity. If you really must have those birthday greetings on your wall, at the very least, delete your profile’s birth year.

Your Relationship Status

It’s tempting to make a bold declaration and change your relationship status to “single” when you break up with someone, but this isn’t a brilliant idea. Stalkers and creepers will know you’re back on the market if you have a newly single status. It also informs them that you will be lonely at home now that your former significant other is no longer around. The simplest way to keep things private is to leave your relationship status blank on your profile.

Easy privacy issues are alleviated by not broadcasting your relationship status. Although your single status will attract those looking for a date, announcing a new relationship would almost certainly attract unwanted onlookers.

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Your Current Location

With the Check-In feature and the app’s location services, it’s simple to broadcast your Facebook location. Many people don’t think twice about sharing their position because they consciously share what they’re doing. However, disclosing your area is a bad idea.

Some of your friends are likely trying to find you. When you’re at the airport or on holiday, you’re signaling to potential robbers that now is a good time to rob you. Sharing information about your holiday in your post will also show how long you’ll be gone. When you get home, post those vacation images, and disable Location Services on the Facebook app.

You’re Home Alone

Just as it’s risky to disclose your location while you’re away from home, it’s even more difficult to reveal that you’re alone at home. This caution applies especially to adolescents and other younger Facebook users.

Although it’s easy to believe that your peers only see your posts, you likely have an unintended audience. Sharing that you are alone in your home puts you in danger, so don’t do it.

Pictures of Your Kids and Other People’s Kids

When it comes to sharing photographs of their children and their children’s peers, proud parents can be a little too enthusiastic. People also post regular activities and special events on social media, tagging everyone involved and reminding them of our actions.

Even if you’re happy with your privacy settings, this amount of sharing is unwise. Oversharing our children’s lives is a bad idea because of problems like anonymity, bullying, and digital abduction, as well as the fact that dangerous people exist. If you post photos of your children, make sure to delete personal details, including their full names and birth dates, and don’t tag them in pictures. Also, make sure you’re not broadcasting any sites.

Without permission, never post or tag pictures of other people’s children. Send your parents a link to the photo so they can categorize themselves and share it if they want.

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