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Scams On Facebook Marketplace – The woman who lost $250 to a scammer on Facebook Marketplace said, “It Wasn’t Worth It.” A 65-inch smart TV was available for $250 from the seller. The buyer was referred by a friend who remembered the seller on Marketplace as a high school acquaintance. The seller acted quickly, requesting that the buyer give her the funds through Venmo, a PayPal-owned mobile payment service. “There was a pressing need to move quickly.”

The reasons began to flood in after the buyer sent the money. The television was not available to the buyer. After a few days, thy buyer demanded a refund. The money had already been spent on bills, according to the seller.

According to law enforcement, if anything seems too good to be true, it is. If you have any doubts about someone selling an item online, pass it on to the next seller.

Scams On Facebook Marketplace

A con can try to obtain your personal information in a variety of ways. You could be offering more hints to others than you realize, from sharing personal details in conversation to giving out your email or phone number. People may prefer to communicate through Facebook Messenger or a similar program rather than providing email addresses or phone numbers that can be used to find out more about you through Google.

You can block someone who seems to be up to no good or with whom you no longer want to connect by sticking with a messenger software you know and trust.

Security Concerns when Buying from Any Online Marketplace

1. Never Meet at Your Home or Workplace, Always Meet in Public

Use a designated public gathering place that is well lit, where there will be other people and surveillance cameras when buying or selling with someone you don’t know. Inquire at your nearest police or fire department if they have any suggestions for meeting up with Facebook Marketplace buyers and sellers.

Make sure you’re not being followed home when you leave. Sophisticated criminals can use multiple vehicles, with one following you while the other leaves. It’s always a good idea to take a different route home or stop somewhere discreet and keep an eye out to make sure you weren’t followed.

2. Exchange Cash for Goods at the Same Time

Don’t give someone your item and tell them they can pay you later because the chances are they won’t. This is a rather popular ruse. Also, don’t be fooled by the “check in the mail” ruse; it’s typically a ruse.

Is the money real or fake? Is their check satisfactory? What about money? What about a statement from the bank? Think about how comfortable you are with receiving safe payment in your transaction. If you’re satisfied with using a mobile payment form, do so on the spot and hand over the item once you’ve got confirmation that the money was received free and clear.

3. Does Something Seem Not Right About Your Buyer or Seller?

Be on the lookout for scammers, particularly when people claim they’re in the process of moving out of state. While many honest people buy and sell items such as couches and televisions while traveling, this is a fantastic tale to tell a scam victim.

You will look at a person’s profile on Facebook Marketplace. To see more details, you might need to add them as a Facebook friend. Before you set up the sale, see if they mind if you add them as a friend. If you get a friend request from someone who has no friends, has a brand new profile, or something else does not seem right, look for the same red flags.

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4. Know What You are Buying or Selling and What it is Worth

Someone may advertise a vehicle for sale on Facebook Messenger, claiming that they have recently moved to the city and no longer require it or that they require funds to pay a court fine or child support. Even though people have a pressing need to purchase or sell anything, they seldom do so at a price that is significantly higher or lower than fair market value.

Do some research to see what similar products are selling for on different platforms, such as Craigslist, where you should be careful of shady buyers and sellers.

5. Do Not Assume Other People’s Payments on Financed Items, Vehicles, or Property

What if you’ve recently started a new job and need a different mode of transportation to get to work? Perhaps your credit is improving, but car dealerships are unable to assist you. Although it might be tempting to agree to take on someone else’s debt payments, you should proceed with caution. You could get into trouble if you don’t understand contract laws and remedies. You may unintentionally enter into a contract for the delivery of stolen goods.

With far too many terrifying examples to mention, we suggest that you call Joseph Wrobel and discuss any concerns you might have about a possible scam. Please share this information with any friends or family members who may be overly trusting and in need of some street-smart safety tips while buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace or anywhere else online.

6. Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Joseph Wrobel Wants You to Be a Safe Consumer

Although our law firm specializes in bankruptcy defense, that is just one aspect of our mission. We want everyone who knows us to come to us for buying, selling, and financial advice so that they can live a happy and productive life.

Call Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. at (312) 781-0996 for answers to any bankruptcy or consumer financial questions, and please remember to share this article with others and use Facebook Marketplace wisely.

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