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10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria and their School Fees

10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria and their School Fees

10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria and their School Fees – If you want to send your kids to an internship school and you are not sure if it is a good decision or not, then continue reading this post. This article also includes 10 of Nigeria’s best boarding schools and their school fees to help you make a good decision.

A lot of people have varying views on Nigeria’s boarding schools.

While some agree that kids are too young to be away from home in high school, others think it is a way to help a child become self-dependent.

As long as anyone is entitled to his or her opinion, your view of a thing is taken from the right knowledge.

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – A list of some of the top boarding schools in Nigeria and their school fees has been compiled on that, not academic linked, you will also get to know the benefit and disadvantage of having your child attend a boarding school in this article.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be persuaded after reading this article whether or not you want your children to attend boarding schools or not.

And, it will draw your decision from correct information.

And of course, if your kids are going to attend Nigeria’s boarding schools, they deserve to attend the best.

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

“The very common saying is that “knowledge is strength,” and education is the best way to gain knowledge for a young child, which is why we have knowledge. another saying that “education is life and key.

The greatest gift parents can give to their children to ensure the glorious future of their child is not just education, but sound education.

We have diligently provided the highest boarding schools in Nigeria in this report, their school bill, and website.

Fees, daywear, books, school uniform, feeding, and textbooks are included in the varsity bill of most of the faculties mentioned below. Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

Advantages of BoardingĀ 

A student can gain independence and a sufficient sense of self in a Nigerian boarding school environment. Within all the educational and social settings of the student, consistency is present because he is in a more enclosed atmosphere.

Educational benefits start with the ability of students and teachers to develop personal relationships that promote further development and provide academic and personal advancement with additional assistance.

Students are provided with study sessions at a boarding school that is supervised by teachers, thereby enhancing success in school. There are also several classes available that best suit the unique interests of students.

Disadvantages of BoardingĀ 

It can be challenging for a student to adapt to boarding school because she has been put with unknown individuals and situations in entirely new environments. Time spent with family and friends from home becomes reduced, which can make it seem more difficult to transition.

Owing to the high demands of academic achievement in a traditional boarding school, a personal life away from school is often hard to maintain. Often, after classes and on the weekends, extracurricular activities offered by the school frequently consume the time of a student.

And while rules and guidelines are necessary to impose student discipline, a boarding school student also needs to strictly adhere to even minor rules or face expulsion.

Why is it that parents send their children to boarding schools?

Parents may decide to send their kids to boarding schools for a variety of reasons.

In a situation where there is a family problem such as divorce, one of the most popular factors is to help the child concentrate on his or her own self.

For this purpose, sending a child to a boarding school will help save the child from emotional distress.

How old does it have to be for a kid to go to a Nigerian boarding school?

A 5-year-old child is fit to attend a boarding school in Nigeria. At that tender age, though, it will be very risky to send your kid out.

Are you aware that your child can learn to read from the age of two? This Children’s Learning Reading Program will encourage your child to read fluently (aged between 2 and 15 years).

10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria and their School Fees


School bill: N1,250,000-2,000,000 per annum

Location: Lagos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – It consists of boarding houses for day students, including provisions. 1997 is the year of establishment and ranks among Nigeria’s simplest boarding schools and one of Lagos’ boarding schools.

In a good academic climate, students will obtain a very diverse and balanced education here. Within the school, there are computer centers, a rich library, cultural facilities and more.


School bill: N2,000,000 per annum

Location: Lagos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria One of the easiest boarding schools located in Lagos is ChrisLand college. It is also one of the easiest boarding schools specifically built for top born citizens in Nigeria.

The school is packed and fitted with new labs, classrooms with air conditioning, and much more.


School bill: N2,270,000 per annum

Location: Lagos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – The school began in 1989 with the tutorial Trust Council (ETC). Situated on the edge of the Atlantic in Epe, Lagos state, it’s one of the simplest boarding schools in Lagos.

Their facilities include a hospital, well-equipped labs, sports facilities, and a few of the opposite facilities needed for a cushy and flexible education. The students of the Lyceum engage in many social events, including talent shows, dance shows, concerts, and film making.



School bill: N2,650,000 per annum

Location: Jos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – This is a Christian school with an American educational model. It was founded as a school for Christian missionary children in 1942.

The school has three dimensions: elementary, middle, and high school. With no hesitation, most high school students who graduate from the varsity are accepted to North American universities.


School bill: N2,800,000 per annum

Location: Abuja

It is a classical lyceum for students at a lyceum. It was opened in 1996 and is one of the Abuja Boarding Schools. It is one of Nigeria’s easiest boarding schools.


School bill: N3,185,200 per annum

Location: Lagos

In Anthony, Lagos state, the school was founded in 1985. Clearly, it’s one of Lagos’ most distinguished boarding schools, and one of Nigeria’s easiest boarding schools.


School bill: N3.6 million per annum

Location: Lagos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – The British School of Whiteplains is one of Nigeria’s easiest internships and a faculty of British style education. It only accepts students from two to 18 years of age.

The possibility of getting a university education abroad directly from this stage, given its association with those British Universities, is for students who graduate from here.


School bill: N3.7 million per annum

Location: Lagos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – For lyceum students aged 11-16 years old, it is a private school with an exciting and conducive learning atmosphere. The varsity has state-of-the-art equipment and services made available to make the research atmosphere simpler.


School bill: N4,000,300 per annum

Location: Lagos

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria – Lekki British School is one of Nigeria’s largest private secondary schools. It was founded in 2000. With well-equipped labs, air-conditioned learning spaces, theater rooms, and internet-connected computers for college children, the varsity has an all-international research level.

This is one of the boarding schools in Lagos and one of Nigeria’s easiest boarding schools.


School bill: N4,480,000 per annum

Location: Lagos

It was designed and constructed in 2000 as a global English lyceum and has grown to become one of Nigeria’s simplest boarding schools.

Music suites, multi-purpose rooms, theater, science suites, computer suites, and lots of others have been fitted for the school. Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

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