4 Best Customization Apps for Android


4 Best Customization Apps for Android – We have a plethora of the best Android customization apps that help you stay current and creative.

1.Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is a launch program for Android, which replaces the traditional interface of your phone with another, increasing your ability to find and use the necessary app functions. 4 Best Customization Apps for Android

With Smart Launcher 5, users can access all of their applications from the home screen. You simply need to click on the top-left corner of the screen for a panel of icons representing installed games and applications.

One of the most interesting features is that applications are categorized into three groups: Internet, Multimedia and Games. You don’t need to be the one to arrange icons, because this application will do it for you.

Smart Launcher 5 unique features:

  • Atmospheric theme;
  • Adaptive icons;
  • Automatic sorting of applications;
  • Designed for one-handed use;
  • Ultra immersive mode;
  • Smart Search;
  • Built-in clock widget with the weather;
  • Notifications on the screen;
  • Protect your applications;
  • Wallpaper selection.

Smart Launcher 5 is an application to increase the speed at which you use your cell phone and make using it easier.

4 Best Customization Apps for Android – 2.GO Launcher

GO launcher is an app which spam is very popular with Android users. By installing GO Launcher, you can easily change the look of your smartphone to any design theme you choose.

The theme replaces the default shortcuts, which are responsible for running the apps, but in most cases the built-in themes have some built-in wallpapers that you can change in the settings of the launcher.

You can also choose the type of scrolling you’d like, smooth animation, various widgets or free download when you first launch the app.

With GO activated, you can create and edit folders to sort applications, use gestures to manage the desktops and menus, add or delete desktops, resize widgets and much more that will make your device truly unique.

4 Best Customization Apps for Android – 3.Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another application that utilizes Ice Cream Sandwich, which provides you with the native interface of the new version of Android.

The fact that manufacturers of devices force users to use their interface, not allowing the user to reap the benefits of Google’s update to Android.

The application has a limited number of settings, and when compared to the GO Launcher, they are both low in terms of features and settings. However, it has a positive side, the application provides immediate feedback and is effective in how it performs. 4 Best Customization Apps for Android

Immediately after Nova Launcher is installed, on the desktop and at the bottom is left carelessly scattered icons, implying that if you want everything to be beautiful – change manually. If the aforementioned mobile launcher offers to import icons and widgets from the past mobile launcher, then this level of functionality should be discounted.

Nova Launcher’s functionality is extremely limited. To remove the tabs with tabs in the main menu, you need to purchase a Prime feature. And developers always seem to secretly manipulate their settings. In the end, it is more like a demo version, rather than a fully-developed business plan.

Despite the blaring problems, Nova Launcher’s flipping features are very smooth. It can be argued that the Launcher is still developing rapidly since updates are released almost weekly, meaning that the developers have not decided to abandon this project.

The result is that Nova Launcher is a beautiful and moderately functional launcher that is faster than TouchWiz and Sense, but inferior to its competitors in terms of customization and feature set. The free version allows you to expand on the basic functionality of the app, and purchase of the full version will unlock all additional features.

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4.Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher helps to make your Android experience much more efficient. Without the need for many ridiculous and endless configuration options, Evie allows you to quickly access any application installed on your device.

Evie’s main objective is to provide selected functionality and quality performance.

With this in mind, although Evie doesn’t offer any groundbreaking features, it shines with its simplicity. It provides users with sufficient customization options to change icon packets and perform basic settings including resizing and aesthetics, changing folders, and customizing home screen sizes. 4 Best Customization Apps for Android

There aren’t many system configuration options, but there are still enough to get the project set up as you want it to be. The outcome is a startup team that gives you a new perspective on the product.

Evie Launcher is a wonderful and innovative launcher. This application is small, elegant, and fast, and it makes a great alternative to any launched program you can use. 4 Best Customization Apps for Android


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