Best Generators of 2 5 KVA in Nigeria with its Accompanying Prices


Best Generators of 2 5 KVA – Generator sets are classified on a different basis into different categories: brand name, type of fuel, (physical) size, power/supply capacity, number of amp outlets, phases, etc.

However, because it is the most important criterion, the majority of people buying a new generator are mostly concerned about supply (carrying capacity).

Here we are looking at some of the best generators with 2.5KVA.

No doubt, size matters when purchasing a generator. But you should also know that if you buy and under-use a large generator due to low load or wattage, the appliance is just a waste of investment cash.

However, don’t get me wrong, a generator with high KVA (like these 3.5KVA generators) is good, but things can also be done by a small generator.

Best Generator of 2.5KVA
Some of the best 2.5KVA generators to buy in 2020 are the generators below:

1. Elemax SH3900EX3900EXX
SH3900EX Elemax Generator
Elemax, like Tiger, is also the name of a household generator.

The Elemax SH3900EX is not exactly a 2.5KVA generator because, with 2.8KVA capacity, it provides a bit more. It comes with many enhanced features out there that trump the majority of 2.5KVA.

First off, the fuel tank is 17 liters in size, 2 liters larger than the average generator fuel tank of 2.5KVA. This large design of the fuel tank automatically translates into longer operational time/run time.

Other features include the redefined frame and control panel of the automatic voltage regulator(AVR), among a few others, increasing output power. For the latest rates and additional options.

2. Sumec Firman 2.5KVA SPG3000E2 

Sumec Firman is a popular brand known for the performance generators it generates.

Picking up this SUMEC FIRMAN SPG3000E2 wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re in the market for a new 2.5KVA generator.
The SPG3000E2 is one of the best 2.5KVA generators around and has a tank of 15 liters, a single stage, a single load receptacle, and a dual starting mechanism.
Added bonuses include the dual wheels, handle and stand balance.

3. 2.5KVA TIGMAX TH3500DX Generator
TH3500DXE Tigmax
The TIGMAX-TH3500DX is worth another 2.5KVA. The TH3500DX features a 15 liter petrol tank with a 6.5 HP 4-stroke single cylinder engine that can run up to 16 hours when full (at 50 percent load though).

This generator had a 2 load receptacle port, but recoil rope can only be started. In comparison to other 2.5KVA generators, it is also lightweight, probably due to the absence of handles and wheels.

Read more:


4. Generator LUTIAN LT3600EB 2.5KVA
LT3600 Lutian
Lutian did a brilliant job on the LT3600, talking about design and aesthetics, a bright orange and black color mix, rubber grips on the frame to serve as handles, etc.
The Lutian LT3600EB comfortably earns a spot on this list of best 2.5KVA generators with a 15-liter fuel tank capacity, 12 hours of continuous operation time, dual load receptacle ports, and a recoil + electric starting system.

5. FA3000P Honda
The Honda FA3000P is efficient, durable, and comes with impressive features, although it has a not-so-appealing aesthetic (thanks to the studio fame and Tyre design).

The FA3000P boasts a GX160 engine that minimizes exhaust smoke to the lowest level. The voltmeter of the generator is backlit; it enables output monitoring in the dark.

Although the tank capacity of the FA3000P is small (13 liters), it has top-level fuel efficiency. At a price ranging from NGN 120,000 to 150,000, the 2.3KVA generator can be procured.

6. TIGER 2.5KVA TNG3500A Generator
This TIGER-TNG3500A 2.5KVA generator set also comes in a compact, attractive esthetic body shape, similar to the Lutian LT3600 (in 4 above).

This single-phase generator has a single start mechanism (recoil rope), dual load receptacle ports, a fuel tank of 15 liters and can operate when filled for up to 16 hours.

As for generators, a common household name is Tiger. In households across the country, the brand’s portable generator is widely used.

With this reputation in place, this TIGER TNG3500A can also be trusted to perform beyond expectations. Click here for the latest prices and more options.

7. Maxi B25K Generator for 2.5KVA
B25K Maxi
The Maxi B25K comes with the usual 2.5KVA generator features and some extras: 15 liters of fuel tank, battery, recirculation rope, oil alert, key starter, etc.

The Maxi B25K can be acquired, online or offline, from any generator dealer or store anywhere in Nigeria. Prices range from 110,000 NGN to 120,000 NGN. Click here for the latest prices.

About 2.5 KVA
Generators of 2.5KVA are not the largest generators in terms of power supply. But as I said earlier, depending on the load or devices to be powered by the generator, they have the ability to power a household and offices.

Any of the 2.5KVA generators above would definitely get the job done if you need an alternative or backup source of power for your home.

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