Code for MTN Data Plan 200 for 1GB


Code for MTN Data Plan 200 – For quite some time now, the mtn data plan 200 for 1Gb has been around and, unfortunately, most Mtn users do not know about this or how to enable this plan.

This mtn data plan 200 for 1 Gb promo was launched around 2019 by mtn. This is a welcome back campaign specifically for users on their lost sim who just did a “welcome back”.

This promotion, however, is not only limited to users who have got a welcome back on their sim, but you can also enjoy this promo on your Mtn sim without a welcome back. Would you like to know how? Just stick to this post as I walk you through how to get the 1Gb Mtn 200, how to become eligible, and the code to trigger this promo.

Not only is this promo limited to Mtn 1Gb for 200, but you can also get a 4 GB monthly whooping plan for only 1000 and other smaller plans such as 250 MB for 100 for 3 days and a 2 GB Bi-weekly plan for only 500.

You can use this data to download and stream your favorite songs and videos online, and Mtn just wants to kill us with pleasure. You can also use it on all social media sites to chat and browse the internet as well. To know how you can follow and trigger this promo, just keep reading this post. Code for MTN Data Plan 200

Mtn 1Gb for 200

One of the best and most accessible data promotions provided by Mtn to its users is Mtn 200 for 1Gb. If you’re still on the internet like me, you’ll agree with me that this is like a dream come true.

We all know how costly it can be to get a decent and lasting mtn data plan, but with this 200 for 1 Gb mtn data plan, I have come to think otherwise.

If you have an mtn sim and don’t know about this 200 naira for 1 Gb mtn data plan, then just know that you really are missing out and you need to wake up from your sleep.

Since 2019, this Mtn data plan 200 for 1 GB has been around and most people like me have been flexing and loving this promo while some others don’t seem to be able to join the train because of their sims ineligibility and they don’t seem to know why.

Well, if you’re in this party, this is why your sim can’t participate in the 200 for 1Gb Mtn data plan and how you can be registered and versatile like the rest of us.

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Mtn 200 for 1Gb eligibility

As I said earlier, this Mtn data plan 200 for 1Gb was labeled a “welcome back” promo, meaning it’s only for those who probably lost their Mtn sim and returned to that sim with a welcome back. This promotion is used as an opportunity for those users to welcome them back and for 3 months they will enjoy this promo.

Now I know what you’re thinking, should I go back and accept all my Mtn sims already active? Doing this is not a smart idea because you know the consequences of losing all your connections that come with it.

Instead, keep your sim inactive for at least 30 days and start using it again, so I wouldn’t recommend you do that. Code for MTN Data Plan 200

What am I supposed to mean? Keeping your sim inactive means that for a period of 30 days and more, you do not recharge, subscribe or make a call with your Mtn sim, then recharge and start using it again.

For those of you who have an active official line you’ve been using for so many years, I know this sounds crazy, which is why it would be easier to do this on the other mtn lines that you don’t often use. For 30 days and more, leave them inactive and reactivate them by recharging and making a call with them.

This is not always a guarantee, however, as this deal can often be selective, but it works most of the time. On my other MTN side, I followed this exact process, and I was granted eligibility for this promo. And for more than 5 months now, I’ve been flexing and loving this promo, while they gave me a 3-month validity.

But you should give it a shot, but then the mtn data plan 200 for the 1Gb promo for my active main sim was refused after being rejected. After I tried again some months later, I was also given eligibility for it. (Note that sim is my official sim, and has been active without any welcome back for 10 years now).

So keep trying on your mtn sims, who knows, you could be lucky and how you can trigger the mtn data plan 200 for 1 Gb if you were lucky enough to be qualified below.

Mtn 200 naira for 1Gb code

You can now go-ahead to trigger it using this Mtn code for 200 for 1Gb for individuals eligible for this promo and start enjoying this wonderful plan.

Code for mtn 200 for 1Gb

To know if you are registered and active, dial *131*65#. If you qualify, you will see a list of data plans and be told to pick your preferred plan. The data plan list you can see includes;

  1. 250MB 3 – Days Plan: Costs N100
    2. 1GB Weekly Plan: Costs N200
    3. 4GB Monthly Plan: Costs N1000
    4. 2GB Bi-Weekly Plan: Costs N500

If you are not eligible for the 200 for 1GB mtn promo, you will see a message like; sorry that you are not eligible for this bid… or “apps appear to be incorrect in the code you used.”

If you received any of those texts, just know that this promo is not available for your mtn sim. At this moment, the only thing you can do is to follow the process I described earlier and keep trying, someday you might be lucky.

Your data balance and expiry date will be shown to you to verify the data balance for this promo dial; * 131 * 4 # and submit.

Mtn 1GB for the 200-day plan

The 200 mtn data plan for 1 GB that we discussed above is a 7-day plan. After 7 days, whether you exhaust it or not, this package can still be extended once it expires.

Another package close to this, though, is the Mtn 1GB for a 200-day plan. It is also available as an official plan, meaning that no eligibility is required, any mtn user can go for this plan, but an “instance” plan is tagged for this plan. (I believe it’s for Instagram only)

So, if you’re involved on Instagram, you can only go for this 24-hour plan, after which it expires. Just dial * 131 * 1 #, choose a regular schedule, choose a choice for 1 GB with N200 (instance).


If it works for you, congrats, that’s how to get the mtn data plan 200 for 1 Gb! Welcome to this club! Uh, lol. You can keep it up to 6 months from now for auto-renewal and watch unlimited videos and favorite songs. Hey! Hey! And if you can’t share this information with your friends, share it with your friends using the share button.

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