Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With C

Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With C – Cadillac-a cute name for a classy and fashionable girlfriend. Cakes- for a girl you love, an affectionate name. Canary-A girlfriend with an exceptional voice.

Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With C

Candy-a cute name for a sexually attractive girlfriend.

Canoodle-A girl that you really enjoy being around.

For a true sweetheart-Caramel.

Care Bear-A girlfriend with a heart that is large and kind.

Caretaker-A girlfriend who owns all of your heart.

A girlfriend whose worth is well beyond rubies-Chardonnay.

Charming-A girlfriend who is in your eyes like sorcery.

Cheeky Chimp—A girlfriend full of fun and wit.

Cheese Ball -for a sweet and hilarious girlfriend is a cute nickname.

Cheesecake—A gentle and sweet girlfriend.

Chef- Someone great at cooking.

A sweet-natured and lovable soul- Cher.

Cherry—A sweet girlfriend on the inside.

Cherry Blossom-a beautiful girlfriend’s cute name.

Cherry Pie- You know, for the sweetest girl.

A girlfriend full of energy and nice vibes-Cherub.

For a young and desirable girl-Chick.

Chickadee- a sweet pet name for a girlfriend who is hilarious and troublesome.

A cute and funny nickname for your life’s love-Chicken.

Chickie-your tiny girlfriend’s cute pet name.

China Doll-A name for a child who is precious and wholesomely beautiful.

Chipmunk-A nickname with a bright personality for a girlfriend.

Choco Pop-a cute name for a girlfriend with a colorful and popping character.

Chocolate- an adorable girlfriend’s cute name.

A super sweet girlfriend with a stunning aura-Chocolate Drop.

Chook- a girlfriend who knows how to cause feelings.

For your sweet and chubby girlfriend-Chubby Bunny.

A girlfriend with meaty and adorable cheeks-Chubby Cheeks.

A girlfriend who’s so sweet and cuddly-Chum Chum.

For a girlfriend who is so sweet and cuddly-Chummy Chum-

Chunky Bunny—A big and beautiful girlfriend.

Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With C

A sweet name for a girlfriend who is very enchanting and blessed- Cinderella

Cinnamon- To call a hot and beautiful girlfriend a sweet pet name.

A girlfriend who can still get through to you-Confessor.

A girlfriend who has a tiny and beautiful body- Cookie.

Cool Wind- a cute name with a calm and warm aura for a girlfriend.

For a girlfriend who still does the stuff you do-Copycat.

Crazy Pants-a term for a loud and extroverted girlfriend.

Cream-a cute name for a girlfriend with a classy and sexy look.

Crocus Blossom—A young and cute girl.

Cuddle Buddy-a friend you’re cuddling with or a girlfriend.

A nickname for a girlfriend who cuddles too much- Cuddle Bug.

A cuddly natured girlfriend who cuddles a lot- Cuddle Bunny.

Cuddle Cakes- a gentle and affectionate girlfriend’s nickname.

A girlfriend who likes to express physical affection-Cuddle Cooze

Cuddle Muffin-a term for a cuddler that is sweet in nature.

Your favorite cuddling buddy-Cuddles.

Cuddly-an endearing term for a gentle and friendly cuddling girlfriend.

A girlfriend with a very adorable look-Cuddly Bear.

Cuddly-Cuddly-An affectionate term for a girlfriend who enjoys cuddling at all times.

A name for the most gracious girl you meet- Cuddly-Wuddly.

Cupcake-a sweet term for a beautiful girlfriend.

Cupcakes-A cute name for an irresistible and sweet girlfriend.

Cupid-A woman you really enjoy.

Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With C

Curls-An affectionate name with curly hair for a playful and cute girlfriend.

Curly-Q-A cute name with curly hair for a beautifully beautiful girlfriend.

Cute Bunny-A beautiful and gentle girlfriend’s endearing name.

A girlfriend with an adorable smile-Cute Pie.

A perfect name for a girlfriend who is the definition of adorable- Cuteness

Cutesy Pie-An endearing name or a cute girlfriend.

Cutie- a name for a handsome girlfriend.

Cutie Boo- a lovely name for an endearing girlfriend.

Cutie Head- a girlfriend you find appealing.

A super sweet and fun-loving girlfriend- Cutie Pants.

A lovable girlfriend-Cutie Patootie.

Cutie Pie- a fairly cute girlfriend.

A girlfriend whose charms are so striking – Cutie Pootie.

Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With C

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