Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With M


Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With M – Magic- for a captivating and charming girlfriend. Magic Woman- a girlfriend full of hope and charms. Magic Princess-a captivating, smart and elegant girlfriend. Magical Fairy-a lovely and sexy girlfriend.

Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With M

A sweet name for a girlfriend who is your best cheerleader and power. Main Squeeze.

Major—A girlfriend who makes you feel loved and needed.

Mama- a sweet-natured, mature girlfriend.

Mama Bear-A sweet name for a girlfriend who is just right to spoil you.

Marshmallow—A sweet and softhearted girlfriend.

A girlfriend that makes you feel so alive-Melody.

Meow—A girlfriend that makes you excited and giddy.

Merlin- a wonderful girlfriend, but collected and cool.

Mijn Schat-A Dutch phrase which means “my love.”

A classy nickname for a noble girlfriend-Milady.

Mimi- a playful, fun-loving girlfriend’s nickname.

A rare girlfriend-mine,( who’s all yours.)

Mini- For a tiny girlfriend.

A gentle and easygoing girlfriend-Minion.

A sweet girlfriend and deserving of your protection-Minnie.

A rare girlfriend who’s adorable-Minnie Mouse.

A girlfriend who always needs to be in charge-Miss Bossy Pants.

Miss Kitty- Your cutie’s pet name.

A laid back and sophisticated girlfriend- Missy.

A girlfriend with those irresistible puppy eyes-Misty Eyes.

The kind of girlfriend who’s always honest- Mithi.

Moe-a girlfriend that seems suitable for you.

Momma-A girlfriend who acts like a real mom would.

Monkey- a hot girlfriend’s erotic slang.

Monkey Buns- a nickname for a big ass girlfriend.

A fun nickname for a sweet and insanely charming girl- Monkey Muffins.

Moo- A girlfriend who quickly stirs up your feelings.

Mooi- in Indonesia, means beautiful/attractive.

Mookie – a girlfriend for whom you have a soft spot.

A girlfriend who enjoys romance and passion -a Mookie-Pookie Bear.

Mooky- A lovable and introverted girlfriend.

Moonlight- a sweet name for an intriguing and distinct girlfriend.

Moonshine- an endearing name with a gloriously bright personality for a girlfriend.

A girlfriend who is your support machine- Motherboard.

Movie Star- A beautifully attractive and tempting girlfriend to watch.

Moya Golubushka-it means “my little dove” in Russian.

Muggles- a pure girlfriend of innocence.

For a girlfriend who is a hardcore foodie-Munchies

Munchkin- a cute nickname for a girlfriend, particularly for a small girlfriend.

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Mwen Bebe- a nice way in Haitian Creole to call your girlfriend my baby.

A girlfriend who is all you have got- My All.

My Angel- a girlfriend that you regard as God-sent.

A girlfriend you cherish and worship- My Beautiful Beloved.

A brilliant and charming girlfriend- My Beautiful Nerd.

For a girlfriend you love so much- My Beloved.

A stunning and cute girlfriend- My Boo.

A girlfriend who gives your soul vitality- My medicine.

A girlfriend who is irreplaceable- My All

For a girlfriend who’s just right- My Girl.

My Heart-A sweet name for an invaluable girlfriend.

My Heaven—A girlfriend you find comfort and happiness with.

A girlfriend you consider your heart beat-My Life.

A beautiful and cute girlfriend- my Lil Angel.

A sweet and lovely girlfriend- My Lil Chicken Nugget

A girlfriend you cherish and enjoy dearly- My Love.

My One and Only-A girlfriend who in your life has no rival.

A girlfriend that you love and hold very dearly- My Only Love.

A girlfriend who will complete you- My Other Half.

A girlfriend who’s your number one push- my passion.

My Pop Star-A girlfriend who makes your day vivid.

An beautiful, tender-hearted girlfriend-my Pumpkin Pie.

My Queen- the girl who totally rules your heart.

A girlfriend who would remain through thick and thin- My Ride or Die.

A girlfriend who is a trusted helper and friend- My Right Hand

A girlfriend who puts a smile on your face like no one can- My Smile Maker

A girlfriend overflowing with warmth and affection- My Sunshine

An beautiful and warm-hearted girlfriend-My Sweet

A apt pet name for the girl that rules your world- My Sweet Queen.

An attractive girlfriend who’s impossible to resist- My Temptress.

A girlfriend who’s good and a go-getter- My Tigress

My World-A girlfriend who means it all to you.

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