Cute Nicknames for your Girlfriend beginning With D, E and F

Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Cute Nicknames for your Girlfriend beginning With D, E and F – Daisy-A sweet name with a relaxed character for a girlfriend. Daring-A girlfriend who is bold and adventurous.

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Nicknames for your Girlfriend Beginning With D

Darling-A girlfriend who is your one and only one.

Darling O’ Mine-The best girlfriend you’ve ever had is an affectionate name.

A cute name for a girlfriend who is irresistibly beautiful- Dashing

A girlfriend who is close to your side-darling.

Nicknames for your Girlfriend beginning With D -Dear Heart- a girl you’re in love with

Dearest-A girlfriend who to you means the world.

Dearest One- the one person who is most precious.

A girlfriend that was made for you-Fate.

Dewdrop-A girl that you are lucky to have

An affectionate name for a precious spouse- Gem.

A sweet name for a girlfriend that looks adorable-Dimples.

A girlfriend who always shows you the correct direction- Dish.

A sweet nickname for a girlfriend who acts like a goddess- Diva

Dobby,-a girlfriend who always lends a hand to support.

Dolce- a cute name for a really caring girlfriend.

A nickname for a girl who is lovely to behold-Doll.

Doll Kid-for a sweet girlfriend.

Doll Face- a girlfriend with a stunning face.

Donut- a nickname for a spirited girlfriend with fun.

An innocent and sweet girlfriend-Doodle Bug.

For a really playful girlfriend-doodles.

French for pleasantness or sweetness-Douceur.

Dove—A quiet and gentle girlfriend.

Drama Queen-A girl who is dramatic and divisive.

Dream Boat—A loving name for a girlfriend who is just what you need.

Dream Girl- For the right girlfriend, an endearing name.

Dream Lover-The ideal romantic partner’s cute name.

Dreamweaver- An endearing name for your dream woman.

Dreamy-A girl who is still in her own world.

A cute name for a classy and majestic girl- the Duchess.

Ducky-a girlfriend’s nickname dear to your ears.

A nickname for a girlfriend who is super adorable-Dumpling

Cute Girlfriend Nicknames That Start With E

Eclipse – An endearing term for a rare gem.

Ecstasy Queen-A girlfriend who makes you excited and giddy.

Elf-Your helper’s cute name.

For a girlfriend you adore so much-Emerald.

Engel-A sweet German nickname meaning “Angel.”

Erdbeerchen-A lovely German nickname that means “little strawberry.”

For the one and only girl in your lif- Ever Girl.

All—A girlfriend who is all you need and have.

A girlfriend who is so sweet-Eye Candy.

Cute Girlfriend Nicknames That Start With F

Face Genius—A pretty girl with a face.

The special girlfriend that makes life great- Fairy

A nickname for a girlfriend who is your biggest cheerleader-Fan Girl.

Fantasy- A name for your perfect dream girl.

Fashionista- A fashion-conscious girlfriend’s name.

Fav Fav-for a favorite girl of yours.

Favorite-A girlfriend you like a lot.

Feisty-A fast-tempered and ambitious girlfriend.

Ferrie- A brave, strong girlfriend.

Fire Cracker- an exciting girlfriend who lives and is big.

A charming girlfriend who is always all over the place-Firefly.

First Lady- your life’s most important lady.

Flame- a sweet name to call your lovely girlfriend.

A very athletic girl with fast legs-Flash

Flawless- a dream woman for you.

A beautiful and innocent girlfriend-Herb.

A girlfriend who provides you with your happy place-Fluffy.

A sort of girlfriend who always does too much- Foo Foo.

A girl who is a food lover to the core- Foodie

Foxy-a sexy and enticing girlfriend with crafty methods.

Foxy Lady- A name for a disciplined and hard-working lady.

For a girlfriend who is a handful on most days-Foxy Mama-Acute nickname.

Freckle Face-with lovely freckles on her face.

A girlfriend you find beautiful and exciting- Freckles.

A lady with a mean temper when irritated-Frostbite.

Frozen Fire-a cute pet name for a girl who everyone thinks is gentle, but she’s really not.

A elegant and classy dresser girl- Frou-Frou.

Fruit Cake- A sweet and charming girlfriend

Fruit Loop-A girlfriend who always gets playful and foolish.

A nickname for a tiny and adorable girlfriend-Fun Size

Funny Hunny-a ridiculously entertaining and sweet girlfriend.

Funsize-A friendly girlfriend or a small girlfriend to be around.

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