Data Gifting on Airtel: How to Share Data on Airtel


Data Gifting on Airtel: How to Share Data on Airtel – In this post, you will learn how to share Airtel data in the easiest and simplest way. Airtel Telecom offered the ability to exchange data, purchase data and move MB from Airtel to Airtel.

We’re going to have to introduce you to Airtel SmartSHARE anyway. This is where you’re going to learn more about Data Me2U (aka Data Share) and Data Gifting.

Since we have developed a basic understanding of the two most important aspects of this article, it is all about the sharing of Airtel data. Let’s learn how to migrate Airtel MB / data from Airtel to Airtel in the shortest way.

Data Gifting on Airtel: How to Share Data on Airtel

The Airtel Data Me2U, also known as Data Sharing, allows customers to transfer data to another Airtel customer from their current data allowance.

What is Airtel Data Me2U: You can “share” or “transfer” to another customer from the data allowance of an already purchased data package.

For example, you can move up to 200MB to another customer if you have purchased a 1.5GB monthly.

Receiver: Happily, with an Airtel line, the recipient or recipient may be another client, e.g. your friend, family, etc., or just your other computer. It is open to all account owners for Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid clients.

Kind of data to be shared: on the Data Me2U, Airtel Me2U users can share or transfer their weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks.

Although the offer excludes social plans and free data.

About Expiry Date: The expiry date of the shared data will be as accurate as the original data.

This means that if your friend subscribed to Airtel 1GB on 1 January and you share any of that data, yours (as the recipient) will also expire on that same day when your data expires on 1 February.

Shared data is auto-renewed: even though your friend has auto-renewed his/her Airtel 1GB Contract, you will not auto-renew shared data as the receiver data/MB.

You need to ask a friend/family member to share with you another MB.

Minimum/Maximum data to be exchanged: The maximum data that can be shared with your friend or friends at a time is 200 MB of one person’s data and a maximum of 2 recipients per day -200 MB each of 2 recipients per day.

Only after that person completes the first shared data can you exchange data with the same person again.

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Data Gifting-How to Buy Airtel Line Data

*. On your phone, dial *141# and respond.
*. Choose and respond to choice 6 (Gifting or Me2U).
*. Select option 2 (Data gifting)
*. Choose and respond to the plan you want to donate (weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks).
*. Under each bundle, pick the principal plan.
*. Enter the phone number of the recipient.
*. It is that.

Data Gifting on Airtel: How to Share Data on Airtel
The Airtel Data gifting allows you to purchase a data package plan for another customer by payment with your own airtime, unlike the Data Me2U.

For instance, you can just purchase another data plan for the individual if your friend/family runs out of data. You do not move revenue, you purchase a bundle of data for another side.

Receiver: The person must be on Airtel, an Airtel line must be on it. You can send a gift to a friend, spouse, family, or any other Airtel line you use.

What kind of plan can be gifted: It’s better than the Me2U Data that enables you to share a fraction of your knowledge. You may choose to send your friend or family any of the following, either Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles or MegaPacks, instead.

About Expiry Date: Expires as the usual expiry date of other results. It expires 1 day if it is a daily schedule, while the weekly plan expires 7 days and for others the monthly/megaplans expires 30 days/60 days.

On gifted data, there is auto-renewed: auto-renewed is still not supported whether it is a shared data or a gifted data.

Minimum/Maximum data to be gifted: There are no caps, no minimum or maximum data to be gifted. As many people, as many times as you like, you can gift info.

Who pays for Data Gifting: Sharing/Gifting does not have to pay for the data or package received regardless of the data recipients. But it’s already paid for by the sender.

How to adjust the transfer pin for Airtel
Follow the steps below to adjust your Airtel transfer pin:
*. Dial from your Airtel line with *141#.
*. Choose and respond to choice 6 (Data gifting and sharing).
*. Choose and respond to choice 1 (Change PIN – Default PIN -1234).
*. Old PIN Enter-former pin or default pin and respond.
*. Enter a new PIN, a four-digit number that is easy to remember and respond to.
*. Confirm New PIN: To confirm and respond, enter the new pin again.
*. A good message will be received by you.

To prevent an unauthorized individual from doing Data Sharing/Gifting from a customer’s phone, the Airtel transfer Pin for Data Sharing was developed.

Airtel Nigeria will ask users to change your Pin from the default Pin to your personal option of Pin for the first-time Data Sharing/Gifting. That means that before you can share or gift details, a pin is needed.

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What to do if a move to Airtel is blocked
Before we proceed, understand that on the *141# USSD menu, the PIN reset option is available. And for Data Gifting & Data Me2U, one PIN is applicable.

Meanwhile, at the fifth pin attempt, the PIN is only barred from accessing all of the programs, for 1 hour at a time.

The customer has to contact customer service for a reset after 3 barrings in 24-hours.

How to verify the balance of data on Me2u

By dialing *140# USSD code on your phone, you can easily check your data balance, like any other Airtel data plan package. It is very straightforward and short.

Within a minute or so, Airtel will send the data balance to your inbox as a message response.

Please note that other approaches, such as *141*11*0# and *123*10#, no longer function as normal.

Airtel Calls 

Airtel Data Me2U vs Data Gifting for Airtel
The similarities and differences between Airtel Data Me2U and Airtel Data Gifting are found in the table below. Included are:
Ordinary Me2U Gifting Data
What’s that? You can share or switch to another client from the storage allowance of an already purchased data package.

Data gifting enables you to purchase a package for another customer by paying with your own airtime for a data bundle.
PIN 1234 1234 12344 default switch.

The individual must be on Airtel, it must be an Airtel line. Receivers or Recipients. The person must be on an Airtel line, it must be an Airtel line.

What sort of data is it possible to share/gift? You can choose to gift any of the following to your friend or family, either Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles or MegaPacks.

Airtel Me2U users can share or transfer their weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks.

Expiration dates The expiration date of the shared data would have the same value as the original data. It expires as another usual expiry date for results. Daily plan, expires 1 day, expires 7 days weekly plan and expires 30days/60days monthly/Megaplans.

Auto-renewed option: The Auto-renew option is not supported yet. Auto-Renewed is not supported yet.

The maximum data that can be shared with your friend or friends at a time is 200 MB of data to one person and a maximum of 2 recipients per day -200 MB each with 2 recipients per day. There are no limitations, no minimum or maximum data to be provided.

As many people, as many times as you like, you can gift info.
Who is paying for the information? It’s your details, you have already charged and enabled the information before sharing it.

The Data, Sharing/Gifting recipients do not need to pay for the obtained data or package. As it has been paid for by the sender already.

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