Different Types of Nose Rings-Top Reasons to Get a Nose Ring


Different Types of Nose Rings – Nose rings are part of an age-old tradition and have been worn for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes by people around the world in various cultures. The Berber and Beja tribes of South Africa wore nose jewels to signify their riches. The bigger the jewel in the nose, the richer the family is.

Nose rings were worn in ancient India as early as 6,000 years ago. Wearing them will help to relieve the pains of childbirth as well as menstruation, according to Ayurvedic medicine. As part of their bridal dresses, Indian brides also wear them.

Usually, their nose rings are made of gold or silver and decorated with gems, pearls, fish, and birds. It has also been proposed that nose rings could be an alternative to a wedding ring.

Different Types of Nose Rings

1. Captive Bead and Bar Closure Nose Rings

Different Types of Nose Rings – You have two simple options if you want the circular ring in your nose. Using the ring’s friction, the first, a captive bead ring, has a small ball held in place. The other, the nose ring for the bar closure, looks like it’s a solid ring, but a tiny section of the ring actually comes out to allow you to insert it.

This kind of ring can rotate a full 360 degrees, which makes it much easier to clean. For each of these rings, ring-opening pliers may be needed to properly insert them.

2. Fake Nose Ring

Different Types of Nose Rings -There are rings that you can insert, as the name suggests, even though your nose is not pierced. They are hoop nose rings more often than not and fit very close, making it easy to fit one properly into your nose. Some fake nose rings also have a little bit of versatility, allowing you to pinch them and, if you prefer, make them a little tighter.

Often it is difficult to differentiate fake nose rings from genuine ones because, nowadays, the businesses that produce them do such a fantastic job. If you’re considering piercing your nose, but you’re not sure it’s right for you, or if you’re never going to pierce your nose, it’s a lot of fun to wear a fake nose ring for a while.

3. Fishtail Nose Ring

Different Types of Nose Rings -Choose the fishtail nose ring if you want a custom-designed nose ring. It begins as a long bar, generally about 19 mm in length, and you just take it to your favorite piercer to prepare it for you. Based on these dimensions, the piercer will use a special instrument to measure your nose, and he or she will bend the metal bar to match your nose.

Best of all, these rings come in hundreds of styles, including those at the tip with gemstones, balls, and even various kinds. As a result, not only can you get a perfectly fitting nose ring, but also one that looks fantastic.

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4. Gemstone Nose Ring

Different Types of Nose Rings – While gemstone nose rings are available in different styles and designs, they all have one thing in common: a stunning gemstone is included in each. In order to complement anything he or she wears, the gemstone maybe everything, including the wearer’s birthstone, favorite color, or simply a diamond or opal. Whatever the case, every time you wear them, gemstone nose rings add a little class and flare to the region of your face.

5. Hoop Nose Ring

This is a very common style of nose ring since hoops are often extremely fashionable and a favorite for most, as with other styles of earrings. As well as many other colors, they come in metallic colors like silver and gold, and they are available in many different sizes and designs.

In reality, with this sort of nose ring, the makers of nose rings are becoming more innovative day after day. If you want something that pays a little attention to yourself but still suits everything in your wardrobe, and you want to choose a nice gold or silver hoop nose ring, especially if you don’t want to take your nose ring out every day and replace it with another one.

6. Labret Nose Ring

Different Types of Nose Rings – A labret is made of a stud on one end with a flat disk and a removable gemstone or ball on the other. These are not often widespread in nose piercings, but they are used by many individuals as a nose ring. Typically, the removable end either screws into the post, or it pops into place easily.

Labrets were not explicitly developed for nose piercings, but they are very common and simple to wear. Additionally, if the wearer has more than one piercing on the same side of the nostril, they are a perfect choice.

Labrets must be inserted from the back, and they normally start at a gauge of around 18. Use an insertion pin for help if you want to make inserting your labret easier, or visit the person who gave you the piercing for additional help.

7. L-Shaped Nose Ring

These nose rings are shaped like the upper case ‘L’ as the name suggests, and they are made at a 90-degree angle. Such nose rings tend to fit more safely than others, and they are an excellent choice. Moreover, inserting them is better than many other kinds of nose rings.

Usually, they are no more than 7 millimeters from top to bottom, and they can be much shorter in many instances. L-shaped nose rings also have left and right versions, in addition to their ideal fit, their wide range of styles and designs, and their ease of insertion, making them appropriate for all wearers.

8. Nose Bone Ring

In fact, nose bone rings are studs made straight, and at one end they are slightly flared to form a small ball that is used to prevent the ring from falling out. You can wear a nose bone ring if your nose piercing has already healed; otherwise, it is best not to wear it.

In a new or unhealed piercing, the flared end is often one gauge wider than the post, which may cause discomfort. The advantage of using a nose bone in an already healed piercing is that it is incredibly simple to pop it in and out.

9. Nose Stud

There is a single stud on the tip that shows on the outside of the nostril in these nose rings. Most nose studs, though they may also be diamonds and other gemstones, are simple silver or gold in color.

This is an attractive and unique look that many women enjoy, and they are ideal for people who want to wear a nose ring that suits anything in their wardrobe, just like other styles of nose rings. If you have a pierced nose but want to wear an elegant and traditional ring, the nose stud is great for you.

10. Nostril Screw Nose Ring

This is one of the most common kinds of nose rings, and it consists of posts about one inch long and bent to form a C-curve. This type of ring, inserted with a twisting motion, is inserted as though the jewelry is actually screwed into your nose. Nostril screws can also be bought pre-bent, and they are even available with a straight post that is bent for a better and more personalized fit.

11. Septum Clickers

Septum clickers are very creative and are a perfect alternative to conventional nose ring forms, such as circular barbell rings and traditional curved nose rings, which were once used for septum piercings.

They come in one piece and normally consist of a straight bar at the top, which is the part inserted through the part of your nose’s septum, as well as a circular hoop at the bottom, which is the part seen after you insert it.

It is easy to insert and very safe to wear septum clickers, and when you put them on, they will save you a lot of time because you won’t need to remove tiny beads or studs as you do for other forms of nose rings. Better still, the hoop part can be as decorative as you like, and they come in a wide range of fancy designs to suit your preferences and tastes, both traditional and off-the-wall.

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Top Reasons to Get a Nose Ring

1. It’s Beauty                      

Yes, nose rings are beautiful, particularly nowadays, because jewelry designers constantly come out with more beautiful and exclusive designs for individuals to enjoy. A nose ring is a great choice when you want to adorn your body with something that is eye-catching and appealing.

2. Express Your Individuality

Both body piercings are a perfect way of expressing your uniqueness and “customizing” your body, including nose piercings. Since in nose rings, you have so many options, you can express yourself in many different ways easily. It is the ideal addition to your wardrobe for this purpose.

3. Cultural Significance

Though not as relevant in the U.S., for cultural reasons, women in India and parts of South Asia get their noses pierced. Instead of nose studs, which were all they wear at one time, these women are turning even more towards larger nose rings. This gives these women, too, an opportunity to express themselves.

4. A Right of Passage

Teenagers and other young people still want to use body piercings to mark those incidents and become their own person. The best thing about a nose ring is that all they have to do is remove the ring and let the hole close up on its own if they decide later in life that they no longer want to wear it.

5. A Subtle Choice

Nose rings can be very subtle for those who consider this feature important. If you have a conservative work, and you want a nose ring stud, it is very likely that your employer would allow you to hold the ring inside. For older people who choose to wear nose rings, many nose rings are often virtually invisible or easy to conceal, making this a great choice.

6. Presents a Certain Image

Wearing a nose ring presents a certain tough, even ferocious, picture, particularly when you choose a septum clicker. In reality, choosing to pierce your nose will work well if you want to present a tougher or more self-confident image.

For that very reason, many cultures in areas such as New Guinea prefer nose piercings, and as part of their tribal cultural traditions, they also have nose rings. Nothing says, like a nose ring, “I am my own person, and I can take what comes my way,” which is just one of the many reasons for its success.

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