Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of

Low-Maintenance Pets

Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of – Don’t you have time for a dog, or space, or time? When adoptions went wild at the start of COVID-19, maybe your shelter ran out of canine companions. Don’t be afraid. For your girls, there are still plenty of friendly palm-size choices that are small and simple to care for.

Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of


Although hamsters are fun and active pets, they’re nocturnal, which can give small children a disappointing pet. Hamsters are relatively low maintenance and, with a wheel, tubes and toys can amuse themselves. Only beware of their propensity to bite.

They need a sturdy cage, neatly padded with wood shavings, to call home. But besides that, they are easy to manage and can be a perfect opportunity to teach children about addiction and care. Pets for Kids to Take Care Of


Gerbils are quick but not quite hands-on to take care of, which is an essential factor when children are involved. They can be kept, but they’re super quick, so some adult supervision will be needed.


Pets for Kids to Take Care Of – Surprisingly, rats are capable of being fantastic pets. With a laid-back nature, they’re smart and genuinely appreciate human companionship. Their intelligence ensures that tricks such as retrieving items and navigating mazes can also be taught. They don’t really mind being managed, unlike most other rodents, which is perfect for kids who want to be involved.

Rats are also easy to care for, requiring daily cleaning and a normal diet of food blocks for rodents.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs may be in the same family of rodents like hamsters, but they could not be more distinct. These rodents are friendly and have a personality that is articulate, making them less likely to bite.

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Their bigger appetite will make a hamster messier for guinea pigs than you say, so you may have to clean their cage more often as well. With these furry pets, relaxation is necessary and your piglet would be happier to live alongside a friend to avoid loneliness.


Pets for Kids to Take Care Of – Did you ever see a hedgehog baby before? They’ve got to be one of the cutest things. Even if they are not super cuddly companions, they can grow up to be sociable if treated from birth. A downside is that whilst taking care of these spiky creatures is fairly easy, they are susceptible to health problems (and vet bills).

Hedgehogs often need a particular diet containing vegetables and protein-specific foods since they are omnivores, usually doing the trick with some cat foods. Be sure to review your local state laws if you are considering having a hedgehog as a pet – it is illegal to own them in some states such as New York City and California.


For children who want to watch their pet rather than have direct contact with it, chinchillas are an exotic choice. Chinchillas don’t need much care, but in order to stimulate them, they need rather a large cage with a lot of toys.

These animals, with a happy disposition, are highly intelligent creatures. Chinchillas prefer to be supplied with a dust bath instead of a water bath, unlike their small-pet equivalents. So after their energetic bathing sessions, be able to sweep up. (Not suitable for children with allergies either, probably). Pets for Kids to Take Care Of

Chinchillas are nocturnal creatures, including hamsters, and so may not be the ideal companion for young children with an early bedtime. Chinchillas appear to live much longer than other rodents, with a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. They’ll need a friend, too, which means that you’re making a big contribution to these desert dwellers.


Although reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and frogs are fairly low maintenance, it can be a challenging – and costly – job to set up the right habitat for them. Reptiles require a specific atmosphere that should be maintained optimally with a heat lamp to survive.

Such cold-blooded creatures, ideally something close to their natural environment, also need a lot of vegetation. They also love hiding spots. If feeding live creatures or bugs to your scaly friend sounds bad, a reptile may not be the right pet for you. Reptiles consume live prey.

If you’re new to the world of reptiles, you may want to consider the leopard gecko, as they don’t need much care. Docile, it’s easy to tame these little lizards.


Pets for Kids to Take Care Of – Although not the most social pet around, depending on which you select, insects are super easy to care for. With only a warm tank, some vegetation, and daily snacks, stick insects, praying mantis, hissing cockroaches and crickets will be content.

Introducing these invertebrates to your children mean that they can grow up to love any species, whether it’s a doting dog or stick insect. When they pass into adulthood, they’ll also grow up without fear of different insects and spiders.

While some small animals are certainly lower in care than larger animals, it still takes time for you to prepare for them in your home. Head over to this blog for more advice about what the right pets are for young children. Send in your pictures if you have a partner that your kid likes and is easy to take care of! We’d love to see how complete your pet makes your family. Pets for Kids to Take Care Of

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