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eBay Alternatives | Sites like eBay – Besides eBay, are you searching for other sites to sell on? You’ve come to the right spot, then!

Although some people think that Amazon is winning the eBay vs Amazon battle, with over 171 million active users and 1 billion products listed, eBay is still one of the biggest names in eCommerce. Still, for several reasons, sellers search for alternatives to eBay.

Beyond eBay, some want to expand their successful business. Others could be tiring of it and would like to move to something new.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from, no matter what your justification is.

This post will cover the top 11 other websites such as eBay in-depth for sellers and list other notable mentions. While some of these alternatives might not be a perfect match for every merchant, we guarantee that at least one that could be a profitable alternative for your company will be found.

eBay alternatives – The Top 11 Other Places Including eBay

These are our top alternatives to eBay, in no particular order. Depending on what you offer and your company objectives, the best option for you depends.

While the selling style of eBay auction is unique to itself, these alternatives provide a way to get the goods in front of fresh audiences. Niche markets serve many of these other markets. Someone selling electronics will want to use a different marketplace than a merchant producing handmade jewelry when looking to expand beyond eBay.


We know Amazon isn’t quite the same as eBay. In fact, you can even check out some of the differences in our infographic on Amazon vs eBay selling.

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At www.rakuten.com

For the global eBay vendor, Rakuten, formerly buy.com, is a great choice to consider. It is called the “Amazon of Japan” and approximately 90% of Internet users in Japan are registered with Rakuten. In the world, Rakuten is ranked among the top 3 eCommerce businesses.

Online Store, while still known as Buy.com, has announced Rakuten as one of the best shopping websites. To start selling on at first, Rakuten can seem a little overwhelming, but the process is fairly easy. Start your steps here if you would like to take the plunge.

At www.newegg.com

I’m all too familiar with Newegg, as the son of an IT man. It’s perfect for a salesman who specializes in new electronics. If it’s about computers or something with an electronic pulse, there’s someone on Newegg who’s looking to buy it.

Newegg, just like Etsy, is possibly just a good match for a very particular form of eBay seller. If you think you are that kind of seller, however, Newegg will definitely be lucrative for you. If you want to start selling at Newegg, here’s the starting point.

About www.bonanza.com

You’ll most likely see a Bonanza ad if you try to Google anything like “Other sites like eBay” or “eBay alternatives.” “It bears the slogan, “better than eBay? Thousands of vendors think that way.’

I can’t vouch for their ad text’s validity, but I can say Bonanza is a great eBay alternative. It was constructed for the everyday seller. We remove the technical expertise needed to build a profitable online business, making the joys of entrepreneurship accessible to all,” is the very first line of their about us page.”

Many prizes, but also a few grievances, were received by Bonanza. A fast Google review search indicates that certain individuals are purchasing goods and getting ripped off. This is more of a problem for buyers than for sellers, but it will be bad for everyone on the platform if it continues. If you’re not bothered by this, here’s all you need to know about Bonanza sales.

About www.mercari.com

Launched in 2013, for both the U.S. and Japan, Mercari is a growing platform. Mercari is equivalent to eBay in that it hosts all types of categories of goods and does well for things used. On the web, you can sell just about anything.

Mercari is known to be easy to use and the “selling app” describes itself. In the U.S., they have over 45 million downloads and 150,000 new items are listed every day. Here, you can read more to get started on the program.

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At www.ebid.net

In eCommerce Bytes, “Sellers Choice 2019 Marketplace Ratings”, eBid was recently ranked number 5. The low fees associated with sales on eBid are appreciated by sellers on eBid. Although its marketplace is not quite as broad as the others, it is still profitable. Some say that you can actually sell products over a longer period of time that you don’t mind selling. For an in-depth look at eBay versus eBid, you can check out this post.

In more than just their names, eBid is a near alternate to eBay. It also sticks to the auction format that eBay is popular for selling. You will find anything you need to know here in their FAQ if you want to start selling on eBid.

About www.rubylane.com

Ruby Lane is another marketplace working its way up the ranks. ECommercebytes reported that this marketplace was found by merchants to be profitable, easy to use, and has great customer service. It’s a different place to go to sell all of your antique stuff.

A major benefit of selling on Ruby Lane is that the market primarily sells vintage and antique goods. These objects are not buried in all the numerous categories of goods. So, sellers realize that they have an audience that is captivated. Also, on top of the sales, Ruby Lane does not take a commission. Check out this guide to learn more about selling on this platform.

There are two main roles on eCrater. It is both an online marketplace and the maker of a free web store. They’re, like Amazon, a more conventional marketplace. They sell in different product categories, such as clothing, electronics, home, music, movies, instruments, and more.

They advertise that Google Shopping submits their goods and it’s easy to import your eBay products to their platform. If you just want to try something new and hit a different audience, it could be an easy answer to eCrater. Find out more here about sales on eCrater.

About www.alibaba.com

Alibaba is a leading wholesale exchange marketplace. Although a large majority of their seller base is located in Asia, they serve sellers worldwide. They serve each other’s buyers and vendors through 40 different types of goods, with a total of hundreds of millions of products. For wholesalers, this might be a chance for you to market to a foreign audience in bulk.

10 More eBay-like places

For just about anything today, sellers will find a marketplace. Although some of the top alternatives were covered by us, we also mentioned some other honorable mentions. If you haven’t found exactly what you’re searching for yet, maybe one of these places is right for you.

Craigslist is a classified advertising platform focused on selling to local customers.
Placed your goods in front of over 110 million Walmart customers in the Walmart Marketplace
Sears Marketplace-Browse their 20 big categories of merchandise and sell your goods alongside Sear products

Jet-Global marketplace and excellent for wholesale products

Tradesy-Sell luggage, clothing, accessories, and shoes for designers

BriskSale- For all types of items, build a customizable storefront

Artfire-Artisan products alternative marketplace

StoreEnvy: Indie brand social shopping site

Poshmark-Social marketplace for apparel purchases and sales

Facebook-Social marketplace for local buyers to sell.

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