Funniest gamertags you’ve seen

Funniest gamertags you've seen

Funniest Gamertags you’ve seen – You never know where this player is a hidden-Silent assassin. A ninja weapon made famous by the Naruto Japanese manga-Kunai. And you’re cooler than regular ninjas- Ninjah. TwoKatanas-You know what they mean, there are two better katanas than one. KatanaIfyawant to-These guys all want this katana.

Funniest Gamertags you’ve seen

KantanaSlice- about slicing into a million bits for you.
KantanaOnToast- Your dentist does not recommend it.
Precursorninja- Several other ninjas were influenced by this ninja.
NinjaSkills-All are jealous of those abilities.
Skillslikeaninja- similar to that mentioned above.
NinjaOnFire-This guy you can’t even handle.
A ninja weapon widely known as a ‘paper gun-‘ Fukiya
Maneuver Ninja-We all know that they are the strongest.
Similar to the above- Ninjamoves.
Ninja Pwnage-Pwning of their ninja powers for all.
Neko Te-a ninja weapon such as claws worn as a glove on the hands, often by female ninjas.
A version of the above,-NekoTeGirl.
A version of the above- NekoTeClaws.
NinjaWithWings-Simply imparable.
TMNT-In reference to the Young Mutant Ninja Turtles television program.
Shredder-The main antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show.
Justturtles-Turtles make outstanding ninjas.
Kakute—Another ninja hidden weapon.
NinjaSchool—They know everything about becoming a ninja.
NowYouSeeMe-You don’t now.
Kusarigama-Another lethal weapon of a ninja.
Wayofthewarrior-The way of life of the samurai in reference to Bushidō.
They like to think of themselves as a kind of instructor- Callmesensei-
A sweet, clever one- Samureye.
SamuraiJack- after the same-name TV show.
This ninja has got your back- ShadowFriend.
ShadowFiend-Don’t confide in the darkness.
Hidden Dragon- CrouchingTiger.
Whatisninja-They can not find out.
Ninjutsu- In order to become a ninja, what you practice.

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Advice for girls: While some of you may want a Gamertag that emphasizes that you are a female, it is better to avoid being too overt as this can get you too much-unwanted attention, if you want to be treated equally and just play like everyone else, it can be a real pain in the back. This can result in people giving you a hard time, being too soft on you, or unsolicited messages, especially if your Gamertag sounds ‘sexy’. If you don’t have this dilemma, then go ahead and be as sexy and girly as you want. Only bear in mind, you were warned!

Gamertags Cool/Badass Girl
The following are Gamertag’s interesting and badass ideas for ladies:

This girl kicks butt- She’sAKeeper!
She’sAShooter-awesome She’s at games shooting.
LaDiabla- In female form, she’s the devil.
TriggerHappiGrl-She likes nothing more than splattering her guts over the walls.
FeMaLe PlAyEr- a fucking proud one!
QueenPlayer-She owns a game for that!
She’s on fire- AshtrayBullets-
PsychoGirl- Don’t get on the wrong side of her, else you’d be damned! Yea right!
Spartenette-as She’s rough as nails.
Spartan chick—She’s going to beat you.
Vamprika-She loves gothic things.
KatanaLover-She has a passion for things in Japan.
She enjoys nothing more than showing others how to play- TheFemaleSensei-
More lethal than she seems- FemFatale.

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