Goodnight wishes for my sister


Goodnight wishes for my sister – Be grateful for all the good stuff you’ve had in the last 24 hours before going to bed. I thank God every night that I have you.Wishing You Happiness and Love Filled Romantic Dreams. Happy Night, Good Night

Goodnight wishes for my sister

  • Have a nice sleep with cheerful dreams, dear younger sister. I give you lovely wishes for a good night.
  • I grew up jealous of your beauty, your wisdom, your intellect, and now I know that God has given you all these things, so that you will be my personal well from which I can draw all these. Have a nice night, dearest sister! Goodnight wishes for my sister
  • Do you know that an angel whom he can’t see protects every person? Oh, the angel is not invisible in my situation. All the time, I can see her. It’s you, dear sister of mine!
  • “That’s why I love you, my sister, and wish you good night.” Time is going to go by, things are going to change, but my life will remain rooted in the memories I shared with someone who saw me through it all. Good night to my sister. I love you.
  • We might not be able to see each other or even listen to each other, but thoughts of you fill my heart with affectionate memories of the times we spent together. Think of my sister and wish you a happy night!
  • I wish the moon would always be full & light, and cold night would always be you. You have been my biggest rival in the family since we were born and grew up together, and this is a fun occurrence in my life because it just makes me love you more. Oh, goodnight. Goodnight wishes for my sister
  • Note that I wish you a good night if you go to turn the light off.
  • It is a beautiful memory that unites fantasy and truth that touches your heart and soul. I hope you have the sweetest dream of a good night tonight.
  • My hair blows through the cool night breeze and its touch reminds me of your sweet kisses. I wish you had been with me, and I would not have missed you so much.
  • Sweep me into your lap, cuddle for the night with me. Let me love you and show you how being loved feels. Have a Night of Love!
  • Dearest younger sister, give me your warm wishes for a good night. I hope you’ll have a lovely deep sleep to be energized for tomorrow morning.
  • As the thought of our childhood crossed my mind, my eyes closed. I really miss those days. You know, you’re an important part of my life that I don’t want to lose. So, always stay safe, good sister of the night.
  • It doesn’t matter how many people in my life I have. The love I have for you can replace nothing. Not even all of them will make me feel the way I do, my sister, when I’m with you. Goodnight wishes for my sister
  • Giggles and tears, frowns and smiles. All from dead serious, to goofing all over. When you have a sister, life’s ups and downs, tornados and twisters… are completely bearable.

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