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Facebook Nearby Friends Update

Facebook’s Nearby Friends – There’s a lot that you can share with your friends on Facebook. The business added “exact location” to the list on Thursday.

The new Nearby Friends function of Facebook allows you to flip a switch to start broadcasting your location with friends in the city. You can tap a button and give them your exact location, along with a map explaining where to find you, if you see someone nearby with whom you want to meet.

It’s a Facebook push to promote more offline connections from users. For others, the role may simply accumulate dust in the corner, as it is a deal-breaker to knowingly allow Facebook to monitor your movements. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

But for Nearby Friends, there is a case of usage, and many users can get benefit from knowing which of their friends are in the area. At a packed festival, you can meet up for drinks, find each other or even join your mates as they backpack around Europe. The role was created to give users power over what they share, and with whom. This is how it works for those of you who are intrigued:

Turning on Facebook’s Nearby Friends

By clicking on the chat menu in the upper right-hand corner of the app, you can turn Nearby Friends on. If you have the feature rolled out, it will appear at the top of the page, above the list of online friends. There’s a possibility that you do not have the functionality, yet; right now, Facebook is slowly rolling it out, and only to U.S. users.

Users are expected to flip through a four-page tutorial, which explains the functionality briefly, after turning on Nearby Friends.

You will be asked to flip through a brief four-page tutorial once you click on Nearby Friends; this is where Facebook will explain how to use the app and what it does. The last page of the tutorial is most crucial: it’s where you decide who you want to share your position with.

You can’t exchange friends with the public or even friends. The default setting on this page is “friends,” but if you have previous groups saved on Facebook, you can become more precise. For instance, by clicking on the “Mashable” group I previously developed, I can choose to share with my colleagues. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

You are successful once you press ‘Turn On,’ and other friends using the function will be able to see your general position. From all over the world, you can see people. For instance, one of my friends in India, 8,400 miles away, appeared on my list. I know it’s not “nearby,” but the farther you scroll down the list, the further the friends are away.

The most critical section is the last page of the tutorial: it is where you pick which Facebook groups your general location can see.

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Connecting with friends

You’ll be able to see which of your friends are close by when Nearby Friends is enabled, and approximately how near. It might mean, for example, that you have a friend within half a mile, but unless that friend wishes to share his or her exact location with you, he will not share more precise information. There will be a time next to the distance, typically labeled in minutes; this tells you when the location of that user was last updated inside the app. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

You can click on his or her name in the list if you want to see more about someone nearby; this will take you to a small version of the profile page of that person, where you can send him or her a message (‘Hey, I didn’t know you were in town!’) or even give them a call.

You can see which friends are nearby once the function is on. By clicking on his or her name to see the profile of that user, you can also message or call a friend. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

If you see someone you want to share your exact location with, you can press the little directional arrow button to the right of the name of that user; for a specified period of time, this allows you to share your exact location with him or her. Here, you may include a brief message to your mate (up to 40 characters). And by using the timeline that pops up, you can also set what time you want to quit sharing your place. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

You can manually end the connection at any time if you want to share your exact location, but then change your mind before that set time is up. Simply click on the directional arrow again to do this and choose “Stop Sharing This.”

Only if you clearly share it with them can your friends see your exact location. At any time, you can do this, and then stop sharing at any time.

You’ll get a notification message when a friend shares his or her exact location with you. If you click on the notification (or open Nearby Friends again), you will now see a map with a location pin marking the exact location of your friend. The location of your friend will continue to be updated as long as he or she shares it with you, which means that, for example, if you walk towards each other, you can see it unfold on the map in real-time.

Only when you want to share your exact position can you appear on a map. The same goes for mates of yours.

If a friend shares with you his or her exact location, he or she will appear in the app on a map.

Turning off Nearby Friends and clearing your location history

Click on the ‘Settings’ button in the upper right-hand corner of Nearby Friends and turn the setting to the off position if you no longer want to broadcast your general location to friends. Facebook will not automatically log you off from Nearby Friends, but you will continue to broadcast your general location to friends if you do not manually turn it off. Notifications should remind you of this. You will get a notification warning when you have friends close by, but you will only get them if you have the feature switched on. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

However, you may wish to remove your location history, which is otherwise stored by Facebook on its servers. There are pros and cons of your post being deleted. As the role gets to know you, when you’re at places you visit, such as work and home, it will refrain from sending alerts. That information is deleted by removing your past, so you can get more updates.

Not deleting, on the contrary, suggests that Facebook would know where you spend much of your time. The company claims that the information is only used by Local Mates, but some individuals are not comfortable with keeping that kind of data.

It is not the easiest thing to find if you want to delete your info. When using Nearby Contacts, click on the ‘More’ button in the lower right-hand corner of the app. Scroll down, click “Activity Log” and then click “Filter.” You now need to scroll to the very bottom and pick “Location History.” Facebook’s Nearby Friends

Your location history is stored by Facebook on its servers, but inside the app, there is a way to erase it.

It takes several steps, but this is where the information that Facebook has gathered can be removed. You can delete specific days or months, or you can delete all of them. Your pick.

It can take some time for friends nearby to catch on. To begin with, before people get a lot of value from it, it needs to be rolled out to more users. The importance of Facebook is that it seems like everybody is on the site. Close friends won’t necessarily feel like that. Facebook’s Nearby Friends

The News Feed feature will be promoted on Facebook. For stories that mention it, you should keep an eye out.

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