How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android


How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android – “Is it possible to read text messages from your child without them knowing? “How can I remotely monitor your child’s text messages?” “Is it possible to track my baby’s iPhone messages?” “Is it possible for my kid’s Android phone to monitor text and social messages?” ”

Do you feel bothered by these questions?

Get at peace with yourself! Spyic has got your back.

Without them knowing, Spyic lets you track your child’s text messages remotely.

This article will clarify in depth the features of Spyic. We’ll also look at why Spyic stands out for mobile phone surveillance as a parental program. In addition, we can explain how messages from children can be tracked on the iPhone and Android devices.

To learn the details, follow up.

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android

The best surveillance software for children’s phones is Spyic. It is structured to take into account parents’ concerns and considerations about their children.

The best thing about the solution for Spyic Android is that you don’t have to root the system to access all the spyware features.

It is possible to creep inside the third-party social applications without rooting the computer due to Spyic cutting edge technologies. Whereas the other control program needs a rooted system to provide the messages of third-party applications with accessibility.

To download and set up the program, the Android version allows you to physically access the computer once. The setup process takes just a couple of minutes to complete. After installation, Spyic’s logo is automatically concealed.

A minimum of 2MB memory space is occupied by the Spyic software. Also, in 100% stealth mode, it runs in the background. The target phone’s battery neither heats up nor drains out easily.

In other words, as the output of the mobile phone remains unchanged, there is no evidence of a surveillance app running on the phone.

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Spyic Android Features

For your child’s Android phone, Spyic offers a more capable solution. The Android version of Spyic provides you with the following capabilities, in addition to all the features offered by the iOS solution:

Track Activities on More Social Apps

In addition to WhatsApp and LINE, you can monitor activities on many other social apps with the Spyic Android solution. You can read your child’s conversations on Instant, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Tumblr, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Badoo, POF, WeChat, and QQ. How Can I Monitor My Child’s Messages on Android

Log Every Keystroke

All keystrokes on the target device are captured by the keylogger feature. It allows you to monitor each word that is typed on the target screen. You will get the passwords for your child’s social media and email accounts with a keylogger.

Receive SIM Card Alert Notification

Every time the SIM card is updated, you will get a warning notification. You should customize the email address where the updates are to be issued.

Spyic logs the replacement history of a SIM card. The specifics of the address and time at which the SIM card was updated can also be seen.

Capture Phone Surroundings

The Android version lets you capture the atmosphere of the handset. You may send a remote command to turn the camera on and take snapshots.

In addition, by turning on the voice recorder, you can listen to the surrounding phone. Later on, as needed, the recordings can be played.

How Does It Work?

By downloading the Spyic app, you can track your child’s text messages on the target Android device. The Spyic app will run silently once installed to retrieve data from the target computer. This information is sent over the internet to be accessed from your control panel at Spyic.

Here’s how you can start using Spyic to track your child’s messages:

  • Register an account with Spyic.
  • Purchase a subscription for a fee.
  • Choose the ‘Android’ OS in the system setup wizard.
  • Get the Android computer ready for Spyic to install.
  • Disable the settings for protection.
  • Enable your computer to install apps from unknown sources.
  • From the Spyic Setup Wizard, catch the Spyic download URL.
  • Have the software downloaded and installed.
  • Grant all required permits.
  • The icon is automatically hidden once the Spyic app is mounted on the target device.
  • Log-in to your account with Spyic.
  • Start tracking the data on the computer through the dashboard.

Will my child know about the monitor app?

Oh, no. The best thing about the Spyic Android solution is that the existence of a tracking app on the phone does not suspect your child.

The reasons being:

  • There is not much memory space filled by a small footprint of less than 2MB.
  • The Spyic software is running in absolute stealth mode.
  • There is low battery consumption.
  • The battery neither easily heats up nor drains out.
  • The output of the target system is not affected.

Do I need to root the Android device?

No, you don’t need to root the Android device.

Wrap Up

In this post, using Spyic iOS and Android cell phone monitoring solution, we have learned how you can track your child’s text messages. Setting up Spyic and beginning to track your child’s smartphone needs just 3 simple measures. How Can I Monitor My Child’s Messages on Android

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