How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class or Pass Degree


How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class or Pass Degree –There are things you can do with your 3rd class or pass degree that will help you get jobs faster than people that graduated with good grades

It is no sin to graduate with a 3rd class or pass grade. You are not the first, and you will definitely not be the last. There must have been some inevitable stuff happening in school that contributed to that. But how do you tell the people around you that? Your parents or guardians, in particular, who will feel like their investment in you went down the drain.

When people complete a third class or transfer a degree from college, they most of the time feel like their entire world is crashing down on them. We’ve seen incidents where people became suicidal after graduating from school with low grades; maybe because there was no one around to offer the appropriate guidance and support to help them heal themselves.

I have good news for you if you’ve been feeling depressed or lost because of your bad grades. With your 3rd class or passing degree, you will actually get jobs in Nigeria. And when I talk about jobs, I’m not talking about hustles that are going to overuse you and underpay you. In reality, I’m referring to good jobs that will help you live the life you’ve always been dreaming of. How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class

Bad grades do not characterize who you are. Believe me, it’s not a factor that decides the height you can reach. A lot of people are doing extremely well without degree certificates. The reason I don’t look down on low-grade individuals is that there are still genuine reasons for this to happen in most situations. Students do not get picked for the courses they have applied for in several Nigerian colleges. Imagine applying for a degree in CRS or IRS for medicine and surgery, but finishing with an acceptance. Not too many people are capable of handling that.

The fact that many Nigerian students do not get any independence in their parents’ home may be another causative factor, so it would be too much to manage when they are finally out and on their own. They could end up getting carried away by life’s fantasies and other things that are more enjoyable than learning. In school, financial constraints may also contribute to poor results.

In other words… Graduating from college with a low grade is not inherently indicative of low mental capacity. Having work is more than just graduating with good grades or poor grades in Nigeria. With your 3rd class or passing degree, there are things you can do that will help you get work quicker than people who graduated with good grades.

In Nigeria, there is generally a high unemployment rate; to the extent where even some individuals who graduated from college with first and second class upper honors still find it difficult to get good jobs other than being underpaid teachers of secondary schools. If you graduated in Nigeria with a third class or passing degree, here are the things you need to do to improve your chances of getting jobs

How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class or Pass Degree

1. Start a freelancing career

If you’ve never heard of freelancing, then you’ve missed the chance to make decent online money from what you’re doing. A freelancer is a person who is not linked to a profession or a client, but who is linked from one client to another on the basis of job needs and availability. In your area of expertise or a talent that you have built professionally or unprofessionally, you can become a freelancer. Freelance physicians, consultants, attorneys, content writers, statisticians, virtual assistants and much more can be found on freelance platforms.

And it is not mandatory for you to have your school leave or professional credential on most freelance platforms. Your willingness and capacity to present it to the world is what is expected of you. Not only can people make a living from freelance platforms, they live the lives of their dreams.

2. Write a killer CV

How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class  – Writing a killer CV is the first step to getting some jobs. But if you graduated or passed a 3rd class degree, your CV would be more than just the normal one.

Believe me, the popularity of degree grades is decreasing. It’s more than just what’s on your paper, it’s now a matter of your abilities and skills; what you can give to any company that chooses to hire you. That’s why your CV should place more emphasis on your skills and abilities.

I’m a typist, for example, who types at a pace of over 70 WPM; this gives me an advantage when applying for clerical work.

So, I’ll make sure all those skills and abilities are listed in my CV that make me stand out.

3. Take Extra courses

If you present a 3rd class or pass degree during work applications, you’re bound to get underestimated. Taking additional technical courses at reputable universities, however, will give you an advantage. In universities or polytechnics, extra courses do not have to be taken. At several institutions which provide such services, you can take professional courses both offline and online.

Since you are doing it to boost your resume, it is recommended that you take extra courses in areas relevant to your profession.

For example, if you’re a computer science graduate taking a course at CISCO, it will certainly offer a boost to your resume.

4. Believe in yourself

How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class  – Many individuals believe like there are no jobs in Nigeria for 3rd class degree holders, so they never end up writing job applications.

He never went for an interview, according to Adeoye Adekoya, because he felt that with his 3rd class degree he could never get a job. The first interview he ever went for, to his biggest surprise, granted him his first appointment, after waiting for several years.

How was he doing that? He took additional courses and began believing more in himself.

The same you can do. The first person who has to believe in you is you.

Write work applications and make your interviewers look beyond just your grades when you get called up for interviews. Let them see why you are an excellent match for that role.

I told you that grades are slowly disappearing as a basis for accessing work candidates. Confidence, abilities and expertise are now enormous deciding factors.

Read more:

5. Get a Masters Degree

If you are unable to pull off the previous 4 tips, the next thing you can do to improve your chances of having a decent job is go to some respectable university for your Masters degree.

Someone sent me an email once saying, ‘Can I do a third-class Masters? ’

In reality, you can…

But it’s incredibly difficult to find a respectable university in Nigeria that will grant direct Masters Degree entry to holders of 3rd class degrees. However, many Nigerian universities force holders of 3rd class degrees to take a short PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) before they can apply for their Masters.

6. Study Abroad

Many universities overseas do not care much about what credentials you graduated with before applying. However, you will be expected to take a pre-masters course and tests, and you will go on and get your Masters after passing. If you’ve been in the labor market in Nigeria for a long time, then you’ll know that getting a master’s degree from a reputable school abroad would give a big boost to your CV.

7. Showcase your portfolio

How To Cope And Get Jobs In Nigeria With A 3rd Class  – If I were a content writer or a web designer who graduated from university with a low score, then the first thing I would do would be to look for a way to demonstrate my astuteness without having to reveal my marks.

If you are a content writer, for example, and you apply to get a job on some popular magazine website, apart from your CV and credential, you would need to present proof of previous work and ventures.

As a writer, on my personal blog, I can easily exhibit my writing abilities, which can be used as a bragging point when applying to any reputable media company in Nigeria.

If you are a web designer and want to be hired by any web design company, you can easily demonstrate your talent by developing quality websites that you can link to when writing your job application.

Over to you…

I’ve shared some tips that can help you get employment in Nigeria with a 3rd class or pass degree, now it’s over for you.

Which of those tips are you going to use?

If you have any other 3rd class and pass degree graduate advice, you can share them using the comment section below to share them.

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