How to do a Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy Note 9


How to do a Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – On our Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we consume more and more video or photo content, which says, although the trend is towards increasingly large mobile screens, they are still not very suitable for viewing series or videos. With their Samsung Galaxy Note 9, more and more people no longer have the hassle of owning a computer and just understand everything they need to do on the internet. Watching videos, however, is all about enjoying a large screen. Much more appreciable, even. We’re just going to show you how to do screen mirroring on a Note 9 with this guide? First, we’ll explain what this feature is, with this in mind, and second, how to use Screen Mirroring on your Note 9.

What is the Screen Mirroring feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Surely, you have heard of screen sharing, there are many ways to share the screen. One of the facets of this feature is Screen Mirroring. Screen Mirroring on the Note 9, unlike some other modes, involves mirroring your phone screen on a TV as the name suggests. Therefore, you are going to have exactly the same content as what you see on your Note 9 screen. To choose the content to view, you will have to search your computer. At this point, the difference is made with other forms of screen sharing that can be picked, such as YouTube or simply sending a file, and you can continue to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We invite you to read our article in the event that you try to find out all the techniques for doing screen shares on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There are several ways to accomplish this, it is possible to take advantage of WIFI connection to wirelessly transfer the image or use an HDMI cable with the help of new technologies.

How to use Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We will now begin with the practical portion, describing the various ways to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to perform screen mirroring. This would depend on the type of TV you have and the equipment you have connected to it.

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Use Screen Mirroring with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 using a Chromecast

The Chromecast is a small box made by Google that connects via HDMI to your TV/screen and will then need to be linked to the Wi-Fi of your home. Therefore, you will need to have this box plugged into your TV set and connect it to the Wi-Fi network to perform a Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a Chromecast, for the remainder, apply the following instructions:

  • Download the Google Home app and update it on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Follow the instructions and set up the Chromecast for your TV
  • Click on the three tiny vertical dots at the top right of the screen now.
  • Click on “Caster” and pick your TV and you will see the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 shown on your TV after a few seconds.

Perform Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 using an HDMI adapter

This choice is mostly useful for people who do not have Wi-Fi in their house, SmartTV or Chromecast, as the second option to do screen mirroring with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Therefore, it’s the old-fashioned wired link, but which also works reasonably well. You can face some problems with the aspect ratio on your phone, but this is very unusual. In order to do this, you will need:

  • These small boxes can be found anywhere on the internet for about 15 EUR to purchase a USB to HDMI female adapter.
  • Link your Note 9 to this adapter
  • Attach an HDMI cable to your TV adapter now.
  • Switch on your TV and switch to the HDMI port channel that you’re connected to on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for screen mirroring.

Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Mirroring with SmartThings

You will appreciate the SmartThings app if you have a new Samsung TV. You have to have a Wi-Fi network at your home as well. You will be able to take advantage of this extremely friendly and intuitive service if you meet these two criteria:

  • Link the Wi-Fi network to your SmartTV and your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • On your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, download and install the SmartThings app on
    Turn on your TV, open the SmartThings application and click on the ‘Add unit’ button.
  • You can now pick your TV and confirm the TV procedure to complete the planning of the Screen Mirroring devices.
  • In the list of devices, pick your TV and click on » More choices »Choose » Duplicate screen ». You now benefit from Screen Mirroring on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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