How to Mute Chats on Facebook Messenger


How to Mute Chats on Facebook Messenger – Messenger is an application that helps. You connect with friends. You get to chat with your Facebook friends on this application. It is irrevocably connected to the Facebook application.

What this means is that, unless you are using the lite version of Facebook, it will be impossible to send and receive messages on that application. That is the Facebook app.
The Facebook application is solely used for uploading pictures, viewing posts and videos on your newsfeed, and continuously updating your user profile. Facebook promotes connectivity but not via chats. Facebook created an entirely different app strictly for chats.

Facebook Messenger as previously mentioned is strictly for chats. Facebook has continuously updated the application with awesome. Features that allow you to create chat rooms, chat groups, as well as having private conservations if you so wish. It’s great to get notifications from Facebook Messenger. This is because it has a unique feature of showing pop up messages on-screen when your internet connectivity is on. There is that one conversation that will get your phone buzzing continuously. It is no doubt more pleasing to have silent conversations on smartphones and laptops sometimes. If you have been using Facebook messenger for a while, but do not know how to mute conversations on it, this article will tell you how.

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How to Mute Chats on Facebook Messenger

When you open your messenger application, you would be shown different icons and profiles of friends you’ve mostly chatted with. Go to the top left corner where you have “Chats”. This is where you can access your message requests, that is, those who have messaged you on the application but are not your friends. This is also where you can switch accounts. This account switch is effective to your Facebook Messenger chat alone.
If you want to switch your Facebook account, you do that by going to your main account profile on Facebook and follow the prompts.

Other setting prompts you’ll notice there is: 

  • Dark mode
  • Active status
  • Username
  • Privacy

Notifications and sounds, which are the main focus of this article.
Select the “Notifications and Sounds” option. You’ll be shown other settings preview like the Notification Preview, Notification Preview, Message reminders, Light, Notifications Sound, Ringtone, Free call Vibrate on Ring, In-app sounds, Group in Android Auto, Audio and Video calls to Page and Manage Notifications. Under manage notifications, you can manage chats, calls, group chats mentions, incoming calls, to how often you want to get notified.
Step three: Select mute button.

This is just a guess. To un-mute, the device, simply tap “Until I turn it back on” When you complete the message, select OK. If you are very particular about certain chats, the settings explained above allows you to mute chats for certain accounts only. If you’re also particular about certain chat groups and numerous mentions, you can go ahead to mute that particular group conversation too. This is if you do not want to mute conversations on the entire messenger application in order to not miss important chats from friends.

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