How to share data on MTN Nigeria 2021


How to share data on MTN Nigeria 2021 – Today, we will learn how to share MTN data, or to move on MB to Data Gifting in this post. The service network provided a good portal for the transmission and sharing of your knowledge.

It’s known as MTN Nigeria Data Gifting. It’s the same as other telecommunications in the world, but Airtel calls it SmartShare.

However, as we are looking for the best way to transfer MTN info, you might want to know some stuff before we go any further.

What is MTN Data Gifting?

In short, MTN Data Gifting allows you to send and buy data packages for your other mobile phones, modems, and tablets. Fortunately, all MTN customers are available.

In other words, we might claim that you are lucky to have MTN Gift Data service with the following:

  • Shift data to your friends from your active data balance
  • Purchase details for friends and
  • Ask your friends for details.

Ultimately, it just clarifies and extends in greater detail the above functions of MTN data gifting. Let’s get started if you’re ready anyway.

What you must know about MTN Data Gifting

Before you transfer your MTN data, please order MTN information or buy MTN data from your buddy.

  • Twice a day, two times a day, you can just switch
  • The MB ranges you can move by include 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB.
  • You will relay data to your family and friends
  • You can purchase data for family and friends
  • You can also provide data from a buddy
  • You must have at least 50 MB of data balance after each turn.
  • It is only possible to purchase and move your daily, weekly, and monthly package info. Plans, however, from the XtraValue bundle, you can’t donate.
  • To complete this move you do not need a PIN etc

How to share data on MTN Nigeria 2021

In order to share details on MTN or transfer your current MTN data balance, you can follow any of the SMS or dial instructions below:

*. Dial *131*Phone number* Data amount# – Example: *131*08xxxxxxxxx*10MB# and send OR
*. Text TransferPhone number data amount and to 131 – Example: Transfer 08xxxxxxxxx 10MB and text to 131

When transferring MTN data to your friends or family, MTN expects you to have at least a 50MB data balance. To check MTN data balance, you can text 2 to 131.

How to buy MTN Data for a Friend

On the other hand, you can also buy a specific package for your friend or family by calling * 131 * Package Activation Code * Recipient number and sending.

Before purchasing your package you will receive a payment from your airtime and you can check out all-comprehensive MTN data plans. It will make its day to purchase this special friend’s data plan.

In comparison to DATA on MTN, transferring or sending to friends or families is twice a day.

If you buy MTN data for a buddy, you can purchase any data plan several times for your receptionist, given your line is credited amply.

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How to Request MTN Data from a Friend  – share data on MTN Nigeria 2021

You have to enter your friend’s phone number and send *131*7*3# to initiate and submit a DaTA request.

By calling *131*7*4#, all of your pending requests can be accessed and checked. And all requests are shown on your phone.

Fortunately, you can submit your request for data at most 5 times a day, but you can accept requests for data many times.

You should know that if you are concerned about how long you are still waiting for a data application, you will be able to see only the 10 last requests in your view before you have a 48-hour view request and if you have many requests.

Other ways to access the MTN Data Gifts service is by:
*. Dialing *131*7# on your phone
*. Download and install the myMTN App
*. Sending SMS keyword, or
*. Dialing direct short-codes

The good news is that you are now free to switch from your current data balance with your family and friends. MTN Data Gifting has participated since 2015.

You can also verify the balance of your talented bundle through either of the following:
*. SMS: Texting 2 to 131
*. USSD: dialing *131*4#
*. myMTN App

“During the announcement,  said, ‘Data Sharing gives customers with modest use of data to share unused data in a variety of ways, such as on-line gaming and streaming downloading, with additional  numbers and members of their extended families who are on the Network,

You are strictly advised to read on this page the “What you must know about MTN Data Gifting” tab before going on any of the above instructions.

MTN Nigeria Communications

It was founded in 2001 as a telecommunications company. The company is parent, with Visafone Communications Limited, VGC Communications Ltd, and XS Broadband Limited as its branch. MTN International (Mauritius) Ltd. is the company’s official website.

With MTN, you can stay connected, search for affordable data and social media packages on super-fast 4G+. Also, you can easily reload and manage your account online through myMTN, the company’s official app.

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