How to track and see a money order if it is cashed

How to track and see a money order if it is cashed

How to track and see a money order if it is cashed – When you make a transaction with a money order, you may want to know if the person it was intended for has received your payment and cashed it. Tracking money orders is possible, but it may take some work and a bit of money.

How Money Order Tracking Works

Cash orders are not directly connected to your personal bank account, unlike personal checks. You often buy them with cash (though some places will accept a debit card). You won’t see any signs of money order clearing in your bank transaction history if you pay with cash. However, by placing a request with the money order issuer, you can track money order payments.

How to track and see a money order if it is cashed

Making Your Request

Gather Needed Information

You should obtain a receipt with the order details when you purchase a cash order. You’ll need to have the cash order number and the order amount to monitor the transaction. Be sure to take a screenshot or make a copy of the money order, so that if you need to monitor it, you can have the details available.

Pay Service Fees

It is time-consuming to track a money order, and it can be costly. At $6.15, the USPS is most accessible, but some issuers charge $15 or more to investigate potentially missing or stolen payments.1 3 You will still have to complete paperwork, often in person, and for 30 days or more, you will not get an answer (much less a refund).

Contact the Recipient

Contact whom you have sent your payment to, if possible. Often, individuals and corporations do not automatically process requests, and they take much longer to deposit the payments they have collected. It could be better to get details directly from your payee than to fill out paperwork.

Consider Waiting

Waiting at least two weeks after you submit payment before giving up and canceling a money order may be worthwhile. Most letters arrive at their destination within a few days, but payments appear to be slower for some reason. The process can take even longer during holidays and weekends. What’s more, when the payment came, the receiver may have been distracted or out of town. That said, it’s wise to get answers quickly if something seems fishy.

Tracking Money Orders From the USPS and see if it is cashed

How to track and see a money order if it is cashed –  How to track and see a money order if it is cashedYou need to visit a post office if you used a USPS money order and fill out PS Form 6401, the Money Order Inquiry. You need the receipt from your original transaction to complete the form showing the money order number, amount, and information about the post office from which you ordered.

The USPS actually charges $6.15 for the investigation of your money order. The procedure will take at least 30 days, and you’ll get a copy of the front and back of the document whether the money order has been cashed or deposited. With that data, you can learn where the money has eventually gone.

There could be some unofficial “workarounds” if you can’t wait too long, which may help you decide whether or not the money order was cashed or deposited. For example, you can try the inquiry line for the post office or use the Money Order Inquiry Method, and see if the “does not match” object.

The data you get could not be accurate, however, since the system was not built to do what you are trying to do. Using Form 6401 and waiting is the only way to know for sure.

MoneyGram Tracking

How to track and see a money order if it is cashed – It is a little easier to track a MoneyGram money order. Call the automated answering line for MoneyGram at 1-800-542-3590 or use the online monitoring system for MoneyGram. You will need to include the money order number and the exact sum of the dollar; the system can then inform you whether or not the item has been cashed. If you do not have the number of the transaction, you will need to fill out a form.

You can do so by filling out a Claim Form, paying $18, and waiting at least 30 days for a mailed response if it has been cashed and you want a copy of the endorsed money order, or if you need to file a claim.

You will need to pay an extra fee if you don’t have your money order number and fill out a separate form to dig up the data you need. You will also be able to directly request these services to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Western Union Process

How to track and see a money order if it is cashed – The method of Western Union is close to MoneyGram’s. Verify that the money order was cashed by calling 1-800-999-9660.8 before filling out paperwork and paying fees.

You can use the Money Order Tracing/Refund request on the back of your money order receipt if you need a copy of the charged cash order and you have your receipt. You can also visit the Monitor a Transfer website for Western Union.

If you intend to revoke the money order, don’t make your request for a copy until the receiver has processed your money order. The cost is $18, and it may take about 30 days to process.

Again, anytime you buy a cash order, it’s safer if you keep your receipt. If you don’t, Western Union charges $30 for your money order investigation. You may send refund requests from Western Union in person, by mail, by fax, or by email.

Other Issuers

Western Union or MoneyGram money orders are many money orders distributed at grocery stores, convenience stores, and check-cashing shops. If an entity not already covered here (such as your bank or credit union) provided your money order, there’s always a decent chance that you can trace it. Particularly when you bank at a small institution, it could even be easier. A simple phone call could be all that’s needed instead of filling out forms.

Tracking and Cashing Money Orders You’ve Received

Your bank manages the logistics of handling the payment if you collect payment by money order. Just like you would deposit a check, or cash the money order, you could deposit the payment into your bank account.

Contact the money order issuer and address your questions if you’re worried that a money order you got could be fraudulent. On the invoice, it might be possible to check funds or at least find out whether it is a proven fake.

Do not use the money until you are confident that the funds have been cleared.10 The clearance process will take a few weeks, even though the money availability policy of your bank allows you to immediately use the money. The bank will ask you to refund the sum if you use the funds and the money order turns out to be fraudulent.

Ideally, when you accept payment by money order, you know who you are dealing with. Yet money orders make possible, for better or worse, anonymous payments. If you need assistance investigating illegal activity, you may need to contact law enforcement officers (and they might not be able to help).

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